1. Acrofiend

    California Lighting Drygoods .

  2. Acrofiend

    California Lighting Drygoods .

  3. m.kristoff

    Ohio Lighting Drygoods closed thread

    gauging interest in a brand new Osix with OR30 90 (36") Blue Sky and OR30 90 Blue Plus bars This is brand new, just received today to pair with my Icon. Orphek doesn't have a return policy. Will consider a trade for Orphek Icon 2 Kessil A360's with a wifi dongle. Will split shipping.
  4. Acrofiend

    California Lighting Drygoods Sold

  5. Acrofiend

    California Lighting Drygoods sold

  6. ThatPhillyReefer

    Pennsylvania WTB WTB radion xr15 gen 5 pros

    Hello All, Im WTB 2 Radion xr15 gen 5 pros or 2 xr30 gen 4 pros. Im not liking my orphek atlantik v4 gen 2 with the Icon Control System Upgrade. The Led board is good is good but a few leds are out. Its never been ran above 50% Im open to trades! I can upgrade the LED Board to a brand new ICON...
  7. Super coral farming at Monsoon Aquatics upgrades to Orphek Amazonas 960 iCon reef LED Lights

    Sponsored Super coral farming at Monsoon Aquatics upgrades to Orphek Amazonas 960 iCon reef LED Lights

    Super coral farming at Monsoon Aquatics upgrades to Orphek Amazonas 960 iCon reef LED Lights Check out these awesome corals under our Amazonas 960 iCon units! Cataphyllia jardinei Orphek has established a strong presence in Australia for many years and has been chosen as the LED lighting...
  8. Luis1992

    Texas Lighting Drygoods Gen 3 *price drop* Radion xr15 with rf module- orphek blue plus bars

    Hello, I recently sold my coral farming set up and have some equipment left over. Prices are as follows. All equipment was works great. I can ship if we work out the shipping cost. Text for faster response (512-696-1804) *price drop* 100 on each Radion on 350 for all! 4 available- Gen 3 Radion...
  9. cloud9aquariums

    ORPHEK OSIX - OR3 bar mounting order

    Hey fellow reef junkies! I've decided to chase the dragon when it comes to eliminating shadowing on my sps for growth... and selfish viewing purposes. I currently run (3) Hydra 32HD's with diffusers over my 48x24x16 (depth) and have great growth and coloration coming in. However, the shadowing...
  10. L

    AI hydra 32. Using fill light

    So I am currently working on my 75 gallon tank set up, 48”x16”x19” deep I have chosen to go with two AI hydra 32 lights. Going to start out with BRS mounting tips. My question is I’m worried about shadowing has anybody used the AI blades for fill light or any of the Orphik OR3. If you have a...
  11. Perfectly_Imperfekt1

    Build Thread CDA 125gal Reef tank build

    Welcome to my CDA tank build!! I picked the tank up from another local reefer that was the original owner in Dec 2022. He had owned it for a little over I year I think. So it's new to me and plus he sold it for a killer deal. Originally I wasn't going to build a bigger tank than what I...
  12. VanDalsenReef

    Michigan Miscellaneous Drygoods Apex, orphek, reef stuff

    Selling equipment in the next two weeks. Selling fish first and will have all equipment cleaned and ready to go as best I can in two to three weeks. Will not be shipping or even consider to for three weeks The kessils are sold unfortunately
  13. T

    Acan care

    My acans have been in my tank for about a week and they haven't puffed up.
  14. Bd.reef

    Florida Lighting Drygoods Orphek Gateway 2

    I have an Orpek Gateway 2 that works perfect, never in an exposed area near the tank. Will ship. Located in Fort Lauderdale. $50 plus shipping if not local.
  15. Orphek

    Orphek Osix – OR3 LED Bar iCon Smart Dim Controller Launch

    Orphek officially announces today the launching of Osix – The OR3 Bar iCon Smart Dim Controller! Osix is a smart device with iCon technology that allows you to program, control, monitor and dim your OR3 Reef Aquarium LED Bars; and integrate them with all Orphek iCon LED solutions. The game...
  16. J

    Michigan Lighting Miscellaneous Drygoods Orphek Atlantik V4 Gen. 2 - MICHIGAN - Will Ship - Fluval Pump - Kessil AP9x Mount - Avast Top-Down Portal

    2 - Oprphek altaniks Compact V4 and 2 Gateways. - $650 Package Price -One of the gateways has a funky(loose) power port and if you wiggle the usb will power off. Thats why I have a brand new gateway . -I used the lights for aprox 3 years. Due to me using them I am selling...
  17. gulf coast reefer


    How’s it going everyone one. I recently purchased an Orphek icon. I’m planning on putting it over my Red Sea 250… the Orphek is an insanely heavy light. And not that I couldn’t do it but I’m not too sure I feel like hanging a 15lb dumbbell over my tank lol. I’ve read mixed reviews after the...
  18. nomad6

    Lighting LED Drygoods BNIB ORPHEK ICON COMPACTS W FREE ARMS @ discount

    BNIB never opened. EPTX, might be able to get them transported to SA to save on shipping for Texas peeps Lmk! 2x Orphek icon compacts $1350+ shipping 1x icon $700+ shipping Includes free mounting arms WONT FIND A BETTER DEAL!
  19. F

    Reef lighting

    I wnat to get a orphek led bar. I was offered a 36 inch bar but my Tank is only 30 inchs long. So it would hang off like 3 inchs each side. Would that be ok?
  20. Mr. GoodStuff

    Illinois Lighting Drygoods SOLD Orphek Atlantik Compact v4 Light

    $275 shipped Great condition, all LED functioning properly. Hanging kit and gateway included. T5 fixtures attached ARE NOT included. If you’d like them I can include them but shipping will not be included with that.
  21. David29price

    Orphek Day Plus OR3 24" Light Bar

    New, only used one month. Decided I needed more blue and switched to the other model. These have brand new power supplies and original box. I left the original power supplies in place so I wouldn't have to unmount them. Lights only used 8 hours per day for one month. Includes original...
  22. AZRipp


    SOLD - SOLD - SOLD - SOLD - SOLD - SOLD - SOLD - SOLD - SOLD - SOLD - SOLD - SOLD I am selling 4 Orphek Atlantik V4 Gen2 LED reef lights. My wife and I shut down our aquarium last year 15 November 2021. All of the livestock was sold to Limited Edition Corals out of Phoenix, AZ. Aaron (owner)...
  23. Hydrored

    Texas Lighting Drygoods 7 Orphek Icons Sold

    7 Orphek Icons used about 8 months, purchased direct from Orphek late January. Located in McKinney Texas. Xxxxxxx for all 7
  24. Hilltop Aquariums

    Lighting LED Drygoods 2 Orphek V3 compacts with WiFi hub

    2 Orphek V3 compact led lights with Wi-Fi Gateway for sale. $350 for everything. Lights work as should. Pickup in Gilford NH or buyer pays shipping.
  25. D

    Mounting lights low on top of tank

    Anyone using light bars mounted right on top of tank as their main lighting source? I have a low canopy so that restricts what I can use. Have been looking at Reef Brites, Orpheks, Quantas, etc… only planning on keeping softies and some lower light LPS in a standard 4’ 90 gallon tank. Thanks!