not acting normal

  1. Gianluca

    LPS not opening

    Hi everyone, I just added a display refugium to my main tank, and since then both my LPS, torch and acan aren’t opening. All my softies (other than my mushroom) are all open and doing great, same goes for my montipora. I thought it could be flow at first but I adujsted the outtake to match the...
  2. sujcab111

    Firefish dorsal fin down

    If you saw my last post you’ll know I redid my whole aquascape. Which understandably caused him some stress. So far is the only fish in my tank and had his established hiding spot. So he had his dorsal fin down a few days but shortly was right back to normal. Now, all of a sudden.. I look at him...
  3. Lady of Babylon

    EMERGENCY Something ain’t right.

    Since the big crash in January, I have watched my tank stabilize. So I started slowly adding fish to the tank on April 10th. I added two tangs and a cleaner wrasse. Everyone was doing great! So on May 1st I added 5 firefish and 3 bluestripe pipefish. I noticed a few white spots on one of the...
  4. lukefish

    GSP won't open!

    It hasn't come out in 4 days now. Starting to get bit worried. Sorry for the brevity, but Im at work...worrying! I seem to have 'invested' in a dodgy marine test kit which shows my parameters as follows: Ammonia - 0 Nitrite - 0 Nitrate between 5 and 10 pH - no idea as the reading colour...
  5. smokey667

    Six-line wrasse barely moving

    I've had him around a week now, he's been doing great so far.. Except this morning. I found him laying on his side between two of my LR and he has this reddish patch on his side. I haven't changed anything in my tank or added any new livestock.. Anyone know if he's going to survive whatever...
  6. Jessicaray94

    Watchman goby

    My watchman goby has been in this tank for a month & he has yet to settle in. He is constantly at the top of the tank, he never goes down to the sand bed. Is this normal? I have 2 pistol shrimp which I was hoping he would pair with but since he never goes to the sand bed, I dont think hes even...
  7. Snake132

    Need help with skimmer has not been working for a month

    So the skimmer is a month old and until now keeps overflowing How do I tune it can anyone give me an detailed guide Thanks I will attach pictures What should the bubbles look like ? How high should they go ? How open should the air hole be ? how open should the water level gate be ? It...
  8. Snake132

    Need help lawnmower blenny !!!

    This morning I couldn’t find him my [lawnmower blenny ] and once I did he was hiding in an unusual place under the rocks and (white in colour)which is not his usual colour and he appears to be (breathing rapidly) ... is he dying ? What can I do to help at the moment ? And what is wrong with...