Hello My Nano's

    Hello, I'm John been in the hobby for over 20 years on and off. Currently have 3 Nano's going. About to have a 4th. My tanks are 20 gallon Innovative marine, 15 gallon waterbox(under construction) 10 gallon fijicube and a 10 gallon waterbox clear mini. Looking forward to sharing an learning
  2. Galasss

    Nano Build 6.8 gallon imagitarium reef

    Hello everyone! I wish I had started this thread when I first set this tank up but better late then never! I initially had this tank running as a freshwater tank with guppy fry, I really never wanted it (lol). I felt bad for leaving the fry to die in my 40 gallon breeder with all my other fish...

    Nano Build 15 galon reef tank

    hello i am new here this is my 15 gallon tank
  4. NanoReeferAlex

    Build Thread NanoReeferAlex's Nuvo 10

    Hello! Thanks for checking out my build! My Nuvo 10g Mixed reef has been set up and running for about a month and one week, This tank was upgraded from a Fluval Evo 5 that had been running for a year. Im still new to the reefing community but would love to share my experiences and those to come...
  5. aeo29067

    10 gallon DIY sump build for a 30 gallon tank

    Hello, I've got a 30 gallon cube tank with a pair of snow storm clownfish. I've been using a HOB filter but would like to try my hand at using a sump system. I have a spare 10 gallon tank and was thinking about converting it. Anybody have any experience with this? The tank is not drilled and...
  6. C_Reefer

    Nano Build Charles' 24 Gallon Cube

    Hello everyone! Just wanted a thread to present my tank and generally start up some discourse and get ideas This tank and all the life in it were actually transferred from a Biocube 16 (emergency leaking issue) about 4 months ago, in total I've had these animals for 8 months Aquarium: AQUATOP...
  7. 0FCB6B36-CCA6-4273-81A3-FE9C249A3D2E.jpeg


    10 gallon zoa garden FTS. Build thread is on my profile if interested.
  8. KeystoneReefer

    Nano Build Keystone Reefer’s 10 gallon Nano tank build/tank updates

    Hello and welcome! Setting up a 10 gallon nano after a few years away. Setting up a IM AIO 10 gallon and seeking to go low and slow, attempting to create a fabulous mixed reef. Follow along for a good time and discussions. Hard scape to come soon!!!
  9. B9D10DDC-7923-4F18-8C79-862D770E11AE.jpeg


    Jbj 6 gallon with softies. Running for 2.5 years.
  10. 52246B75-6247-48EC-82F8-18770ADDEBA6.jpeg


    Jbj 6 gallon with softies.
  11. Aveek B

    Nano Build A new start - my 24g cube build

    And it starts again...! Long story short...I had this 24g AIO cube mixed reef tank running from from May 2019 to July 2020 and then unfortunately had to take it down as I was not in town for a prolonged 8 months and the LFS care that I was relying on was not going much good. This time I...
  12. Holmzie123

    Nano Build Fish Selection

    Hey all, this is my first time starting a post but figured I'd look for some feedback on my reefing plan. My current fish stock is 2 snowflake clowns, tanaka's pygmy wrasse, and a tailspot blenny. Plus a cleaner shrimp and small clean up crew. I plan on getting sexy shrimp and a goby. Possibly...
  13. HanKami

    Build Thread My 35 Gal Rimless Cube

    Whats Up Reefers, I Decided To Start A Thread To Record My Progress On My New Journey. In The Past I've Had Many Different Size Tanks From A 33 Long Up To 120 Gal. Do to Relocating And 1 Year Off From The Hobby I Finally Decided To Start Fresh Once Again. As You Will See, I Might Do...
  14. fishkeepinginasia

    Hello Greetings Brethren. I'm Nathan and I'm new.

    Hello everyone, I'm excited to be a part of this forum. I'm new to online groups like this, but I joined fishlore a few days ago and enjoyed participating there. However, I'm a saltwater guy so I wanted to find a community more focused on coral and calcium than mollies and rasboras. My...
  15. Strawberry

    AIO Build Biocube 29 AIO

    I am so inconsistent about updating on here because I mostly document my tank progress on Instagram, but here goes. I started my biocube in August of 2019, and here we are almost a year later. I’ve killed a few corals and learned a lot about patience! August 2019 July 2020 My AIO chambers
  16. The Fish Tank Hobbyist

    10 Gallon Reef Tank Update

    Hello everyone, Over the past 8 months or so I have been having some success with my 10 gallon reef tank! I just wanted to say thanks to the community for all of the help and advice that you guys have gave. It still has some room for improvements but it has turned out better than what I would...
  17. donutmanstan

    1st Reef Tank

    Hello all, I'm getting super super bored being in quarantine and wanted to ask some questions/ show off my first reef tank since nobody in my household seems to care haha. I went with a fluval evo 13.5 because of the modern style and perfect size. I upgraded the lights to an AI Prime 16hd...
  18. Noinoi24

    Nano Build Who loves adobo?

    So after moving from CA to NJ, I started another reef and planted tank. I wanted a small tank as I am staying with my parents and needed a tank where I can just move when I had to. I choose the Nuvo 10 Pro as I think it looks nice and within budget. My personal choice for AI Prime came due to...
  19. Taysmart

    Nano Build 10g biocube. In need of start up/ tweaking assistance

    I set up my saltwater 10g biocube 2 days ago. I used live sand, and dry rock. I currently have nothing in the first compartment, a Im Ghost skimmer in the second, and then the return pump in the last. I’m having issues with micro bubbles, and cloudy water. I’m cycling the tank using a cycle...
  20. Rijodan

    Hello Hello R2R!

    Hello everyone! I am New to the hobby, after years of my father and brother dabbling with the salt i was given a tank to start! i run a JBJ 28g NanoCube AIO currently i have 2 Misbar clowns An Emerald Crab Kenya Trees Orange Eye Chalice GSP 5 Ghost shrimp 3 blue legged dwarf hermits Various...
  21. CheyenneC

    5.5 G pico reef!

    Hi there! I’m Cheyenne and going to start a Pico! Lps and soft only. Cocoon nr 5 aquarium 21.5 liters Ai prime HD (light) Aquarel Hob filter with ceramic rings and filterfloss Heater from dennerle (smart heater) AF reef mix salt and Real reef rock. Microblift special blend & nite out II It’s...
  22. SaltyGroves

    Setting Up a 20 Gallon Reef!

    I've had a few saltwater tanks. A 55 and 125 FOWLER. A couple attempts at a reef tank that I never saw through. Kept a few corals but nothing ever grew and I never got past the ugly phases. Certainly had the most fun with my 125 that housed two big Trigger fish. But I sold my set ups and moved...
  23. BlakeM15

    Nano Build College Reef Build (Fluval Evo13.5)

    Hello my names Blake and this is my first post to r2r. I set this tank up in June in preparation for college. This will be where I post about my time with a nano reef in college while studying ‘Conservation of Biology’ Here is a list of equipment: Light: Ai Prime HD Heater: Aqueon 100W...
  24. Rivers&Reefs

    Nano Build SPS Nano Build Plans

    Hey all. I’m currently planning my first mainly SPS tank & looking for some feedback on my current plans. I will post regular updates & pictures once the build is started. The tank I will be going with is an Innovative Marine Nuvo Fusion Pro 30L AIO 30 gallon. After doing alot of research over...
  25. Somuchflo99

    Best in Sacramento!!!!!!

    best zoa selection in Sacramento for sure courtesy of @YourReef love this place they just got a brand new stock of them and let me tell you they are on And they are priced to sell for sure
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