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  1. nickdelo18

    2 Cidaroida Urchins 518

    Selling or looking to trade for 2 Cidaroida Urchins. Both are 1 inch body size, with spikes around 3 inches.
  2. D

    California Smart UV Sterilizer 40 Watt - Pentair Aquatics $180 (Pick-up only, Pasadena, CA 91105) - used only 1 month

    For sale: Smart UV Sterilizer 40 Watt - Pentair Aquatics $180 (Pick-up only, Pasadena, CA 91105) - used only 1 month. Used to get rid of my dino problem. No longer needed. Here is the one that I have...
  3. Jonathan veillette

    Massachusetts Custom Frag Tank For Sale. pickup only. MA $750

    Tank is from Advanced Aqrylics. 36" wide. 12" tall. 24" front to back. Tank comes with some plumbing. Tank has some minor scratches like any tank. They can easily be buffed out since this is 1" Aqrylic Custom aluminum Stand. with adjustable feet on the bottom. Spray painted White. with 1/2...
  4. Jonathan veillette

    Massachusetts Custom Frag Tank For Sale. 1k. Pick up only.

    Tank is from advanced acrylics. Tank new was $1500. It's about 2 years old. still in great shape. Tank is made out of 1" acrylic. shipping was $400. due to crate shipping Tank dimensions 10" high. 30" wide and 56" long. stand is all aluminum. stand hight is about 38" with solid 1/2 puece of...
  5. MichiganMarc

    Michigan Tank Breakdown Livestock Sale

    This item is sold. Mods please close this listing. Thank you Marc
  6. docforestal

    Aquariums 190 Gallon aquarium with sump for sale in VT- no longer available

    Selling Terms Of Service: YES I have read the terms and agree to them Hi, I have a Deep Sea Aquatics aquarium 190 Pro (60.5"L x 27.5"W x 27.5"H) with 3 drain/2 return holes) - purchased 12/2014 - used 15 month, then cleaned and stored, minimal scratching, plumbing intact (although might not...
  7. 4

    Pennsylvania Starfire glass 90g cube SCA

    Used 90g cube. 24x24x24 center overflow aquarium from SCA aquarium. Used but like new. Needs cleaned. Pickup only. Heavy. Heavy.
  8. Tired

    Texas Ocean-harvested Tampa Bay live sand, FREE if you come get it. Instant tank cycle! Also, gorilla crabs. (no, seriously)

    I got somewhere in the neighborhood of 12 pounds of live sand from Tampa Bay recently, in early December, and I've decided it's not quite what I'm looking for. It was shipped in water and has gone straight into a tank with light and flow and such, so it should be full of life. I make no...