1. SaltyGroves

    Setting Up a 20 Gallon Reef!

    I've had a few saltwater tanks. A 55 and 125 FOWLER. A couple attempts at a reef tank that I never saw through. Kept a few corals but nothing ever grew and I never got past the ugly phases. Certainly had the most fun with my 125 that housed two big Trigger fish. But I sold my set ups and moved...
  2. BigTex1836

    Is the Neptune Trident Ever in Stock?

    Is the Neptune Trident ever in stock? I am on multiple waiting lists, and it is a long wait. Does anyone know when production will ramp up?
  3. BigTex1836

    DOS and DDR not priming

    I can get my 2 dos pumps primed when connected to another container. However when I connect to the DDR’s, I get zero fluid movement. Any ideas?