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orphek atlantik

  1. NoFoolin

    Orphek Atlantik v4

    I have (3) Orphek Atlantik v4 lights lined up in a row on a 180 gal (6'x2'x2') tank about 16" above the water. It is a mixed reef tank and I have been using the default "coral color growth" program thinking that I couldn't go wrong with manufacturer recommendations. However, after a 3 to 4...
  2. Orphek

    Orphek Atlantik Reef Aquarium LED Lighting - 2020

    One of the greatest pleasures of our company is the fact that Orphek staff is in close contact with its clients. That gives us the opportunity to follow and share the development of our client’s corals over the years. We would like to invite you this thread to participate with your Orphek...
  3. J

    Orpheks v2.1 for trade or sale

    Have 2 units available both work and grow coral great you just need an android device to control them. Looking for kessil a360s or xr30s. Will accept other offers as far as lighting. I would like 300 each unit if I sold for cash.
  4. Beats001

    Orphek atlantic v2.1 b Any users? Recommended intensity etc

    Hi all, I purchased a 2nd hand Orphek Atlantic v2.1 b fixture, I am experimenting a bit with the intensity of the 4 channels. When I Google for information on what other people are running at, I have found little information, so trying to get a thread going here specifically for this light. I...
  5. Mortie31

    Please explain how to setup clouds feature

    Hello I can program my V4’s and I use a custom program, but for the life of me I can’t get the clouds to work, I go into the page set the time for heavy clouds in my case 15:00 on 21:00 off press the ON button and send, and I never see clouds or ny change even if I wait a few days. If I then go...
  6. lbacha

    Build Thread Lbacha’s 25g Lagoon & 8g Peninsula zoa & SPS garden

    Well I just got a new tank and I’m going to plumb it into my current 8g nano tank build (this is my wife’s tank) I started this thread to focus on this tank and how it will be built out. Some specs Tank: 25g IM nuvo Black Overflow: eclipse M Return: drilled 3/4” lock line (single right now but...
  7. bckey

    Orphek v4 compact and AI light mount

    Has anyone tried mounting the orphek atlantik v4 compact using the aqua illumination light mounting system. I want to order the orphek while it is onsale but hanging it or mounting with arms from the back glass of the aquarium are out. That is why this particular option looks appealing. If...
  8. AquaNerd

    New From Orphek, Anti-Rust Light Mounting Arm Kit

    http://aquanerd.com/2018/10/new-from-orphek-anti-rust-light-mounting-arm-kit.html Learn more by visiting the AquaNerd link.
  9. Mortie31

    New V4’s added to my old V2.1s

    Hi all I’ve just added 2 new V4’s to my system, eventually I will replace the V2.1s with 4’s but they still have a few years life in them yet. The PAR is now incredible I’m getting 250 on the sand bed and 500 on the upper corals... and I’m only running the V4’s at 50% on all 4 channels the 2.1s...
  10. Az reefer

    Can't decide Orphek or Radion/T5

    Please help!!! I cant decide between 2 Atlantik V4 Orphek lights or 3 gen4 pros with a coralife t5. This is going to kight an sps dominant 165gallon tank. 72wide 20 deep 26 tall. Opinions and comparisons would help out alot. I like the idea of the radions programming and the t5, I have also seen...
  11. Orphek

    Orphek Atlantik LED Aquarium Lighting Photos

    Hello Orphek Clients/Atlantik Lovers! We want to show/see your tanks here at Reef2reef! Therefore we are inviting all of you having Orphek Atlantik lights above your tanks to share photos of your aquariums with us. We will publish them here in this thread. Today we are sharing photos and...
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