planet aquarium

  1. SCH14

    Missouri Aquariums Drygoods Planet Aquarium 310g 96x30x25

    Selling my 310g Planet Aquarium 96x30x25 Custom ordered almost 1 year ago, has been running for less than 10 months. Comes with stand canopy and icecap 48xl sump, and return pump vectra L2 Local pickup in St. Louis Missouri. Price drop - $3,800
  2. R

    Silicone tear? Planet Aquarium

    Planet Aquarium purchased March 2023. Did the tear have anything to do with the 18x7 inch slot in the cabinet? It’s a Rimless All Glass Tank. Since it doesn’t have any perimeter bracing I’m curious if it’s good company practice to sell this as a combination. I’m waiting for their response. I...
  3. T

    Overflow Piping - from scratch

    My last tank was a waterbox, and came with the appropriate baseline piping for the overflow + return lines. My next tank is a used tank minus the plumbing in these areas (specs are attached). Given I lack any experience in building my own overflow + returns, would anyone here be able to help...
  4. C

    Aquariums Drygoods SOLD Planet Aquariums Tideline 62g Lagoon - SOLD

    I have a brand new Planet Aquariums Tideline 62g AIO Lagoon for sale. It has never had water in it. I bought it new with intentions of setting up a second tank, but have not had the time. It comes with the tank and stand pictured, as well as 2 return pumps and custom media baskets made...
  5. dangles

    Build Thread The "She Said Yes!" 120 Gallon Build

    Most updated tank photo: Keep reading for the details and progression :) For my original Innovative Marine 50 gallon AIO build, click HERE. Details and Process This will serve as my new build thread. It will be slow to get started as I gather all the gear but once Black Friday hits the...
  6. SCH14

    Large Build 310 Gallon Build

    Here is the start to my 310g Planet Aquarium Mixed Reef! Thinking of doing starting a YouTube channel and sharing the journey.
  7. strawberry_reef

    Large Build May The Madness Begin. Again. Planet Aquariums 180 Build!

    At 3:00 AM last Thursday, my wife and I awoke to my tank alarm and the fire alarm going off. My oceanic 150 blew a seam and causing an electrical fire. In my 14 years of being in this hobby, I never thought something like this would happen to me (jokes on me lol). Luckily, there’s no damage to...
  8. Davileet

    OceanVue Pro Glass Sump

    Wanted to post this mostly as a public service anouncement but also to bring some clarity on what its like to deal with Planet Aquariums when an issue arises. And, also just to air a little of my frustration in getting a fair resolution. There was no other reviews I could find on this thing...
  9. Snowxcross

    Build Thread New build - 90g Planet Aquarium rimless

    Hi all! I've done a build thread before but lacked with providing updates, and over time, simply stopped. I've been reefing for quite some time now and over the past 13 years I've learned a lot therefore I decided to invest further into the hobby and level myself up. Ive researched and...
  10. Meista_Flya

    Florida Aquariums Sumps Drygoods 150 Gallon Planet Aquarium Tank with Custom Stand, Canopy and Sump.

    I have decided to part with my FOWLR tank and upgrade to a larger tank more suitable for a mixed reef. Tank, stand, canopy and sump are for sale $1,100. All livestock as shown in pictures have been sold. Pick-up only - will not ship. Tank was bought new in January 2021. - Planet Aquarium MEGA...
  11. CincyReefer07

    Planet Mega Matrix 310g Overflow plumbing

    So I have my Planet Aquariums Mega Matrix 310 with internal center overflow. It did not come with any of the overflow plumbing which has (2) 1-1/2” drains and (2) 3/4” returns. The tank is 25” tall. Are they supposed to come with the internal overflow plumbing or was that an add-on for an extra...
  12. CincyReefer07

    Large Build New 310g Mixed Reef Tank Man Cave Build

    ***11-24-23 updates on page 6*** Well after 7 years of having a 29 gallon and 75 gallon and being in my new home for the last 5 years, I’ve decided to put the finishing touch on my man cave and add a 310 gallon Planet Aquarium reef ready tank in it. I started this project back in mid-late...
  13. ChicagoShoop

    Illinois Indiana Iowa Michigan Wisconsin New Custom Planet Aquarium 240gal- $3000 obo

    I ordered a 240 gal custom planet aquarium through a LFS and had some unexpected financial things come up that will not allow me to start this dream build of mine. The tank is 96"x 24"x 24" and will have 2 external side overflows and a total of 3 drains. The rest of the items that were going to...
  14. Uptown_Reef_Keeper

    Build Thread Uptown Reef: A Planet Aquarium 215 Gallon Mixed Reef

    Uptown Reef is a Planet Aquarium 215-gallon display that has an actual total system volume of 200 gallons. This system was started with a tank transfer from our previous 75 gallon DIY build in July 2020. It's been seeded with live reef rubble. Gear Overview Planet Aquarium 215-gallon display...
  15. Oberst Hajj

    Large Build 270g FOWLR and Fish Room Build (image heavy)

    Hello R2R, I have been reading a lot of threads here on R2R and gathering a lot of info from some of you on the current build I'm working on. So, I thought it only fair that I start a build thread to share my progress and setbacks so that others might learn from it as well. My first saltwater...
  16. HD_Reefer

    Build Thread Planet Aquarium 60X20X21

    Just getting the build thread started, stay tuned for as much detail as I can provide! See below for the build list and links to the supplier where I got each. BTW, I am not sponsored by any of these vendors, just sharing the best option that worked for me. Display: Planet Aquariums...