1. MP40qd FOR SALE

    For sale MP40qd FOR SALE

    MP40QD for Sale This was my backup MP40 as it was in my tank for about 6mos to 1yr in order to be a slave pump but never got it figured out and frankly my tank couldnt handle 2 mp40s so it wasnt much used or needed. Took it out of tank and cleaned it and it has sat idle on the shelf as a backup...
  2. Y

    MP10 or Nero 3, need some help

    Hey all! So I'm currently in the planning stage of my nano reef, a Red Sea Max Nano. It's a 20G, 75L, AIO tank. I've been trying to decide on my powerhead, looking for something that is reliable, as well as good quality and ease of use. I love the idea of the MP10, no wires in the tank is a...
  3. CoralNerd

    My experience with Radion Gen5 and Mobius

    I changed my schedule from 65% to 100% as I finally understood the schedule function today vs set points. I left my setpoint at 65%. I then put the lights on acclimation with the start at 65%. Later in the day I thought the tank looks blue where's the cool whites, UV and other leds. I look...
  4. R

    Powerhead MP10

    Hey guys , I just bought the mp10 for my nuvo fusion 20 , I’m gonna run lps and softies , however, I’m having trouble with the mobius app as far as what I should place the settings on for that style tank , can I see some of you that have that style (lps & softies) tank and what you run it on...
  5. mard

    Controlling Mobius enabled VorTech pump using 0-10V (and BLE)

    In my pursuit to trigger feed and maintenance modes using a single push button, I have come across a few challenges. Sure I have a Profilux 4 controller which handles most of my pumps and such. And my plans include connecting some buttons to trigger the modes (likely something from Harry's...
  6. BonelessEvil

    Mobius app clouds

    I was wondering if there's an explanation as to how the clouds feature works on this app. For example, if I set it to 10% clouds, will it intermittently toggle the lighting (Ecotech XR15) intensity by 10%? I assume that's how it works, but I couldn't find information on it.
  7. P

    Cube Build Crystal Dynamics 135 Gallon Cube Build we go. I recently moved and bought a 135 gallon Crystal Dynamic aquarium. The tank is 36 by 36 by 24, and it has a stand a canopy as well. I have had reef tanks since I was about 15 and about 15 years later finally decided buy my first new tank. It definitely came with a price tag, but...
  8. Rickyreef

    Ecotech MP40 with integrated Mobius

    Hello guys ! i just got one of the new Ecotech MP40s and was told by my retailer that it comes with the mobius function already built in, meaning i wont need the reeflink to pair it up on my mobius app. my question for any one out there is if im gonna be able to control my other mp10s with the...
  9. Firthy13


    hi guys, I was finally able to update my legacy devices this morning. My M2 and one of my VortechMP40s updated fine, but my second VorTech continues to fail updating. I have had it display the Radio firmware version number once but never the Product OS firmware version number and it fails with...
  10. CaptainOver

    Radion Gen5 XR15/XR30 Observations and Issues

    First off, the new LED layout and light spread looks great. So at their primary function the lights seem to succeed. However, for the premium we pay for these lights, the whole package isn't up to the quality I would expect. I've contacted Ecotech but haven't heard back yet. For context, I...
  11. Jerry Ebner

    Versa Pumps for AWC

    I setup my versa pumps for Auto Water Changes. In Mobius app I've setup my two versa pumps for AWC one to withdrawal and the other to Fill Nothing is live yet no lined in the tank. 32 cube figuring half a gallon a day water change ( subject to change) Attached Blue is fresh saltwater and red...
  12. Jerry Ebner


    I got my Versa pumps in and had to go to work shortly after , so during break at work I figured that I get on the Mobius app to tinker and nope it would not connect to them. What is the point of a controller if you can't even tinker with it. I know on my ecosmart app I could login and tinker...
  13. K

    mobius is out but is it out out.

    has anybody got mobius working yet? downloaded the app but my devices are not found and are mobius ready. wondering if anybody has been as eager as myself with more abit joy!
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