ph control

  1. M

    Does the pH probe need to be from the controller manufacturer?

    I have a Kore 7th with a KHLab for automatic Alkalinity test with pH probes. The manual says A single pH probe from Pacific Sun is 90€ ($109 + shipping); they use BNC connectors. At that price, I can get two Milwaukee SE220 Lab Grade Double Junction pH Probe, with free shipping. Is there a...
  2. KGV

    Kalkwasser stirrer: How to make it drip evenly?

    I have a Deltec Kalkwasser stirrer, and frankly the design is pretty much the same as most Kalkwasser stirrers out there. I feed it with a dosing pump, about 200 ml per hour. The problem is that the water level rises inside the Kalkwasser reservoir and suddenly squirts out several ml at the...
  3. Neil Fox

    Different take on a CO2 scrubber for your tank.

    So I have been reading about CO2 scrubbers and since I use them in the course of my work, I thought I would make a few improvements on the current design and document them here. This time of year, people are indoors more and this can have an adverse affect on our water quality. An increase in...
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