1. louisvillereefer

    Colorado ATO Lighting Misc. Pumps Decomm Sale - DIY Led, Eheim & Water Change Pumps, and more

    Located in Louisville, Colorado (80027). Selling because I decommissioned my 125-gallon saltwater tank after an extended power outage. All items are working and fully functional unless noted otherwise. Most items were purchased in 2018 or 2019 and decommissioned at the end of 2021. Prices...
  2. Saskdevil

    Has anyone used the SERA LED Moonlight & Lunar schedule controller?

    I wanted a lunar light for my aquarium, as my current LED fixture & controller doesn't offer it. I was looking at purchasing the SERA Moonlight set. It's an LED Moonlight simulator that comes with a controller that replicates the lunar cycle and included nights with cloud cover. It's a...
  3. Moonlight for a Neptune Apex controlled Aquarium

    Moonlight for a Neptune Apex controlled Aquarium

    A word of warning This is a pretty advanced DIY. You will need basic soldering skills, and reasonably good computer skills to pull this off. You also probably have to have built your own DIY LED's to make use of this. This is by no means plug and play. But if you are up to the challenge, by...
  4. Salty Acres

    JBJ nano light schedule

    Hello - I’m wondering what light schedule I should run in my jbj 28g. I have three fish and three soft corals for now. Should I run a moonlight phase? I can run just blue at 1% then simulate morning daytime and dusk with schedules. what is the ideal total light time? Running 80% blue, 25% white...
  5. BeaverLakeAndy

    Tunze Turbelle 7097.050 Moonlight Adapter Help Needed

    I have two Tunze Turbelle Nanostream 6095 powerheads connected together and running in inverse of each other on opposite sides of the 125 gallon aquarium. I also have them connected with the Y adapter which I intend to plug the moonlight 7097.050 adapter into. My question is, if I plug the moon...
  6. Broadfield

    Illinois Commercial Grade Aquactinics 400 MH/T5/Moonlight Ballast and 24" Fixture

    I acquired this setup from a tank breakdown and everything works as tested, including fans. Asking $425 shipped to the continental USA. Includes the following: Aquactinics 24" fixture with single metal halide, dual 24w T5 and single moonlight LED. Fixture is power coated white. Aquactinics...
  7. pelphrey

    Kentucky Neptune LSM & 2 string LED

    As the title states, Neptune LSM & the 2 string LED. Nothing wrong with unit, just not using it anymore. $75 shipped
  8. Crixus3Leo


    I have just bought a 4 foot 120 gallon aquarium and I need to purchase lights for the tank. This tank is going to be a fish only tank with artificial reef and coral. My question is, what kind of lighting should I get for the tank? I really want something that will make the colors in the tank...
  9. Aaron Davis

    Is this a good lamp???

    Hello, There is a gentleman in my local area selling this lamp with the details below: Hamilton Halide/VHO aquarium light with cooling fans and mount. 2 175 watt halide lights, 2 T12 VHO lights and 2 Moon lights I've never heard of these lamps and am trying to find out if it's worth the...
  10. S

    Programmable LED questions

    Good morning everyone!!! So I am building a custom stand for my new 75 gal tank. I am using 2 Black Box led lights... BUT they only have 1 plug for both channels, so I am not able to turn the blues on first and leave on after the whites, I do this now with my T5 with Moonlight leds. The reason...
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