1. loganlax07

    Orphek Kaspian LED

    Does anyone have experience with the Kaspian pendant LED by Orphek? I absolutely love the look of this light and at 120Watt it may be able to over across 30-36 inch width SPS tanks whereas I see most people doubling up either radions, kessils or supplementing with T5s. Problem is, aside from a...
  2. MattJS

    North Carolina SOLD

    Orphek Atlantik V4 Gen 1 (Black)- New in box. Everything is still wrapped. I have 2 for sale. Asking $839 each. Buyer pays shipping. One has sold- One Orphek still available. If you have any questions just send me a pm, and I’ll get back to you as quick as I can.
  3. Wen

    Florida Orphek PR72 pendant

    I was saving this for a future frag tank that’s not going to happen, so hopefully someone can use it. It ran on DT for 2-3 years between 2 Atlantics on my 150. Worked great when I boxed it up. Plugged it in today and looks the same. Very bright. Google Orphek pr72 for specific details. Look...
  4. AquaNerd

    Orphek Atlantik V4 Gen 2 fully reviewed by Danireef

    https://aquanerd.com/2019/03/atlantik-v4-gen2-fully-reviewed-by-danireef.html Learn more about the specs and features of the Orphek Gen 2 fixture by clicking the link above.
  5. jschultzbass

    Minnesota SOLD - Orphek Atlantik V4 G2

    I have 3 Orphek V4 Gen2 for sale That are new in box. I use Orpheks right now over my 130 gallon SPS tank and absolutely love them and was going to convert my 300 gallon tank to a SPS tank but decided to keep it a softie and angel tank so don't need this powerful of a light. I took one out of...
  6. K

    Orphek Bar on ATI Fixture

    Hello folks! I hope you all had a great Xmas! I have a question that I'd like to ask you, perhaps you have some experience with this... I have an ATI Sunpower 60" fixture which has 6 bulbs of 80w each over my 72" wide tank. I recently bought an Oprhek LED Bar for some color pop, it's the...
  7. lbacha

    Lbacha’s 25g Lagoon & 8g Peninsula zoa & SPS garden

    Well I just got a new tank and I’m going to plumb it into my current 8g nano tank build (this is my wife’s tank) I started this thread to focus on this tank and how it will be built out. Some specs Tank: 25g IM nuvo Black Overflow: eclipse M Return: drilled 3/4” lock line (single right now but...
  8. Orphek

    Best LED Lights for Reef Tank 2018-2019 Review

    Best LED Lights for Reef Tank 2018-2019 Review Thanks Ryan Cunningham for making such an awesome review. Ryan has 2 units of Atlantik V4 Gen 2, one unit of Atlantik Compact V4 gen 2 and 2 units of OR120 Bar – Blue Sky Hello my name is Ryan Cunningham and I am a coral addict. I started in the...
  9. Orphek


    ORPHEK CYBER MONDAY DEALS STARTS TODAY! Black Friday is 2 weeks away but we didn’t want you to wait until the day after Thanksgiving for Black Friday deals, so we kicked off the savings a little early. COUNTDOWN: From Saturday, 10th through Friday 30th, Orphek is helping make Christmas happier...
  10. Orphek

    Orphek Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales Event

    ORPHEK BLACK FRIDAY & CYBER MONDAY DEALS STARTS TODAY! Black Friday is 2 weeks away but we didn’t want you to wait until the day after Thanksgiving for Black Friday deals, so we kicked off the savings a little early. COUNTDOWN: From Saturday, 10th through Friday 30th, Orphek is helping make...
  11. Orphek

    Buy Today the NEW Orphek Atlantik V4 GEN 2 !!!

    Atlantik V4 Reef Aquarium LED lighting Orphek Atlantik V4 (Gen 2) Reef Aquarium LED lighting for Optimal Coral Growth and Color What is the price? Atlantik V4 – US899$ Does this price include shipping? Yes – Free shipping worldwide express door to door Do you except PayPal or Credit Card...
  12. AquaNerd

    New From Orphek, Anti-Rust Light Mounting Arm Kit

    http://aquanerd.com/2018/10/new-from-orphek-anti-rust-light-mounting-arm-kit.html Learn more by visiting the AquaNerd link.
  13. Scurvy

    Scurvy’s Mad Wrasse 110

    Well here we go again! Tired of keeping up with multiple tanks to feed the addiction so we have shut down the Reefer 250 and in its place will go a 48”x24”x22” Starphire CDAquarium. Per the title there will be many a wrasse swimming around here soon, At least 10... Additional systems will be...
  14. Orphek

    Lighting the Reef Aquarium By Dana Riddle

    We invite you all to talk about LIGHT. Come share your knowledge, your thoughts and experience with us! original source link : https://orphek.com/lighting-the-reef-aquarium/ By Dana Riddle There are many aspects involved in successfully husbandry of a reef aquarium, not the least of which is...
  15. gdemos

    Rhode Island (2) Orphek Atlantik V4 Compacts Gen 2 + Gateway

    $1,350.00 Bought New in March 2018, installed May 2018. Perfect condition, Everything works, selling because i'm going for a different look. highly prefer to sell pair. When first installed i had issues connecting to lights & wifi. Sorted issues with Orphek and everything is 100%. Thanks...
  16. Reef Breeders

    LumenBar Color Now In Stock!

    Hey Everyone, The new LumenBar Color is in stock and ready to ship! Get yours now! https://www.reefbreeders.com/product-category/lumenbar-color/ These are Photon V2 and ATI Sunpower ready. The Colors: HO (High Octane) Actinic– Mix of 420nm and 405nm violet, and 380nm UV- guaranteed to...
  17. AquaNerd

    Orphek OR 120 Bar LED Bars at EasternMarine Aquariums

    Click the link to read about it. http://aquanerd.com/2018/07/orphek-or-120-bar-led-bars-at-easternmarine-aquariums.html
  18. pluikens

    Orphek Custom LED Combination

    I'm working with @James Emory (I believe) to pick out a custom arrangement of LEDs for two of their Orphek )R 120 light bars. I'm looking for something around the 25K look, the light bars will be over my frag tank and the health of the corals is very important. Each light bar has 36 - 3 watt...
  19. AquaNerd

    Nausiccaá Public Aquarium Photos with Orphek LED Lighting

    Who wants to go to France? http://aquanerd.com/2018/06/nausiccaa-public-aquarium-photos-with-orphek-led-lighting.html
  20. AquaNerd

    NAUSTICAÁ Grand Opening Tomorrow - Europes Largest Aquarium

    http://aquanerd.com/2018/05/orphek-scores-big-with-nausticaa-europes-largest-tank-in-a-public-aquarium.html Time for a visit? Who's in?
  21. Orphek

    Buy Today! THE NEW Orphek OR 120/ 90 /60 - Bars LED Lights

    Orphek OR series are the coolest LED Lighting Bars for aquariums. For optimal SPS/LPS coral growth, color and illumination, replacing T5/T8 lighting technology for aquariums. Hey guys. Just thought I would send you thru a photo of our australian coral import using your lighting - our corals...
  22. Orphek

    Orphek Atlantik LED Aquarium Lighting Photos

    Hello Orphek Clients/Atlantik Lovers! We want to show/see your tanks here at Reef2reef! Therefore we are inviting all of you having Orphek Atlantik lights above your tanks to share photos of your aquariums with us. We will publish them here in this thread. Today we are sharing photos and...
  23. Elder1945

    [sponsored] Project 70 by Elder1945 75g

    Here we are again with a new build for my new Elos 70. This will be in my basement with my main display (https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/sponsored-project-reef-by-elder1945-200g.291796/) This will be a fun and exciting build so join along for another fun filled build. So much more to do...
  24. AquaNerd

    Orphek lunching new line of OR LED Light Bars

  25. AquaNerd

    Meet the New Ocean Reef LED Fixture from Orphek

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