plate coral

  1. ReefZ1lla84

    Washington Many Corals For Sale...

    Green Splatter Hammer two large head splitting $60 Large Kenya tree frag 4-5" in diameter-$20 Very Bright Green Lepto on 1 1/2" frag disk-$25 3-heads or green and purple Frammer -$45 Green and purple tipped Frammer (4 heads Splitting into 8) $85 Space Invader Pectina 2-3" (3-4 eyes each)...
  2. Reefer37

    Tips on Catching Coral Predators

    So I have had my tank running about a year and half now. I suspect I have a coral eater in my tank. I know it's none of my fish. I have a pair of clowns, a yellow coris wrasse, and a bicolor blenny. My inverts are red legged hermits, one blue legged hermit, astrea, nassarius, trochus snails, and...
  3. ReefZ1lla84

    Washington Euphylia, zoas, monties, plates, torches, and war corals

    Have quite a few frags to clear out of my frag tank. Will ship for $50 or 25$-35$ in Washington state, standard DOA 2 hour proof of death with picture upon arrival -Green and purple frog spawn $15 a head. -green and purple hammers $15 a head. -large Indo green and purple hammer $20 a head...
  4. Insane Plate

    Insane Plate

  5. Oscar’s25Gal

    Bought some corals!

    Hey guys, an update from my yesterday post! Last night I bought some zoas (9 small heads on a separate rock) , a long tentacle plate coral and a frogspawn. After I had dipped them, they didn't all look great but now the plate coral is opening up it's tentacles slowly and the frogspawn too. The...
  6. j.register3

    Fluval EVO 13.5 Gallon: 4 Month Old Showcase

    Just wanted to share some pics of the nano today. Still got some work to do, but at 4 months old & my first saltwater tank, I am very proud! All the fish are happy/healthy & 95% of the corals are thriving. Fighting the last bits of cyano after consistently overdosing Red Sea AB+ for about 2...
  7. Reefer37

    Plate Coral Care

    Hey guys, so I have never owned a plate coral, but a local hobbiest is selling some I couldn't pass up. I could use some advice on lighting, flow, and I've read mixed things on putting on rockwork or in the sand. I prefer in the sandbed, my concern is him getting knocked over or moved by my...
  8. TCK Insane Plate Coral

    TCK Insane Plate Coral

    TCK Insane Plate Coral
  9. ChaosAquaculture

    Website Update

    Attention Attention Attention!!! Several new items added, check it out below... CHECK OUR LATEST ADDITIONS Dont forget about tonights Auction in Official Frags Auction House, theres some killer frags up for grabs! SHOP NOW
  10. Salty_78

    ID this plate

    Can anyone help me ID this plate. If so any information on where to find it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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