orphek atlantik v4 compact

  1. Orphek

    Atlantik Compact V4 Gen2 2020 video review testing by BRS

    Find out how many units you need to cover your tank and how to set the Atlantik V4 Compact Gen 2 for best performance according to Bulk Reef Supply This last week Orphek Atlantik V4 Compact Gen2 featured in the BRStv Investigates video series, which is according to them, “an ongoing...
  2. bckey

    Texas Kessil A360x's, Spectral Controller X, Orphek Atlantic V4 gen2 compact

    Everything is sold. Thanks! I have an Orphek Atlantic V4 gen 2 compact with gateway 2 for sale @ $650 shipped (SOLD) *UPDATE* All Kessil lights and controller sold. I have 3 kessil A360X's for sale @$375 each shipped (firm) (SOLD) I also have a kessil controller x for sale @ $85...
  3. gilman

    Build Thread 40 breeder build .

    So after taking a few years off from the hobby Ive decided to jump back in . This time around Im going small and building a 40 breeder mixed reef . Im going all out on this one and starting with everything brand new . The tank is a standard aqueon 40b I drilled for a eshoppes M internal...
  4. M

    New lightning

    hey friends i am setting a red sea reefer 750 xxl i always used t5 hybrid but i hearing good results with led only for full sps tank any help what brank should i go i was thinking 4 radions 30 gen 4 or 3 orphtek Atlantic 4. any one have experience and what is the best i go ?
  5. Robthorn

    Florida 2 Orphek Atlantik v4 Compact led lights

    I bought 2 of these to see how they look. I compared 1 of them against the radion gen4 that I already have. Question was to stick with radion or change over to the Orphek. They are close enough in appearance that I don't see a reason to change out the 5 I currently had running but not close...
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