neptune bounce

  1. msaad

    Florida WTT Neptune, GodSpawn, Halloween bounce for Higher end torch or OG

    Willing to ship I am looking to trade Some of my Neptune, GodSpawn, Halloween bounce for Higher end torch’s or Other bounce mushrooms. I can take more pictures upon request.
  2. ChaosAquaculture

    Livestock Bounce Mushrooom Galore

    BOUNCE MUSHROOMS FOR DAYYYYS!!! Since Bounce mushrooms are a thing, heres a little something for your viewing pleasure CHECK OUR LATEST ADDITIONS Dont forget about tonigts Auction in Official Frags Auction House, theres some killer frags up for grabs! SHOP NOW
  3. TopShelfAquatics

    Gold Torch, Grape Convict and Neptune Bounces!

    New mini update on [Click to view] TSA Grape Convict Aussie Gold Torch Neptune Bounce baby
  4. TopShelfAquatics

    Neptune Bounce, Rainbow Goniopora, CB Flaming Bugatti and More!!!

    We just added some gorgeous new corals to ! Neptune Bounce TSA Rainbow Inferno Acan CB Flaming Bugatti Rainbow Goniopora
  5. CoralKouture

    Deadpool & Neptune Bounce

    Greetings Everyone, Up for sale are my Deadpool mama and Neptune mama. Both have produced multiple babies since I have had them. Deadpool is 3" and Neptune is 1"+. Was in a rush so photos are taken with my cell. Shipping included. Not interested in trades. **Standard 1hr DOA with...
  6. CoralKouture

    CB Tron Lepto & Neptune Bounce Mama

    Greetings Everyone, Need to fund a new project so here goes a couple pieces that should get me there. Pics were taken with my Sony A37 & Tamron 90mm macro. White balance adjustment and that's it. Still not photo savvy so if you are interested I can take a couple more. Any questions feel free...
  7. AquariumSpecialty

    Economics and lineage corals
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