moray eel

  1. nessjosh

    Blue /Black Ribbon Eel 30" - Nose Injured - how long to heal?

    I've had my ribbon eel for 45 days now. It took me a week for him to get comfortable and to start eating. I tossed everything at him. Saltwater acclimated Mollies was his first choice. He has even eaten dried krill and silversides. But over the last week it looks like he got nipped at by my...
  2. J

    Snowflake eel wont eat

    Just got a new snowflake eel 2 days ago and tried feeding it cut up fresh grouper fillet but it isn’t interested at all. Its a decent sized one over a foot long and thick as a thumb. I read they wont eat when new to a tank but the other 2 snowflakes i had before ate the same day i got them. Any...
  3. TonysReef

    Large Build Smaug the Tesselata Moray Eel

    I'm not sure why it's taken me so long to post here, but it's Smaug's four month anniversary this week, so this is as good a time as any. I'll start with some backstory. I picked up Smaug at the end of July 2022 after walking past him at an LFS a few times and not really even considering him...
  4. Trinh Fish & Corals

    Zebra Moray Eel (18-26”) Available $225 Free Shipping

    I have a zebra moray eel that is around 18-26” long. He eats great & looks awesome. Price is $225 with free UPS Next Day Air shipping.
  5. The Small Questions

    Dwarf moray questions and general tank questions

    I'm planning on getting into saltwater, for 3 creatures in particular: The golden dwarf moray, the skunk cleaner shrimp, and the blood red fire shrimp. I want to make a reef tank out of a 32.5 gallon fluval flex (apparentally the light grows all of the easy tentacled corals that i love) and am...
  6. polyppal

    Moray Eel QT same as fish???

    So one of our LFS'ess is abandoning saltwater, and is doing a clearance of all their saltwater fish for 50% off! Mostly, they really just had a variety of clownfish, but I couldn't say no to this guy (for 35$)... Hes a pretty impressive young banded moray eel - about 10-12". Owners have had...
  7. Salinestains

    Hello New to saltwater at home and ribbon eel

    Hey everyone! My names Ann and I worked at a petco for a little while. I've always kept freshwater from bettas to discus to inverts, and when I worked at petco I had to learn saltwater. Now that I feel like I'm ready to adequately take care of a tank in my home setting I've set my sights pretty...
  8. StevenLacy1769

    Texas Livestock Sale Tank Shutdown DFW Local Only

    Trying to sale off live stock asap. DFW, Dallas, Ft Worth, locally. 2x White Ribbon Eels 1x Snowflake Eel (small) 1x Smoke Black Clown - Male 1x White/black/Orange Clown - Male 1x Royal Gramma 1x Blue Damsel 2x Cleaner Shrimp 1x Fire Shrimp 1x Blue Banded Boxing Shrimp 5x XL GSP Frags 1x Md...
  9. mattybecks

    Just my white eye moray and fish eating.

    Because who doesn't enjoy watching fish eat:)
  10. Eag808

    Moray eel diseases

    I know it’s uncommon for eels to be affected by ich and velvet. But what about brookynella? I had a grouper who recently died from brook so removed all the fish except for a few eels. Now it looks like my jewel moray is having similar symptoms. Loss of appetite ( normally he’s a complete monster...
  11. mattybecks

    Misidentified Moray Eel in LFS, taking a guess at White Eye / Grey Face Moray?

    Hey guys, I am very new to Eels (this is my first one), it was a "responsible impulse" buy haha for my marine molly aquarium. So in the store the Eel was about 30 USD, and marked as a "Snowflake Moray". It didnt really look like this to me, but my google searches it looks like a grey face /...