picky eater

  1. jackalexander

    Feeding Copperband butterflyfish

    I recently got this healthy looking copperband butterfly from my LFS. My first attempt at the copperband and I want to try to be successful because it’s a beautiful fish. As suspected it was quite picky at my LFS but to my surprise, it did eat some pieces of mysis. Not enough to stabilize its...
  2. MarineDepot

    5 TIPS For Feeding Picky Fish In Your Tank | A How-To with Hilary: Marine Biologist of WaterLogged

    We all have had those fish who are difficult to please and feed! Join Hilary from WaterLogged in our newest video to learn some tips and techniques on how to get those picky eaters fat and healthy. Get the rundown on feeding picky fish from a seasoned Marine Biologist and head to Marine Depot to...
  3. P

    What can I feed my Blue Spot Toby?

    I got a sweet lil Blue Dot toby/orangetail fiji puffer a while back and he has shown to be quite a picky eater. Doesn't go for pellets or wafers as expected. I purchased a variety of foods from the super market(clams, shrimp, and scallop). He ignored the clam and scallop, but loves the shrimp...
  4. Jordan Wright

    Female Blue Star Leopard Wrasse

    I am thinking about getting a female blue star leopard wrasse from liveaquaria. I have a 55g with about a 2 inch sand bed. On liveaquaria it says that they are expert only, i read that some say that is only because they don’t do well with the shipping process? So if i get one, should i...
  5. jackalexander

    Female Leopard Wrasse

    I was thinking about getting an ornate leopard wrasse for my 55g tank and live aquaria lists them as an EXPERT ONLY fish. Is this true or is there any easy way to get them on frozen meaty foods?
  6. argiBK

    Copperband & Potter's

    Today feels great! After weeks of experimenting with new foods, combinations, timing, delivery. My Copperband and Potter's Angel are eating frozen food! Live blackworms got the Copperband excited for feeding time and Mass Stick on the glass encouraged the Potter's to look at food that wasn't...
  7. DanSavesTheDay

    Any tips on getting LawnMowerBlenny to eat?

    I am adding a chaeto reactor on Friday to help with nutrient control and I am worried it may rid my tank of film and GHA which is the only thing my LMB seems to eat. I am also worried if he only eats mostly film algae he will waste away. What are some solution to get him eating I have tried...
  8. DanSavesTheDay

    Using a chaeto reactor with a lawnmower blenny who is picky eater?

    Hello fellows reefers I will be setting up my chaeto reactor on my 40 gallon this Friday. The reason is I am trying to lower phosphates without using chemicals. I do not overfeed and do a regular water change once a week and even after changing out around 70% moving home I still have some...
  9. Mike N

    Super Picky Valentini

    I am struggling trying to provide a varied diet for my valentini puffer. He doesn't touch flake or pellets. He eats 2-3 mysis/krill TOPS and after that will only accept brine. I purchased selcon and garlic xtreme to soak the food and it has no impact on the amount of mysis/krill he will eat. I...