1. IN8Music

    Pennsylvania SOLD - (2) EcoTech MP40W VorTech's

    Hey R2R, Looking to sell two of my MP40W's because I just recently upgraded to the Quiet Drive. Looking for $430 (includes shipping inside the US). Includes original box if that's your thing. Coming from Pittsburgh, so I can also deliver it if you're in Western PA/OH/WV
  2. AshwinRavi

    Hopefully not a stupid question

    Before I venture out to home depot and start buying things, I wanted to ask here and see if there is a simpler solution to connect from PVC to my return pump. I recently acquired a 75G reef tank pre drilled and plumbed for reef, in an effort to plunge into reef-keeping. All of my experience is...
  3. NathanNarr

    Advice On Purchasing Rock

    Any ideas on who has the best prices on live and dried live rock in the area? Any that can beat the prices on eBay or other online retailers? I am just starting a 60 gallon tank and I'm looking for 80 - 100 lbs. I am thinking of doing mostly dried rock with some "starter" live rock and live...
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