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  1. B

    New 20Gal Long TopFin Essentials setup + upgrades.

    Hi I am new to reefing and recently bought the TopFin Essentials 20gal long tank on sale. I know the setup isnt the best, but it gives me a starting point to grow from. I am looking to start a tank and learning the cycle and process before adding (2) clownfish, starfish, CUC, LPS, and softies. I...
  2. C

    Innovative Marine Fusion Pro AIO

    Hey everyone! I am new to reefing and I am so excited!!! I have decided to get the Innovative Marine Fusion Pro 2 AIO (40 gallon) tank for my setup. (Preferably, I don't want to break the bank either with the extra equipment I need) I had a couple questions I hope you guys could provide some...
  3. Pinkreefgirl

    Hello Hi y’all! NC girl here!

    I have had saltwater/reef tanks going back into my teens in the mid 90’s. I took a year off in 2001 and started again. Took 10 years off and restarted in December 2022, so everything changed. I’m now full time home and not working 60+ hours a week. I started in December buying a 32 gallon...
  4. S

    New Reefer in SD

    Hello, I’m new to reefing and have been absorbing tons of info on this site. Thank you to all who share your experience for us newbies! Unfortunately, I have had my tank for about 60 days and 1 of my clownfish is struggling and would appreciate any advice! Pictures attached. It’s the larger of...
  5. Jesse Sunday

    Dumb question of the day... (which side is "up", and does it matter?)

    Hi all! (first post) I just received a Biocube 32, and after setting it up and adding live rock donated by a friend from his established tank, I have a question... A) Which side of this live rock is "up" (algae/green or not green)? B) Does it matter to the already living "things" (I have NO...
  6. agame2021

    Cube Build Cookies Palace (24 gallon aquatop cube with sump)

    So I got rid of my 150 and 30 gallon sump(so much work!) after losing it to a crash… I bought a used chiller and the guy told me it was run in a reef a little over a year before and it leached a high level of copper into my system killing $2400 worth of coral(mainly sps) and I ended up selling...
  7. LarryNuke

    Build Thread First New Tank in 17 years Red Sea 300 G2

    I tore down my 90 gallon tank about two months ago and am about to order a Red Sea Reefer 300G2. I'm excited about it. I wanted to go smaller so if I ever need to sell my home and move into some smaller place to live, I can move it easier. And I was concerned about the stability of the 17...
  8. maryocean7

    Need help identifying type of algae

    Hello everyone If anyone would be kind to help us in our new tank. We have had it for 2 months now and just last week this showed up. We can't get our hand on what it is exactly. We have caribsea Life Rock and life sand Ammonia - 0 Nitrite - 0 Nitrate - 20ppm Lights are on for 6 hours We do...
  9. ThatsNoMoon

    Build Thread Reef Diary - Red Sea 250 build

    Thought I'd made a build thread to keep a record of the changes my tank goes through and to get feedback from other keepers! I'm not testing my water too often yet but I intend next month to start doing water changes with Red Sea blue bucket and dosing all for reef to maintain and alk of 8 or...
  10. justinkurpiel

    Build Thread 40 breeder mixed Reef

    Hello all, I am looking to introduce my tank and get some help. This tank has been running for about 5 months now but just joined the reef 2 reef family. The tank is a standard 40 breeder with steel stand. The tank was started with dry rock and sand. Starting from the top I have a hydra 26 hd...
  11. ricksmithsdca

    Build Thread That didn't take long... 60G -> 90G

    So I am new to saltwater. I bought a used setup from OfferUp that needed some work so I have been working on it (stand had water damage, black back needed to be scraped, light connectors corroded, etc.). As of today, the stand is done and the back is scraped. I have the material to fix the...
  12. L

    First time tank/reef build

    Hey everyone! I will soon be moving into a new home and want to set up my first tank when I arrive. I'll be posting updates here:)
  13. T

    First aquascape, 40 breeder, any thoughts or advice?

    This is my first reef tank, I had a fowlr years ago and loved it but I was young and inexperienced and broke. I'm finally diving back in and would love some advice on what I have as an aquascape. Any improvements or ideas are welcome ( and I would love to hear if you just like it as well). I...
  14. BigOunce11

    What are these worms?

    Hi, these started appearing pretty much as soon as i started my tank and i think they're really ugly. Does anyone know what they are and how to remove them? They seem to like growing right where the soft lps tissue would cover when they grow whuich may be a problem as theyre very sharp and hard...
  15. badluckman

    Large Build Badluckmans ~190G

    Hello everyone! Ever since I had to take down my first saltwater tank about 12 years ago I've been wanting to start again, and now that I had a house I had the chance. I'll try to use this thread as a logbook for the new reef. Now Before
  16. Nate_Krohn

    Filter media in HOB filter help

    Setting up a 29 gallon reef tank and I found a marineland penguin 200 biowheel hob filter. I took out the biowheel because I understand they’re just nitrate traps. Any recommendation on what media to run in it? I was thinking some phosguard, some filterfloss and maybe chemipure. Should I put any...
  17. Dierks

    Build Thread Dierks 75G Office Build

    Well I figured I would start up a thread so I could track my new build! (Kinda figured this would be more for myself!) Well to start, I have built a 40 Gallon Nano Tank and loved every moment of it. I did Battle with a few things being a small tank but the joys you get from a nice tank out...
  18. CharlesP

    Beginner Reefing with CharlesP

    Hello, I'm new to the reefing hobby and have just begun a JBJ 45: Cobalt aquatics 150w heater Jebao pp-8 powerhead Kessil a360w tuna blue with spectral controller The tank has been running nearly two months. I did use brs dry Fiji rock (35 lbs) and Samoa pink sand (40 lbs). Current stock...