mixed reef

  1. S

    Biocube 32 Lighting options

    Hi all, I recently upgraded my first tank from the Fluvial evo 13.5 to a biocube 32. I removed the lid from the biocube and am running a red sea 50 light (75% blue 20% white) as well as the stock fluval evo light on the front for some more supplemental blue lighting. I was wondering if anyone...
  2. L

    Stocking list

    I know i have had many of these threads due to my indecisiveness so haha the tank is a custom made 67 gallon tank 90cm x 60cm x 50cm (i have no idea what it is in imperial) sump is about 50 gallons? (i think) The tank arrives by the end of next month its probably going to be a mixed reef...
  3. L

    Build Thread Planet Aquarium 75 Gallon Mixed Reef Tank (First one)

    First saltwater tank, I lurked around the forums early 2010s but never really got to setting one up. Months ago I saw a pico reef and was amazed by it. That inspired me to start reading about saltwater tanks again. After university, I'm finally be able to start to set one up! I got my tank...
  4. Rene'

    Hello 3 Year Reefer

    I think I have figured out why flower pot corals are hard to keep.... They like dirty water! Mine has lived for 1 1/2 years, and now it's on its way out. It was very happy in my old 50 gal tank with a hang on filter. Hi nitrates and nitrites were always a problem. The flower pot thrived. When...
  5. chemicals

    4ft or 5ft reef tank

    Hi, in the coming month I’m going to order my first reef tank. However, I’m having a hard time deciding between the WB reef 130.4 or 180.5. They both fit my budget, although, I have a little more extra to spend on the 4ft one if I decide to go with that one. My question is, will I regret if i’m...
  6. HeyLookItsCaps

    Build Thread First tank on R2R - 120g with all the goodies!

    Been in the reefing community for about 14 years now, started with a biocube back in the halide/turnover days. here is a link for anyone interested in that. TOTM - 2010 many things have happened since then, moving 3+ times, eventually taking my larger tank to my parents house before the glass...
  7. BirdGuy21

    Build Thread SCA 150 - The Biggest Upgrade Yet

    My JBJ 45 had been running well for what will be three years come November. It’s been a great first saltwater tank but I had the urge to upgrade fairly soon after setting it up. I started seriously researching tank manufacturers and equipment around this time last year and sat down to create a...
  8. A

    Should I add supplemental T5’s to my Kessil AP9X setup?

    Hi, I’m hoping for some opinions on whether or not I should add supplemental T5’s to my 2’x2’x2’ (approximately) cube mixed reef. Total volume of around 202 L. I’m currently using a single Kessil AP9X mounted about 10” above the water. Light program is based on BRS suggestions for an AP9X on...
  9. REEF OF THE MONTH - September 2021: Vitaliy's Stunning 300-Litre Mixed Reef

    Reef Spotlight REEF OF THE MONTH - September 2021: Vitaliy's Stunning 300-Litre Mixed Reef

    R2R Username: @rusgum Build Thread: 300 liters of happiness Introduction Greetings from Russia! Honestly, I was not ready to receive an offer from [email protected] to present my reef in the Reef of Month nomination cause there are lots of beautiful reef systems besides mine. Some words about...
  10. joefeets1

    LED options for 60 gallon cube

    So I recently pick up a used (24x24x24) 60 gallon cube. The light he gave me with it was a little T5 fixture which would be ok for some very low light corals. I need to get a lights and powerheads for it. I’m looking to have a mixed reef tank and am looking for a good light that can be mounted...
  11. kittenbritches

    Build Thread kittenbritches' Reefing Journey

    Update: Once I added a HOB refugium to my sumpless 40B, it was game over. The tank started leaking within a week because the extra weight pulled the tank too far out of level. As such, I upgraded to a Red Sea Reefer 250. If you'd like to start there, click here. If you'd like to read through my...
  12. Sk4peep

    Build Thread Pictures of my 10 gallon

    My second reef tank I recently tore down to upgrade to a 40b. Here’s some old pics
  13. Jaden9933

    Build Thread Jaden’s Nano Peninsula

    Hi everyone! About a week ago I had to unexpectedly move, but this was the perfect excuse for a tank upgrade! I ordered a 22 Gallon Low Iron Rimless Glass Tank by Mr. Aqua! My older brother helped me build a tank stand and set up a sump as quickly as we could! My stand blueprints were put...
  14. A

    Help with coral placement

    Hello, I am new to reefing and being overwhelmed with the amount of info on which corals can sit next to which and what light and flow each need. Should have done a lot more thinking while I was building my scape. I would like to have a mixed reef with softies, LPS, and eventually SPS. Here...
  15. scumbag_mtb

    Build Thread 90 Gallon Build Thread - Fish & Reptile Room - LETS BURN MONEY!

    Well, it’s finally time, again. From 2009 to 2015, I ran a total of 650 gallons in tanks in my “fish room”. 180 fowlr, 90 LPS/Zoa, 60 SPS, 8x40 breeders for a mix of quarantine tanks and frag tanks. When I moved, I tore everything down and sold off everything I owned. Ever since then, I’ve been...
  16. M

    Build Thread 55 Gallon first reef tank

    Hey everyone first time posting here. My tank has been up and running for about a year now and it has been a great ride with a steep learning curve. My wife and I previously had a 35 gallon freshwater tank that we maintained very poorly and stocked from petsmart. Maintenance was basically wait...
  17. tornowe

    Kessil A360x lighting schedule

    I have a 14 gallon rimless mixed reef aquarium. I have been running the Kessil A360x tuna blue with manual adjustments throughout the day. Today I received a wifi dongle and am looking for some direction with programming the lighting schedule as well as some general questions about the light...
  18. Bouncingsoul39

    Build Thread My IM Nuvo 30L Mixed Reef

    This tank has been up and running since the beginning of June. Started with 20lbs of KP Aquatics “starter” live rock and 20lbs of Caribsea Fiji Pink live sand. Equipment: IM Nuvo 30L AIO Rimless low-iron aquarium IM APS aluminum white stand Current USA Orbit R24 LED Reef Lights x2 Tunze...
  19. Micah Guadagno

    Need light advice

    Hi! I need some advice on lights, I can’t decide between a Ai Prime and a Red Sea Reef led 50, I have a 60 gallon Aqueon corner tank, I’m probably going for a mixed with a few sticks. cycling right now and running my old Nicrew light atm. No coral. I understand for sticks I’m going to need more...
  20. Ari’s reef surf

    Montana Reefers For local info\ swaps

    I own a 36 Gal bow front tank in Montana. This Sept 2021 will be 1 year. As a new reefer I am needing frags for a mixed reef tank to begin to fill up my tank. Willing to trade or buy items. I currently have four fish in total, 2 clowns and 2 cardinal fish very reef safe fish
  21. REEF OF THE MONTH - July 2021: TUSI's Amazing SPS Reef Revisited!

    Reef Spotlight REEF OF THE MONTH - July 2021: TUSI's Amazing SPS Reef Revisited!

    R2R Username: @TUSI Build Thread: Tusi's tank thread Editor's Note: This is the first time in the history of our Reef of the Month that we have revisited a tank that we previously featured. However, we think you will all agree that Tusi's reef is a tank that is highly deserving of this...
  22. torombolo

    Build Thread Carlos 75 Gallon Build

    Hello Reefers!!! This is my 75 gallon "Hopefully" mixed Reef at some point Build. Backstory used to have a 90 gallon FOWLR about 15 maybe more years ago, now I have a 29 running for almost a year now and want to move everything to the 75 when ready, I will seed the 75 with sand and rock from the...
  23. N

    Maxspect RSX 200 LED Light on a reefer 300 XL

    Hi i was wondering if anyone would be able to give me a bit of advice I'm looking at getting a red sea reefer 300xl (90cmx55x57) and setting it up as a mixed reef tank as lighting I was looking at using Maxspect RSX 200 LED Light for lighting and wanted to know whether people have had a good...
  24. Jaden9933

    Build Thread 20 long mixed reef

    I’m making a new thread because my last one is sad and gets no attention. I got new lenses today though and love how my coral look with them!
  25. Lebski

    EMERGENCY Snail acting strangely

    So about 3 weeks ago I added a very large single snail to my tank. I believed it was a Trochus snail. But it was sold as an omen snail according to my LFS. When I first got him he has been fine but has just been on the glass and not touched my rocks or substrate. It is very large around a £5...