1. L

    Build Thread Waterbox Peninsula 160G

    Here’s some early pictures of my Waterbox Peninsula 160G. It’s about 6 months old now, dark rocks growing coralline algae. I’ll post some under the stand and updated display pictures tomorrow.
  2. D

    Build Thread Peninsula 38 gallon AIO (Zeovit system) 17/08/2023

    Tank Fiji Cube 38 gallon peninsula Fiji white stand Lighting 2 hydras 26 (saxbys schedule) Temperature Eheim 100w Heater Flow Sicce Syncra Silent 1.5 Pump IceCap 4k gyre Control Neptune Apex pro Apex DOS Auto top off Magtool optical sensor ATO Filtration Looking for...
  3. T

    Build Thread CADE 1200 Peninsula

    Starting a new Cade 1200 Peninsula. I have been reefing for over three years now and think I'm ready to start a new build. My 75 gallon has had a lot of success and a lot of failure. I have learned a lot from that tank (which is still running), and plan on incorporating a lot of the things I did...
  4. C

    Waterbox 4820 Acrylic Canopy

    I’ve just ordered a Waterbox Peninsula 4820! While awaiting arrival, I’m going through the planning stages and I would really like to have some type of canopy. My thought is to try using some black opaque acrylic sheets and gluing them together into 3 pieces so that it will slide on and off of...
  5. DarfrogDojo

    Large Build DFD’s IM 200g peninsula

    Hi All, My Innovative Marine 200 EXT peninsula arrived today. She sure is beautiful! I ordered it back in February, so it’s been about five months. Everything looks intact. However, the driver could not wait for me to inspect the load. I have not been able to thoroughly inspect everything yet...
  6. Wen

    Florida Sumps Drygoods Glass Sump Peninsula Configuration 50-75gal $750

    Custom TankMe USA Glass Sump This was made for and ran 2 years on a 270-gal peninsula tank. Great sump, just wanted to go bigger! Very high quality and the chamber layout offers many options. I had it set for: socks, cryptic zone, large lit fuge on the end, species specific chamber, and...
  7. Y

    What set of lights for 150x70x60 tank?

    Want to purchase a 150x75x60cm tank (LxWxH) and not sure to go with 2 Red Sea 160s or 3 Red Sea 90s. Which would be more optimal for coverage, plans are to run some soft coral mainly with a few sps corals
  8. reefadam

    Build Thread Reefer 350 Peninsula (73gal) began 4/13/23

    I have not had a personal tank set up at my house for the past couple years after a catastrophe claimed my 300 gallon (3 day power shutdown over high winds, while out of town and no cell service, luckily my brother was able to rescue a lot of the livestock). However, with the recent birth of my...
  9. T

    Neptune Skys vs. Radion XR30 G6

    Setting up a new Cade 1200 Peninsula tank and I'm trying to decide on new lights for the system. Right now I'm stuck between two Neptune sky's or two Radion xr30 G6 Pros. BRS is having a sale for 10% off either light. Radions are a little less than 100 dollars more per fixture than the Skys. I...
  10. Sandeep1920

    New Jersey Aquariums Drygoods SOLD Waterbox peninsula 5526 ($1800) obo

    Hello friends I am planning to upgrade to bigger tank and want to sell my waterbox peninsula 5526 Tank-stand-sump-all plumbing only No shipping/pick up only Edison NJ Waterbox 5526 Link below
  11. Cyndi

    AIO Build New Eshopps Deskmate Florida 9g peninsula

    Super excited after my obsession with the original Deskmate pico that I own to get started on the new Florida model!!! It’s a 9g peninsula with euro brace. Comes with a Sicce Micra and a sock. -Using the Sicce Jolly heater. -Dual flow orange RFG f/VCA ordered -Eshopps Nano skimmer -Black rock...
  12. Nsakis1

    Build Thread 125 Peninsula build

    Alright here we go! I look forward to posting more but we are in the middle of a move and if I don’t do it now, I never will This house was built in 1972. The couple who built it really appreciated antique items and collected many things throughout the house from the 1900s. All of the stair...
  13. S

    New Jersey New York Aquariums Drygoods Innovative Marine fusion 20 peninsula tank BRAND NEW NEVER OPENED

    this is a brand new fusion 20 peninsula never opened pick up only in Poughkeepsie NY 12603. Sells for $399 online I will let it go for$325
  14. officialreefbros

    New Redsea peninsulas vs Waterbox updates

    What's everyone's thoughts one the new redsea peninsula? It looks great and love the hidden feet, but seems weird they got rid of the above sump ATO reservoir. I'm sure it's to accommodate their filter roller and skimmer sticking out above the sump, but they don't seem to have much room for an...
  15. reacclimating 2 the hobby

    Build Thread fourth times a charm?? RS Max Nano Peninsula 25

    Hey all, I'm back for more punishment and maybe some enjoyment this time. I've really strived in the past with smaller tanks and I'm hoping that continues for me here. I've had 180g tanks, 20g tanks and everything in between. My last experience with winning the RS 525XL on here was not...
  16. F

    Build Thread Big Peninsula in the high desert - Cade 1800 S2/P!

    Big things are happening! My ultimate end goal with this tank is an SPS dominate mixed reef that’s as stable, automated, and low maintenance as possible. Easier said than done, certainly. The tank Has arrived! Now to sort out a way to get in place and on the stand……
  17. Hardy_Reef

    Build Thread Cade 1500 S2/P Build

    This thread will hopefully detail the progression of upgrading from my 4ish year old Red Sea Reefer 350 to a Cade 1500 peninsula. I didn't want to have to start out this build with negativity, but here it goes, the purchasing/shipping process of this Cade peninsula has been the worst I've ever...
  18. Y

    Hello Nano Reef - Fiji Cube 38g AIO Peninsula

    Hi Everyone. I have been in the hobby two years now and this would be my second tank. Tank is 38g AIO from Fiji Cube Fiji cube NSK-50 protein skimmer Aqueon 100W heater Sicce syncra silent 1.5 return pump MagTool Slimpro 6000 wavemaker Lighting is from Current USA Orbit Marine LED with...
  19. Byrongw

    Build Thread Waterbox Cube 25 Peninsula

    Hello all, I've just set up my Waterbox 25 a few days ago and have been rolling along with a fishless cycle using Dr. Tim's arsenal of bacteria and ammonia. I've kept aquariums before but this is my first nano reef tank. Because I'm in the last couple years of grad school and anticipate at...
  20. dabroli

    Nano Build 26 gallon Red Sea MAX nano peninsula, Caribbean build

    My local fish store had the desktop version of the aquarium for sale at a cheap $350 so I couldn’t resist. Unfortunately had to source some of the parts online to match the actual full package that’s been sold out everywhere. As I wait for all the parts to come in I’ll start a build thread and...
  21. LEOreefer

    New dream build floor support question

    Good evening all! after some time away (2 years) and a move to a different state I’m gearing up to build my dream build in my new construction home! I won’t be starting a build thread just yet but want to get some opinions. Attached is the floor plan for both the crawl space and the main level...
  22. IceRain29

    Aquariums Package Deal Drygoods Miracle Custom 450 Gallon Peninsula Tank with Starphire Low Iron Ultra Clear Glass, $6500 Shipped lower 48 States. free Sump/Plumbing.

    Build Thread is here:’s-450-gallon-peninsula-sps-dominated-tank-build.507250/ Price is $6500 USD including shipping to the depot of your city or dropped it on the curbside (depends on where you live) West states might need to pay a little bit extra in...
  23. tjclapp

    Florida Aquariums Sumps Drygoods WaterBox Peninsula 5526 172 Gallon Reef Tank, Custom 30 Gallon Split Dual Drilled Acrylic Tank, 57 Gallon Deep Blue Tank

    Waterbox 5526 Peninsula 172 Gallon Rimless Reef. Comes with return pump, all waterbox plumbing, stand, and sump. The tank is missing 2 doors (had one side against a wall instead of set up as a peninsula and lost the 2 doors in the process of moving) and you will need the o-ring kit from...
  24. OldRed1

    Build Thread Macro Algae & Corals 25 Gallon Peninsula

    Hey everyone! My name is Galen. Thanks for stopping by my build thread. First time Reefer here, so please feel free to offer your thoughts, comments, critiques, etc. **Current Tank & Critter Shots** This is my first reef tank, a 25g Waterbox Peninsula AIO. A complete build list can...
  25. A4goulet

    Florida Aquariums Drygoods Waterbox 7226 Peninsula 210 Gallon

    Waterbox 7226 Peninsula 210 Gallon rimless. Tank is EMPTY. NO LIVESTOCK. Comes with the original white Waterbox stand, sump and ATO reservoir and required plumbing for operation. HPDE/Starboard bottom 72" long x 26" wide. I recently moved and the new house doesn't have room for a Peninsula...