1. BighohoReef

    Hanging with Orphek the light bar

    Hey all, I'm looking for some specific lighting advice on the Orphek OR120 LED light bar. We're currently moving 30g LPS/Euphyllia dominated tank to a new WB 135.4. I've been testing out our T5 lights and just find the spectrum to be flat and uninviting (I'm aware it probably is amazing for...
  2. MattJS

    North Carolina Sold- Orphek Atlantik V4

    I have an Orphek Atlantik V4 (Upgraded to Gen 2), Gen 2 Gateway, and Orphek Universal Mounting Arms for sale. They’re in like new condition, have less than a year of use, and have all worked perfectly. Comes with original packaging, manuals, and unused Orphek hanging kit as well. I’d like to...
  3. MattJS

    North Carolina Plz Close

    Plz Close
  4. ws6kid

    Ohio 35” Orphek OR2 Blue Plus

    Used for a week and taking down a tank so the wife doesn’t kill me. $150 shipped.
  5. thereefingguy

    Illumagic Blaze, Radion G5 Blue or Orphek?

    Which would you choose for lighting an SPS dominant tank on a 36x20x20” tank for around $1000?
  6. PanaReefer

    Texas Orphek atlantik v4 with gateway

    The light is 2 months old. Asking for 900 OBO free shipping in the USA.
  7. M

    Possibly reverse engineering the Orphek Atlantik - What's the correct way to provide input to the Apex programmatically?

    I really really really like the Orphek Atlantik V4 gen2's... however their lack of integration with the Apex makes it a no go for me currently. As the title says, what's the current accepted method to input data to the Apex as I understand there is no real exposed API... *angry face*
  8. J

    Ohio Orhpek v2.1

    I have two units for sale both work and grow coral well. Looking for 300 a piece plus whatever shipping is. Located in Ohio, would also be interested in trades for other high end lighting.
  9. Peterski

    Illinois Hydra 26 and 52

    Hydra 52 non HD All LEDs work when I plug them in with the 26th power cord but you will need to 52 power cord which you can purchase through eBay asking Hydra 26 non HD with director White , like new. Brackets not included $425 shipped - OBO
  10. M

    Reef LED Options

    I have a 5 foot tank and currently have 3 chinese black boxes lighting it. I do not like the look they give and how they look in general so I want to upgrade. The lights I was looking at were 1. ReefBreeders v2+ (50 inch) https://www.reefbreeders.com/shop/photon-50-v2/ ---$715 2. 2x Corona...
  11. smartwater101

    California [West Hollywood] 2x Orphek Atlantik V4 w/ gateway

    SOLD Orphek Atlantik V4 w/ gateway These were purchased from a fellow R2R member just a few weeks back. The spread on these things are incredible! They work great but I've always wanted to try a T5 hybrid and decided to go that route. My impulsive buying = my loss, your win lol These are V4...
  12. NeverlosT

    California Orphek Atlantik V4 with Gateway

    This is an Orphek Atlantik V4 Gen 1 LED Unit with Gateway, keep in mind there is ZERO performance difference between gen 1 and 2, same LEDs, same electronics, same everything except for the wireless card. (they just decided to use a different wireless card, maybe they couldn't get the first one...
  13. loganlax07

    Orphek Kaspian LED

    Does anyone have experience with the Kaspian pendant LED by Orphek? I absolutely love the look of this light and at 120Watt it may be able to over across 30-36 inch width SPS tanks whereas I see most people doubling up either radions, kessils or supplementing with T5s. Problem is, aside from a...
  14. MattJS

    North Carolina SOLD

    Orphek Atlantik V4 Gen 1 (Black)- New in box. Everything is still wrapped. I have 2 for sale. Asking $839 each. Buyer pays shipping. One has sold- One Orphek still available. If you have any questions just send me a pm, and I’ll get back to you as quick as I can.
  15. Wen

    Florida Orphek PR72 pendant

    I was saving this for a future frag tank that’s not going to happen, so hopefully someone can use it. It ran on DT for 2-3 years between 2 Atlantics on my 150. Worked great when I boxed it up. Plugged it in today and looks the same. Very bright. Google Orphek pr72 for specific details. Look...
  16. AquaNerd

    Orphek Atlantik V4 Gen 2 fully reviewed by Danireef

    https://aquanerd.com/2019/03/atlantik-v4-gen2-fully-reviewed-by-danireef.html Learn more about the specs and features of the Orphek Gen 2 fixture by clicking the link above.
  17. jschultzbass

    Minnesota SOLD - Orphek Atlantik V4 G2

    I have 3 Orphek V4 Gen2 for sale That are new in box. I use Orpheks right now over my 130 gallon SPS tank and absolutely love them and was going to convert my 300 gallon tank to a SPS tank but decided to keep it a softie and angel tank so don't need this powerful of a light. I took one out of...
  18. K

    Orphek Bar on ATI Fixture

    Hello folks! I hope you all had a great Xmas! I have a question that I'd like to ask you, perhaps you have some experience with this... I have an ATI Sunpower 60" fixture which has 6 bulbs of 80w each over my 72" wide tank. I recently bought an Oprhek LED Bar for some color pop, it's the...
  19. lbacha

    Lbacha’s 25g Lagoon & 8g Peninsula zoa & SPS garden

    Well I just got a new tank and I’m going to plumb it into my current 8g nano tank build (this is my wife’s tank) I started this thread to focus on this tank and how it will be built out. Some specs Tank: 25g IM nuvo Black Overflow: eclipse M Return: drilled 3/4” lock line (single right now but...
  20. Orphek

    Best LED Lights for Reef Tank 2018-2019 Review

    Best LED Lights for Reef Tank 2018-2019 Review Thanks Ryan Cunningham for making such an awesome review. Ryan has 2 units of Atlantik V4 Gen 2, one unit of Atlantik Compact V4 gen 2 and 2 units of OR120 Bar – Blue Sky Hello my name is Ryan Cunningham and I am a coral addict. I started in the...
  21. Orphek


    ORPHEK CYBER MONDAY DEALS STARTS TODAY! Black Friday is 2 weeks away but we didn’t want you to wait until the day after Thanksgiving for Black Friday deals, so we kicked off the savings a little early. COUNTDOWN: From Saturday, 10th through Friday 30th, Orphek is helping make Christmas happier...
  22. Orphek

    Orphek Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales Event

    ORPHEK BLACK FRIDAY & CYBER MONDAY DEALS STARTS TODAY! Black Friday is 2 weeks away but we didn’t want you to wait until the day after Thanksgiving for Black Friday deals, so we kicked off the savings a little early. COUNTDOWN: From Saturday, 10th through Friday 30th, Orphek is helping make...
  23. Dlealrious

    DLz Acro Re-build

    So i thought i would try and document my rebuild of new grow out tank and current Display . I have been reefing for about 18 months and i have learned alot in that time. Kept a FOWLR tank before i tried coral. My tank has been up since August 2017, I had no idea what i was doing but found acros...
  24. Orphek

    Buy Today the NEW Orphek Atlantik V4 GEN 2 !!!

    Atlantik V4 Gen 2 Reef Aquarium LED lighting Reef Aquarium LED lighting for Optimal Coral Growth and Color Be connected anywhere you go! The Atlantik V4 Gen 2 technology brings built-in wireless control allowing you to easily program, control, and monitor your light(s) from your cell phone...
  25. AquaNerd

    New From Orphek, Anti-Rust Light Mounting Arm Kit

    http://aquanerd.com/2018/10/new-from-orphek-anti-rust-light-mounting-arm-kit.html Learn more by visiting the AquaNerd link.