mixed reef

  1. akossard

    Build Thread Fluffy's 66 gallon Mixed Reef

    Setup: Tank: 100 cm x 50 cm x 50 cm ~(39" x 20" x 20") 250 Liter, 66 Gallon.Custom made by LFS Stand: Custom made by contracted carpenter at LFS, 100 cm x 100 cm x 50 cm, extra reinforced at middle. Sump: 46 cm x43 cm x 56 cm (18" x 17" x 22") ~110 liter, ~29 gallon, volume to baffle: ~60...
  2. toddb93

    Nutrient control in smaller tanks

    Just wanted to see what others have found to be a successful way to manage nutrients in a tank size 50 gallons and under, particularly with no sump. I have a 38 gallon peninsula that I have been running just about 2 years, and for the last 6 months have been running without using a skimmer. It...
  3. SaltyGinger42

    My first large tank build

    So my Woman and I recently got a house together and I decided to upgrade from a 30 gallon nano cube, that we've had running for the past 3 years, to a 90 gallon long. This is the first time I've gone this in depth with an aquarium build in my life and here's what I have so far! I couldn't find...
  4. N

    STN Disease in SPS

    Hi Everyone, Seems I have the dreaded STN/RTN disease in my tank and I'm considering options in treatment and getting back to a disease-free tank. First of all, tank breakdown including params: 32gal mixed reef biocube, no sump, no filter media whatsoever. Carbon dosing vodka. Tank 3yrs old...
  5. L

    Is my tank ready for livestock?

    My 150g has been cycling for about 6 weeks and algae growth has been showing for about a week and a half, am I ready to start adding fish and coral? If not how long should I wait more? Parameters below: Salinity:1.025 Ph:8.0 Ammonia:0ppm Nitrate:0ppm Nitrite:0ppm Calcium:400ppm Phosphate:0ppm...
  6. M

    Corey's irresponsible 16 biocube

    Finally found where to start this. instead of filling up the skip cycle thread. Gonna dump all of my decent photos here and use this for updates :) Eventually I see this tank becoming an anemone only tank in a few years but I don't have room for any more tanks atm so this is it (Yes it is...
  7. great-reef

    The Great Reef: My 700g Room Divider Journey Documented

    Hello everyone, I'm Alex, and after 8 years of being involved in the hobby, I'm about to start my largest tank yet. This thread will serve as a diary to document the entire build process and the tank's development. Since I reside in Germany, I'll be doing the same in a German forum and likely...
  8. L

    Inverts or fish that like deep sand beds?

    I recently aquascaped my new 150g to be mixed reef tank, the sand bed is 3-5” deep. Anyone know any inverts or livestock that enjoy deep substrate?
  9. nycfreshreef

    Nuvo im 40 build fully stocked 10 months in nycfreshreef

    Just wanted to share my recent set up after taking a very long 15 year break from aquariums Been running close to 10 months now everything seems very happy and is growing (everything except amazeballs) currently on my 3rd frag , keeps closing after few months while a dozen + other Goni do fine...
  10. SomeHappyFish

    Which par map should I choose for a Mixed Reef ? Newbie here

    I rented a par meter for the day here's my result...I can't decided what is best for my reef. I whish to start with soft/lps then move on to sps down the road (aka December 2024) which par map should I choose ?
  11. Semper.Reefing

    Finally A Setup I’m Happy With! IM 50 Lagoon

    After a short break of leaving the hobby, I couldn’t resist the itch and started back up with a waterbox 20 and an AI Prime. Long story short, I overcame many nuisances and after a year had a solid nano that could easily grow LPS and Softies. That waterbox survived a short move up the road...
  12. medilagus

    UNS 45C Reef Build -

    Hello Reef2Reef! I have been in the hobby for about 10 years, enjoying mostly nano mixed reef and low-tech planted tanks. After being without a reef tank for about 1 year following a cross-country move, we decided to take the plunge and start a small mixed reef, trying for a more SPS-dominated...
  13. M

    Build Thread My 85g Reef/Fish

  14. MorReefs

    Build Thread My new to me 300 gallon marineland DD

    So I collected my LFS’s 300g display tank for free when a corner seam blew. Over the course of a year I planned out how to tear it apart and reseal it. I had a 120 gallon that went through a crash due to some hard alk swings and the fish and a bubble coral moved into their new bigger home. My...
  15. B

    Build Thread 40 gallon cube

    Hello everyone, I have an aquatop 40 gallon cube tank. This is my first ever saltwater tank. I am semi okay with the aqua scape but at some point in the future I definitely want to redo it. I am running radion xr 15 g6 for lighting and this tank is an lps softie tank.
  16. tdog

    Build Thread Red Sea Max 250 Modernized

    Hey guys, I just recently upsized to this Red Sea Max 250! I love the curved edges because it’s one less seam to worry about, plus it have a hood for evaporation and jumpers!
  17. GoldenReef98

    How to acclimate a live rock to an established tank

    I can't find any forums with this answer, I have a friend asking if he can add one of his live rocks that has been established for over a year now with copepods to a new tank under two months. The new tank is a 32 gal that has been doing great, main question is how long should he acclimate his...
  18. jason2459

    Build Thread Jason's Tank Journey

    I've been on this site for a little while now and I'm finally building a new tank for an older aquarium. I guess I'll do a "quick" recap up to this point. I started with a 55g I got from my sister-in-law around 2006. 55g with some coral life compact Florence and some glo T5s, CPR Skimmer and...
  19. phildoingthings

    High Nitrate Mixed Reef 50-70ppm

    Hey all, Been running a RS Reefer 250 G2 for about a year now. Pretty much self-sustaining at this point...I do small 5 gallon water changes maybe once or two times a month. I'm a believer in "if it isn't broke don't fix it". I have a huge colony of GSP that is thriving, as well as a few...
  20. anthonymckay

    Large Build Anthony's WB 230.6 upgrade - SPS Dominant Mixed Reef

    Setup: Waterbox 230.6 Kessil A360x (5x) ReefBrite 60" led bars EcoTech Vectra L2 return pump Nero 7's (2x) Nero 5's (2x) Clarisea sk3000 roller filter RedSea RSK300 skimmer IceCap Kalk Reactor Alkatronic for alk testing Mastertronic for regularly testing everything else Hydros X3 Hydros X4...
  21. pandn1021

    Build Thread My 125g mixed reef dream

    Hello all, just starting out on this journey of sharing my hobby and tank with anybody and everybody who is wanting to come along. I've been keeping reef tanks for just over 20 years and have been quite alone in my journey. I have no local LFS, closest is 170 miles away, but that hasn't stopped...
  22. Skunk Shrimp

    Good clean up crew

    Hello, I was wondering what would be the best clean up crew for a 65g tank? mixed reef with corals and fish, what should be best? I've done some research but cant pinpoint the quantity Current stock: -conch -6 nassarius -4 trochus -3 hermits -5 bumble bee -soon to be 1 Halloween urchin Thanks!
  23. CincyReefer07

    Coral Dipping New Gorgonians safe?

    I bought a pair of photosynthetic Gorgonians from KP Aquatics that will be delivered today for my 310 gallon mixed reef. Are gorgonians safe to coral dip? Should I dip gorgonians? Looking for past experiences with these and whether or not you dipped yours or not and how they reacted. Should I...
  24. shakacuz

    Build Thread shakacuz's: "i should've done this a really long time ago, but didn't." 40B build thread.

    Hello, everyone! This build thread has been painfully overdue. But, here it is! This is my journey with a little 40B that I started as of Feb 2021. There is a lot of documenting that I did not do because I had the intentions of upgrading tank size once I had a good grasp of how to do things...
  25. jtone_philthy_aquatics


    After many years I finally got my hands on a legit weeping willow leather toadstool! It’s been so long since I’ve seen 1 that I thought could be the real thing. I found this piece at a swap about 2 months ago and immediately I knew it had to be the real deal because it was in a very low flow...