1. M

    Dino action plan

    Hi guys I got my first 200 liter marine tank running for 3 months now. Parameters: Kh: 7.8 No3: < 1 Po4: 0.04 Mg: 1380 Cal: 460 Temp: 25.2 °C Lightning shedule (Red Sea Led 90): Blue: 9:30 - 22:00 80% (ramps up and down) White: 9:30 - 22:00 25% (ramps up and down) Equipment: Tunze macro...
  2. Salty Hippo

    Dino id

    Are these Dinos? If so what kind are they? What is the best course of action to eradicate them? Thank you.
  3. Macreefs

    Ostreopsis Dinoflagellates and TM All-for-Reef

    Hey all! I am currently battling Ostreopsis dinos that seem resistant to UV. Ive beat them in the past in this same tank with this same UV but this time around the difference is that I am dosing all for reef. I know in the wild that dinos feed off of free iron and that AFR has iron in it and...
  4. L

    Ostreopsis and high nutrients

    Hello everybody Curretly i have a problem with ostreopsis, i bought a uv sterelizer and the ostreopsis was reduced currentrly i only can se the ostreopsis in the sand And i cant eliminate it. My nitrates are around 100 ppm and phosphates in .21 ppm. do you have some recomendation? My chaeto...
  5. L

    Ostreopsis, uv & high nitrates

    Hello!!! im trying reduce nitrates in my tank because it are between 50-100 ppm. i stoped to use carbon dosing because i had a bloom of ostreopsis, currently i Have controlled the ostreopsis with a uv Lamp but i can see some in the aragonite. My algae scrubber doesent wroug and my...
  6. mcarroll

    Dinoflagellates – Are You Tired Of Battling Altogether?

    I don't know what percentage of folks had luck battling dinos with any of the methods in the old Dino thread but it's obviously a very low percentage, so I'd like refresh folks on the natural alternatives and lay out three areas of info: some of the factors that contribute to a dino outbreak...
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