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  1. T

    Reef pi and Anyleaf PH Module

    I need some help. I purchased an Anyleaf PH module. Wired it up and for some reason Reef pi does not see it. Any help would be awesome. I am sure it is something easy. I am not good at the code. I just need someone to point me in the right direction. thanks...
  2. reef fish

    Florida Aquarium Controller Neptune Apex PM1 and probe

    Brand new Neptune apex pm1 and ph probe $130.00 shipped
  3. Manny’s Reef

    Cannot calibrate my pH prove for GHL.

    Can anyone help? I’ve gone through the manual and YouTube videos. It appears that my GHL is missing the “calibrate option” after selecting pH. Anyone know if there is a new method of calibrating the pH probes? What am I missing?
  4. M

    Does the pH probe need to be from the controller manufacturer?

    I have a Kore 7th with a KHLab for automatic Alkalinity test with pH probes. The manual says A single pH probe from Pacific Sun is 90€ ($109 + shipping); they use BNC connectors. At that price, I can get two Milwaukee SE220 Lab Grade Double Junction pH Probe, with free shipping. Is there a...
  5. W

    Ph probe and Temp link to Easy IOT Cloud

    Ph Temp Probe is used to detect PH and Temperature in a aquarium / fish tank, the code will also create a EasyIoT entry on the cloud. 3D plastic cover decrease the flow of water for more accurate reading. 3D DIY print cover: code...
  6. MJV15

    What’s right, PH probe or redsea PH test?

    So I just got a pinpoint PH probe, I’ve calibrated it 3 time now. It reads 7 and 10 perfectly but I don’t trust it’s reading on my tank water. It says my tank is at 7.8 despite the fact I’m using a recirculating CO2 scrubber. When I use my Red Sea PH test it shows 8.2-8.4 pretty consistently...
  7. Lylelovett

    When to replace a pH sensor?

    Hi all, I've had my GHL Profilux P4 for about 2.5 years. As I understand it, pH sensors last 1-2 years. Is there a way/test to tell if the probe needs to replaced? (Rather than just replacing it outright just because it's 2 years old.) Thanks!
  8. mbertalha

    Apex similar pH probe (made in China) any tips?

    Hey guys has anyone used or indicated any other pH probe for the apex, like those made in China? Here in Brazil the probes are costing 3 times more than in other countries. It's time to exchange my probes and I'm not in the mood to pay $ 300 on a probe. Thanks.
  9. drbogger

    New York Testing BRS Double Junction PH Probe (Brand New, never opened)

    Brand new in box. Bulk Reef Supply DOUBLE JUNCTION LAB GRADE PH PROBE Asking $50 shipped.
  10. Cjshank0

    Maryland Aquarium Controller Apex Temp and PH probes

    Both probes used for about 3 months. Just took off the tank today and immediately stored wet and will ship wet as well. $70
  11. Lennon's Reef

    Calcium reactor issue (pH fluctuation)

    I have an AquaMaxx cTech T-NANO hang-on calcium reactor. I just set it up on my 11-gallon aquarium because I recently got my first stony coral frags and want to start maintaining proper chemistry for these corals. I’m using a Versa peristaltic dosing pump from EcoTech Marine to dose the...
  12. S

    Florida Apex WiFi Gold Brain and Probes

    I have for sale are the probes and the Apex WiFi Brain only. Selling it as a bundle. Pulled from a system but don’t have the caps for probe storage. Probes will probably still be good but can’t guarantee so selling at a low price. $350 shipped for it all
  13. B's Reef


    I have an apex jr that I just pulled off my tank yesterday. It has been running my tank for a couple of years now flawlessly. It comes with the Apex Jr, display module, temp probe, pm1 module, double junction ph probe and wifi adapter for wireless connectivity to fusion. $250 Shipped to lower 48
  14. E

    To get a good ph probe or buy a cheap one and change it every 6-12 months

    Hi, I would like to know if is worth the money getting an expensive ph probe or is better to use a cheap one and change it every 6 - 12 months.
  15. ReefAddiction34

    Help! Problem with pH probe on apex

    So I tried being a responsible reefer today and decided to clean and recalibrate my pH probe. Well afterwards the reading is now significantly off. My pH is usually 7.9-8.1, my pH probe is now reading 7.47. It’s strange because when I have the probe in the different calibrating solutions...
  16. Wrasse-cal

    pH probe variance? How much is normal?

    I have two Neptune double junction pH probes. Both were calibrated at the same time. One probe will go in my calcium reactor, the other in my sump. Right now though, the probes are in the same compartment in my sump, but read different values: 8.18 and 8.30. When I noticed this, I re-calibrated...
  17. A

    Cheap dosing pumps

    While I don't necessarily need a dosing pump for an aquarium, I believe that they could work for my applications. Basically, I have what is called a bioreactor. It is a small beaker where a mixture gets fermented. This bioreactor requires some sort of Ph Control. I've got some Ph Probes with a...
  18. FLSharkvictim

    2016 APEX Classic Controller w/ 2 EnergyBars Incl. Temp & Lab Probe

    Everything is in EXCELLENT condition and works perfectly. Bought it on 12-07-16 from Bulk Reef Supply & have the original receipt which I will send & the original packaging. Best offer is $475.00 for everything below / More Pixs to come. Includes Classic Apex Base Unit Controller 1. Apex...
  19. Premiumaq

    Pinpoint pH Probe Special | Vortech 10-20% OFF

  20. dangros

    What's the proper way to clean a pH probe?

    As the title says: what is the best/fastest way to clean the pH probe without damaging it? I'm currently soaking it in 50/50 rodi/white vinegar for several hours.
  21. J

    Dosing Pumps, Ca Reactor, CO2 Cylinder, PMUP, Ph Probe

    I wanted to run a CO2 reactor on my 20 gallon sps reef, but have decided to stick with two-part instead. I'm selling the reactor, ph probe, and CO2 cylinder from that setup. These are very lightly used--only one month. If you can pick up the CO2 cylinder it is currently full. Otherwise it...
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