mocha storm

  1. LukeWolf

    Missouri Bonded pair of Mocha Storm clownfish first sale!

    Hello all, I am breaking down my tank due to moving off to college, so all of my livestock is for sale. I’m going to post the bigger more expensive fish individually then all the small cheap fish in one post. If anyone is interested I also have a 8” naso tang, 8” Hawaiian black longnose tang, 6”...
  2. M

    What kind of clownfish?

    Hello, This fish is around 3/4", I want to know what kind is it. Is Mocha storm, Juvenile Black storm or something else? I thought it is a mocha storm till I read that juvenile black storm are mocha colored and they darken as they get older. Thanks,
  3. sil40sx

    Black Storm X Mocha Storm

    Don't they look like puppies?! Sooo adorable. LOL Hopefully they thrive in my tank. I've never got so stoked on a fish like these,... well other than when my CBB started eating like a pig, and when my mandarin started eating pellets. LOL
  4. AquaNerd

    The Mocha Storm is the Latest Release from Sea & Reef

    Learn more about them on the AquaNerd blog.