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Custom Frag Tank For Sale. 1k. Pick up only.

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Jonathan veillette

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Aug 20, 2018
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Chicopee MA
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Tank is from advanced acrylics. Tank new was $1500. It's about 2 years old. still in great shape. Tank is made out of 1" acrylic.
shipping was $400. due to crate shipping

Tank dimensions 10" high. 30" wide and 56" long.

stand is all aluminum. stand hight is about 38" with solid 1/2 puece of wood on top. you can lift it with one arm. Fully adjustable feet. Spray painted white.

This makes for a great Frag Tank set up. it comes with plumbing and Xtra plumbing parts.

some minor scratches. they can easily be buffed out since it's 1" acrylic.

price for everything 1k
rocking horse not included.

pick up only Located in MA. 01020

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