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  1. Plzpizza

    Reefwave 25 reverse flow switch broken!

    So I bought the reefwave a month ago and now am experiencing problems with it suddenly stopping completely when it alternate to reverse flow. I had it on forwards 10% and reverse 20% and it was working normally then out of the blue it stops whenever it switches to reverse. I tried setting a...
  2. crabcore

    red sea reed led 90

    so my reef led did a thing were it would not turn on. did not reconnect. it did update the morning before it was going to turn on. than it did not work all day. I dis connected it from app and also reinstalled app. and no connection response from the light. finally I got ballzy and decided to...
  3. SaltySquid

    Issues with plumbing overflow for Nano tank

    This is from another post I started but hopefully someone can help me figure out a solution to this issue with my overflow not working:
  4. lonewonderer

    kessil spectral controller not responding

    Hello, I just got a kessil spectral controller. I have 2 A80 tuna blue. I plugged each light on port 1 and port 2. I have tried doing manual mode and it does not respond to the controls. the amount of color and intensity it gives is around 50% max and color is around 20%. Is this thing...
  5. Ryan Rioux

    Aquamaxx hob skimmer help!

    Hello there , so a few days ago I noticed my skimmer cup on my aquamaxx skimmer not filling properly . I cleaned out cup just to be sure nothing was built up in chamber or cup . The skimmer was working ok but still not foaming up properly . Yesterday there was barely any bubbles flowing up in...
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