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  1. A

    Build Thread My 130 Gallon Mixed reef

    It took me a while to get here but now I am here. I started reefing in 2018 on 75 gallons fish tank and now I upgraded to 130. I've been running the 130 fish tank for about 2 years. Equipment: Reef Octopus Skimmer Ehime water heter Jebao return pump Jebao SOW 20 Wavemaker 3 VIperspectra Lights...
  2. Jatchetto

    How to properly dose and safe practice

    Hello all was not sure if this should go in the sps discussion or not but here we are. How does everyone dose is it bad to just dose as needed or is it necessary to add stuff to your top up. My tank is 6 months old and up till now it seem water changes were enough. I do weekly water changes and...
  3. welshd24

    Build Thread 35 Gallon challenge

    35 Gallon challenge at work Hob aquaclear tunze ato diy stand Cheap heater 35 Aqueon rimless cube tank Just a tank challenge between me and my Bosses
  4. mbri

    Build Thread My JBJ RF-25 Build

    New build incoming :smiling-face-with-smiling-eyes: Just upgraded from a Fluval Evo 13.5 to a JBJ RF-25 that I got during the BRS Black Friday sale. Absolutely loving this tank so far, the stand is sleek and I love the rimless look that's maintained with the glass lid. Sticking with the stock...
  5. LEOreefer

    Build Thread Dream Home Dream Build Thread!

    IM BACK! Late 2020 I sold my home and tank in NY and moved at VA in search for a better life. I don't have many hobbies so Ive been counting the days until I could get another tank. Through my reefing career I've had a 150, 50, and 29 Gallon reef tank each one was better than the last but had...
  6. Alexander1312

    Hello New Owner - Red Sea Max Nano Peninsula

    Hi there. My name is Alex and we are brand new to reefing. We live in the SF Bay Area and bought end of August 2022 the following for one of my sons (11 years old): - Red Sea Max Nano Peninsula - Two MP10s - Fishes: Two clowns, Tail Spot Blenny, Goby, Pygmy Angel, Purple Fire Fish, -...
  7. A

    What can get rid of nuisance red and green algae in a mixed reef tanks

    I need some help! I have a 40 gallon established mixed reef tank with two clowns and a moyers leopard wrasse and a skunk cleaner shrimp. I’m having issues with red bubble algae and green hair algae covering everything. I’m also having an issue with aiptasia everywhere. What sort of fish could...
  8. DerpFish

    Build Thread DerpFish's Budget-ish 150g Mixed Reef

    After 5+ years of planning, the time has finally come for me to start setting up my dream 150g. After negotiating a decent raise at work and taking advantage of some good Black Friday deals, two of the most expensive parts of the setup have been purchased. As much as I would love to be able to...
  9. tcarstens4

    Stocking Advice for 2 75 gallon tanks

    So I am seeking some advice on fish we can have in both our 75 gallon tanks(180g total), these tanks are plumbed together attached are two images of said tanks, with the aquascapes in them, my fiancé would like to decide all the fish that goes into the left hand side tank that currently has a...
  10. Personal Reef

    Build Thread Upgraded evo 13.5g Mixed Reef

    This is my main tank at the moment. I used to have many other (larger) tanks but now I live in a condo. Equipment: Fluval Evo 13.5g AI Prime 16HD Tunze 1073.008 water pump XP Aqua Duetto ATO Aquatop 100W Titanium Heater Intank media caddy for intake compartment Flow randomizer for one of the...
  11. ShaunMc

    Nano Build Sp's IM Fusion 56.78L Build

    Intro: I've been away from reefing for a decade. With the fast pace of life, I have missed the patience and focus that this hobby required for success. I'm excited to get connected back into it. I have never done a build thread, but felt it would be a good practice to record the activity for...
  12. dabroli

    New build advice IM NUVO 200 INT

    Decided it was time I upgraded my 125 petsmart build, to something a bit more professional. After weeks of research on all major brands (Waterbox, redsea, Prostar, SCA etc) I finally settled on the innovative marine 200, I really loved the Eurobracing, aluminum stand, sump, and lets be honest...
  13. mackenzie1441

    Critter ID ??

    I need an ID! Found these guys just now (lights are off). They were floating / swimming around in a 160 gallon. I only saw these… 1 black / white and 5 red pinkish / white.
  14. cloud9aquariums

    Build Thread Cloud 9 Aquariums 80 Sps Dominant Build

    Hey everyone! Been a long time fan of the rabbit holes of information on Reef2reef and figured this build deserved some proper documentation to hopefully one day become my very own rabbit hole! The Backstory: I've been keeping aquariums as far back as I can remember. Freshwater planted tanks...
  15. CincyReefer07

    How long to wait before running Skimmer and/or UV

    Trying to understand and figure out when the right time for me to begin running my skimmer and UV is on my new tank build. 310 gallon display tank, been up and running since September 2nd of this year. Just added my first group of 5 captive-bred fish to the tank over the last couple days. I have...
  16. AceShadow_Reefer

    Build Thread A Modern Take on an Italian Classic: ELOS Pool 70 Reef Tank Build

    Welcome to my Build Thread! Follow me on Instagram @pnwreefing and send me a PM if you like my work! Some Background: I first became a reefer when I picked up a used 16 gallon Coralife Biocube for 20 bucks back in March 2020, right on the verge of the pandemic. I bought some CaribSea Live...
  17. Fishrocker1

    Hybrid Reef Lighting for Red Sea Reefer 250 Mixed Reef Using 2 AI Hydra 32HDs and 4 bulb 36" ATI T5 Fixture

    So I am currently running a Red Sea Reefer 250 as a Mixed Reef using 2 AI Hydra 32 HDs and 2x True Actinic/ 2x Blue Plus ATI T5 bulbs. I am pleased to say that my SPS corals including my Acropora are doing awesome demonstrating some great incrusting of the rocks and coloration. However, the same...
  18. CincyReefer07

    Sebae or Magnificent Nem for my Clarkii’s?

    Trying to research anemone’s for my pair of clarkii clowns I have coming in the next week or two. My tank is still fairly new(set up for 3 weeks so far), so I’m not looking to purchase a nem yet but trying to decide which one I will want to buy for my pair of clarkiis. It’s a 310gal tank. Will...
  19. Airforceaquariu

    Build Thread Returning with a 90 mixed reef build

    Evening! I'm rejoining the hobby after about 5 years out due to a high tempo at work and several moves. I kept an undrilled 65 as my first reef and it was a real hodge podge of equipment and provided my lots of learning. I made plenty of mistakes, fought algae and pest inverts, learned a...
  20. T

    Nano Build Fluval Spec III 2 Gallon Mixed Reef

    I have failed at keeping corals in four past tanks. Two separate 5gallons, a 13gallon, and a 25gallon. Mostly due to my ignorance and, if I may call it an excuse, life in general. After 5 years in this hobby, I finally decided to join this community after seeing all the helpful comments and...
  21. XxMr.ShroomerxX

    Build Thread I'm Back and its even BIGGER! My 10 Yr Journey, Here is Where I am TODAY.

    It's been a few years guys since ive been a part of this awesome community! Quite a while ago when I made this account I had started out with a 30g glass box and quickly went to a 55G and even more quickly to a 75g. That tank stuck around for some years with always wanting to go bigger in my...
  22. W

    How to make a puffer less likely to eat coral?

    Hello all today I bought baby Valentini puffer it would be an understatement to say I’ve fallen in love as he is already so interesting but I must now ask, Ive learned they can indeed be coral eaters and while I may not be able to stop it is there any little things people have learned to do to...
  23. whitewraith

    I have several questions regarding coral placement and coral ID in my tank

    I have a 75 gallon mixed reef tank and as much as I try to remember the many corals I have in my tank, I just can’t remember them all so when it comes to researching, I get lost. I’ll post pics of my full tank and the. Individual pics of my coral and their subsequent placement. All help is...
  24. OfficeReefer

    Build Thread OfficeReefer's Study Tank - Reefer 250 v3 Build

    Hello R2R, I see a lot of folks writing about their builds now, so I will share some details below. I've been in the hobby for over 15 years now. My interest all started with an investor of mine that had an impressive 120g on display at his office. At the time, I started with a 55g without...
  25. J

    Mixed Reef - Do Not Understand What I'm doing Wrong

    Hello, I have a Redsea 250 and I cannot maintain the recommended levels of ALK/CA. Before I was using Seachem Part A/B and it didn't really do anything to help raise levels, I ended up losing three coral. I went to my LFS and picked up Redsea Part A/B they said this will do a lot better because...