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  1. Joe Knows Reefs

    Fresh Friday Eve WYSIWYG Just Posted Up at JoeKnowsReefs.com

    WHEW what a week!? We're glad the weekend is near. College football and some much needed rest is on tap for the weekend...our favorite time of the year! We just posted up some choice frags including some nice zoas, LPS and more anemones. CLICK HERE TO VIEW NEW ARRIVALS A few...
  2. BighohoReef

    Zoanthid ID'ing - R2R Database

    Folks there is great DB on here for Zoanthids. Wondering how we can keep this at the top for people to see it, Keep it updated an keep it safe :) https://www.reef2reef.com/showcase/categories/zoanthids-jps-database.3/ Keeping R2R up to date one thread at a time :)
  3. minnowme

    Texas WYSIWYG Collector Zoas/Palythoas

    WYSIWYG zoa and palythoa pack. Shipping FedEx Priority Overnight for Next Day Delivery by 10:00 a.m. (with the exception of some rural addresses deliver 12:00 p.m.) Everything is packaged in temperature controlled polar-tech shipping containers. You’re looking at zoas and palys which I fragged...
  4. Rifts2Reefs

    Palythoa and Zoanthid IDs

    Brand new to the forum, as well as still new to the reefing scene (2 years now). Will be using this thread to post some of the more interesting looking Palys and Zoas I find, which I can't positively ID to anything else I've seen so far. Here's a few to start it off. Picked up these up from an...
  5. YourReef

    YR 15 Year Anniversary LIVE SALE- Saturday July 20th- 10am-2pm pacific

    Join us on Reef2Reef Saturday July 20th for our YR 15 Year Anniversary Live Sale from 10am-2pm pacific/ 1pm-5pm eastern. 700+ corals, giveaways & huge discounts on WYSIWYG frags! Purchasing Guidelines (How the sale works)- We will be posting corals in our Live Sale thread on...
  6. YourReef

    YR St Patrick's Day LIVE SALE- Saturday March 16th, 11am-3pm (pst)

    Join us on Reef2Reef Saturday March 16th for our 2nd Annual YR Reef St. Patrick’s Day Live Sale from 11am-3pm pacific/ 2pm-6pm eastern. 600+ corals, giveaways & huge discounts on WYSIWYG frags! Purchasing Guidelines (How the sale works)- We will be posting corals in our Live Sale...
  7. YourReef

    YR Reef Bowl 2019 LIVE SALE- Sat. Feb 2nd, Kickoff Time-10AM (pacific)

    Join us on Reef2Reef Saturday February 2nd for our YR Reef Bowl 2019 Live Sale (2nd Annual). Kickoff Time is at 10:00am (pacific)/ 1:00pm (eastern). Over 700 amazing corals & many frags priced at $10 and under! Purchasing Guidelines (How the sale works)- We will be posting corals in our Live...
  8. pic of some kind of zoa/paly

    pic of some kind of zoa/paly

  9. ChaosAquaculture

    Chaos Aquaculture Auction Announcement - Thursday, Nov 8th

    Thursday Auctions are posted on our Facebook Group Page, Chaos Aquaculture Frag Auction & Sales Group. Make sure to request to join today so you can submit your bids on time. Auction Items for Thursday, Nov. 8th Auctions begin ending at 8:00PM EST Chaos Aquaculture #1 Coral Name - Rainbow...
  10. KingReef16

    Mind-blowing Palys dying in QT?

    To all the experienced reefers out there - I am in need of your guidance! Totally new to all this. I set up a very basic QT for my corals about 6 weeks ago and have my first set of frags in x 5.5 weeks. The frags are mostly zoas, plus one spearmint stylo, and a CB mind blowing paly. All have...
  11. Cherry Bomb

    Shot in the eye with Paly juices :/

    The one time I didn’t wear my freakin glasses! Those things have amazing aim. Right in the eye with a good amount of juice. ;Blackeye Ripped of my gloves and ran for the sink where I flushed my eye out by hand with tap water. Was experiencing some mild stinging and eye lid twitching. Stinging...
  12. LanM

    New York Buffalo NY:$250 for 19 frags, +Rock Flower Anemone, small BTA.

    Hello guys/gals, $250 gets all 19 frags and the BTA and rock flower nem. I can also include an emerald crab or two, and the frag stand shown. I initially paid about 700 for all of this plus 6 additional frags not included as they are gone (I know, massive markup in the coral world). Due to...
  13. Robink

    Tennessee Have some frags to go... Local pickup.

    Trying to make some room in the tank, so I have some frags for sale. Multiple frags of Mohawks $5-$10 (anywhere from 5-10+ polyps per frag) WWC Heartbreaker Acro $30 PC Rainbow Acro $30 Vivid's Rainbow Acro $30 Joe the Coral Acro $30 RR USA Crazy T Monti $100 PM for more info.
  14. My120gmixed

    Palythoa acting weird!

    I have two large colonies of palys along with other developing clusters. Yesterday I fed them all a sizable portion of meaty food. I know palys don’t need food but I like to feed coral every once in a while to promote growth. Today, I noticed one of the palys in my largest colony wasn’t fully...
  15. Treasure Coast

    Pandora Palys, Zoa, Disc

    SOLD: Pandora Palys Zoas, natural growth, no cuts. I made the frag by laying the disc next to the mother colony. Disc is 3" wide. Will ship it overnight via USPS Flat Rate. Local pick-up welcome in Martin County FL (34996). Around 25 + polyps, they grow fast and get large. Price is $75 + $25...
  16. lReef lKeeper

    Zs and Ps, a few LPS, a couple SPS ... not frags

    I have the following for sale. I'd prefer to do a single package deal, but willing to separate and ship at buyers expense. If you don't see a pic or want a specific pic of a coral, just ask. PM is going to be key, so i can keep better track of what is going out and to who it's going to. All...
  17. YourReef

    YR Fall Live Sale- September 30th 1pm-6pm (pacific time)

    Join us on Reef2Reef Saturday September 30th from 1pm-6pm (pacific time) for our YR Fall Live Sale. Over 700+ WYSIWYG frags including $1-$10 frag specials, a free frag for everyone that orders & prizes/giveaways!
  18. WallyB

    Build Thread 90 Gallon Mixed/LPS Tank (15 year Journey to ★Success★) [Every Accident/Disaster/Problem]

    It took me 15 years to put together this Tank Thread. This tank has many hair raising stories over it's lifetime. Many lessons learned. I have had many of the Reef Classic: Accidents/Events/ and Setbacks: -> Had a Massive Macro Algae Spore Explosion ( Algae went "Go sexual" and ->...
  19. YourReef

    WYSIWYG Clearance- Price drop on over 300+ corals!

    WYSIWYG Clearance! Free Shipping – All orders at/over $149.99 qualify for free shipping. Anything under $149.99 will be charged the Overnight Shipping fee of $39.99. Discounted CA Shipping rates are available- see our delivery information page for more info-...
  20. Reefiness

    Bunch of Large frags/mini colonies of utter chaos for sale!

    Hello all, been growing these frags out for some time now. Listed at less than $10pp. If I remember the counts correctly these 5 pieces have from front to back of image 1 (18p, 19p, 21p), and both frags in image 2 have 22p Looking for: 18p - $165 19p - (SOLD) 21p - $185 22p - (SOLD) 22p -...
  21. Pieces of the Ocean

    Collectors zoa pack 4 for $79

    Click image for details:
  22. YourReef

    YR Summer Fun Live Sale- June 3rd 1-7pm (pacific time)

    Join us this Saturday June 3rd from 1-7pm (pacific time) for our Summer Fun Live Sale. Over 500 WYSIWYG frags including $1-$10 Frag Specials & awesome giveaways! Teaser photos & more info to follow. :)
  23. ahiggins

    Bam bam zoas for sale

    Im not sure if anyone here would be interested but I need to trim my bam bams and was wondering if anyone would like to buy a frag. I will probably make 3-4 frags of maybe 10-15 polyps each (Ill update with some pics after fragging). Asking $30 for a frag. Located in Wickliffe-willing to meet...
  24. Rhaegar

    Where can I get bright colorful zoas/palys?

    I live in Austin, TX and have found some really good zoa/palys, but at the moment it seems like I have seen what Austin can offer. At least from the few LFS and a few local hobbyist I have met. Im looking for bright colorful zoas/palys in the Texas area. I would prefer to pick up but if you have...
  25. YourReef

    Cyber Monday- On Now!