1. SkiCatTX

    SkiCat's Dream Build: [Saving The] Planet 180 - Epic Aquacultured Mixed Reef

    Introduction It has long been a dream of mine to build a larger tank (like no doubt many of us) since I started keeping marine fish a century ago (approximately). After putting it off for far too long, I have finally decided to go all in on a new dream build! As with many things I set my mind...
  2. L

    Help me design my next tank build. 4x2x1.5 high. Heaps of room for all sorts of cool things.

    So I've bit the bullet and am going to be buying a custom made ultraclear rimless 4x2x1.5. Tank builders have lots of access to equipment so I can have notches cut out, holes etc. Currently the plan is to have a large external overflow on the back of the tank, with a large notch cut out of the...
  3. Saltwater Bugs Chaeto in biocube 32 8 days after setup

    Saltwater Bugs Chaeto in biocube 32 8 days after setup

    Bugs in chaeto after 8 days of being set up.
  4. LilElroyJetson

    What Do You Wish You Had Known Before Ordering a Custom Tank??

    Think I’m about ready to pull the trigger on putting my deposit down for my big tank upgrade and I’ve gone back and forth with a couple of configurations whether it be height, width, overflow style, stand considerations, etc. I think I’ve landed on a 48x24x18 (90G) from Reef Savvy. What do you...
  5. RacinJason

    675g Peninsula SPS Dominant Reef

    Hello Everyone I've been reefkeeping for over 20 years now, I've had my fair-share of mishaps (some my fault, some not) but the enjoyment has far outweighed the depression. My family and I moved from California to Texas about a year ago and I setup a 225g sps-reef almost immediately when we...
  6. Fish_Boy_Wonder

    Paludarium work in progress.

    Soooo. Been using some scrap supplies and a random turtle tank I had laying around to do a new project. I build custom bioactive vivariums for tropical reptiles on the side, so I grow most of the plants I use in my green house. I’ve been vending through a buddy’s booth at the reptile shows, so...
  7. YogiReef


    I am looking for a new reef tank but haven't been able to find one online that suits my needs and stays in my budget. I want a peninsula/end flow tank that is glass and rimless. It would be great if it already had AIO filtration like the IM Nuvo tanks do. Here are the requirements...
  8. incloud design

    Learning Basics About My custom LED's (Second Hand)

    Hey Reefers, I've been putting together my Reefer 450 that I bought second hand from someone on Craigslist. It came with a ton of upgrades, custom work, and custom LED's. I just recently got it up and running and built a nice custom floating canopy out of PVC boards and now have the lights that...
  9. shiftline

    ReefDudes 6' Shallow Reef 2.0

    I have had my current 6-foot shallow reef tank setup for about 2.5 years now... and its time for a bit of a do-over... Now i didn't really plan on upgrading or changing my tank as I love it! However, due to a hazy line in the glass, the tank builder was going to replace the tank. I'm sure you...
  10. vinny110

    vinny110-reef 64.2 Gallon Aquamaxx Rimless Tank Build Thread

    Hey Guys, Doing custom build using Aquamaxx Premium Cuboid Low-Iron. Made custom stand out of pine wood, and bought the LR45 sump from windrider creations Here are the specs. Features Low-iron glass Hand crafted quality Individually leak-tested and inspected Polished edges Specifications...
  11. HollaAtChaReefBoy

    HollaAt ChaReefBoy Red Sea Peninsula 650

    Just upgraded from nano tanks to now a big tank. Go big or go home, so I went BIG and I brought it home. Feel free to follow me on this journey as I customize and modify this tank. Feel free to provide feedbacks, I would love to see what you all think.
  12. AshwinRavi

    DIY Led reef lighting

    Has anyone owned a Rapid LED kit ( ) as shown in this picture below, I am curious to know if anyone has PAR measurements for this DIY kit and their experience in owning it.
  13. Mr.Alex

    Nano Zeovit Tanks!

    Hey everyone my name is Alex, I created this thread to show my journey through building my nano zeovit tank. I would also like this to be an open discussion for anyone else with a zeovit system or anyone who is thinking about starting one! This first picture is where i started and the rest...
  14. VelocityTech

    Velocity's 180 Gallon Build; New Tank Upgrade Thread

    This will be my.. second build thread on #Reef2Reef. I will.. as best, explain-kind of where i'm at. *New updates coming
  15. L

    270 gallon DSA custom tank opinion

    Hi I've had a few smaller aquariums before but am looking to build a serious tank between my kitchen and family room. I stumbled across a New custom Deep Sea Aquatic Tank on ebay for $5000 I was curious if that was a decent deal? What have other people paid to have a similar style made...
  16. Greg Miller

    Nano Reef Systems Nano 50 Skimmer

    Nano Reef Systems Nano 50 in sump skimmer for sale $125 (shipping included). This was purchase as a gift in late 2014. It is an American made skimmer sold by Reef Dynamics. It sold for $274.95 new and is equipped with 2 pumps. It is in working order with normal wear and tear.
  17. FLSharkvictim

    Just installed my Apex Classic

    It's up and running, calibrated my PH Probe next will be hooking up my PM2 Module so I can connect my salinity probe. Then install my ALD module / Leak Detector & probes around my sump area. Also, my Amazon Fire tablet has been linked to my Apex and installed it on the front of my Apex...
  18. MarineDepot

    Tank Profile: Mike's 120 Gallon Custom Mixed Reef

    Tank Profile: Mike's 120 Gallon Custom Mixed Reef Check out the animals and equipment that make Mike's tank so special!
  19. D

    Lots of questions???? All help appreciated.

    Ok, so let me start this off on the right foot here. I'm going to be new to the SW side of things and have millions of questions, but there is no way to ask them all now. A little bit about myself before I start asking questions. I have had multiple FW aquariums (from 10gal to 120gal) and am...
  20. DipSpit

    180g (36" x 36" x 32") Cube Project Complete

    It was a heck of a journey - for myself and my girlfriend whom I live with - but the end result was worth it! I was looking to upgrade my 90 gallon tank into something challenging and enjoyable and I ended up finding a great deal on a 180 gallon cube in Mechanicsville, Pa. I currently live in...
  21. Simply__J

    45 gal. Rimless Cube from a 55 gal. Long

    While moving I took the opportunity to trade my almost 3 year old year old 55 gal. for an unfinished 45 gal. rimless cube. I'm very excited to be a part of Clube Cube as my holy grail of tanks is a 90 gal. rimless cube.(I'm half way there) I'll be sharing some of the progress I've made and will...
  22. trevorspencer94

    Has anyone seen any large all in ones?!

    I am looking to create an all in one aquarium, probably out of a 180, 210, 220, 240, or something of the likes (cheaper to start with one of these from CL or something and add a false wall to divide the tank and sump vs building a custom tank all together), and I was curious if anyone has seen...
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