1. L

    Ostreopsis and high nutrients

    Hello everybody Curretly i have a problem with ostreopsis, i bought a uv sterelizer and the ostreopsis was reduced currentrly i only can se the ostreopsis in the sand And i cant eliminate it. My nitrates are around 100 ppm and phosphates in .21 ppm. do you have some recomendation? My chaeto...
  2. L

    Ostreopsis, uv & high nitrates

    Hello!!! im trying reduce nitrates in my tank because it are between 50-100 ppm. i stoped to use carbon dosing because i had a bloom of ostreopsis, currently i Have controlled the ostreopsis with a uv Lamp but i can see some in the aragonite. My algae scrubber doesent wroug and my...
  3. mcarroll

    Dinoflagellates – Are You Tired Of Battling Altogether?

    I don't know what percentage of folks had luck battling dinos with any of the methods in the old Dino thread but it's obviously a very low percentage, so I'd like refresh folks on the natural alternatives and lay out three areas of info: some of the factors that contribute to a dino outbreak...
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