Setting Up a 20 Gallon Reef!


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Jun 6, 2016
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I've had a few saltwater tanks. A 55 and 125 FOWLER. A couple attempts at a reef tank that I never saw through. Kept a few corals but nothing ever grew and I never got past the ugly phases. Certainly had the most fun with my 125 that housed two big Trigger fish. But I sold my set ups and moved on to other hobbies, duck hunting and building gaming PC's.

But I caught the reef bug again! I feel that I've learned alot over the years and here recently I've been learning a whole lot on YouTube following my favorite reefers.

My dream tank right now is a thriving mixed 20 gallon reef with a pair of designer clowns! This size tank matches my home space and will fit just about as much coral as I can imagine being responsible for at this point!

So here is where I am right now. Thanks for looking!

20190924_212039.jpg 20190924_212120.jpg 20190924_212049.jpg 20190924_212056.jpg 20190924_212105.jpg 20190924_212039.jpg 20190924_212120.jpg 20190924_212049.jpg 20190924_212056.jpg 20190924_212105.jpg
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Apr 6, 2016
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Welcome to R2R!

I see the evidence of the PC build hobby in your Apex mount/cabling. What did you carry over from duck hunting?

Do you house a "Reef Safe" Angelfish in your reef tank?

  • YES and it's going good

    Votes: 197 41.0%
  • YES but it's not working out

    Votes: 13 2.7%
  • NO I have tried it in the past and it didn't work out

    Votes: 44 9.2%
  • NO I haven't tried yet

    Votes: 211 44.0%
  • Other (please explain)

    Votes: 15 3.1%
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