Does the pH probe need to be from the controller manufacturer?



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Aug 12, 2019
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I have a Kore 7th with a KHLab for automatic Alkalinity test with pH probes.
The manual says
Use only dedicated Pacific Sun pH probes for these calibrations. If you use probes from another manufacturer, Pacific Sun cannot guarantee the accuracy that measured results will match actual conditions. Typical lifespan for a pH probe in kHLab is about 16-18 months, but this time can be shortened in the case of long-term exposure to seawater. The safe replacement time guaranteeing high accuracy is 12 months.

A single pH probe from Pacific Sun is 90€ ($109 + shipping); they use BNC connectors.
At that price, I can get two Milwaukee SE220 Lab Grade Double Junction pH Probe, with free shipping.

Is there a reason for me to use Pacific Sun pH Probes?
Is possible that they make pH probes that use proprietary signals, so that a probe from another brand won't work?
Or do all pH probes work the same way in terms of how they transmit pH values after calibration?

Thank you very much!
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Jan 15, 2020
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At least regarding the "signal" which is really just a voltage, it works the same for all of these, as well as for several other kinds of probes.

If you can get higher quality for less money, go for it, although some are more fitting than others for continual measurement, but that's best answered by others
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