nutrient deficiancy

  1. Understanding nutrient limitations

    Understanding nutrient limitations

    understanding nutrient limitations 1. Introduction 2. Brief description on the difference between Availability and residual nutrients. 3.Identify nutrient limitations under different filtration methods. 3.1. Heterotrophic bacteria as dominant species effect on nutrients and residual. 3.2...
  2. Adam1985

    New Skimmer & Macroalgae Wasting - Observations and Request for Advice

    Hi everyone! I need some advice and this is the best place in the world for high quality reef advice, so please bear with me and thanks in advance for your help! Basically I was skimmerless for a couple of weeks after removing my previous skimmer to prepare the sump for a skimmer upgrade and...
  3. BoomCorals

    Can we learn from the leaves?

    Long time gardener and reef keeper. Ive always wondered if we can use the mangrove leave as an indication of what might be missing or lacking in nutrients or micro elements in the reef. What do you guys think?