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TSA Holy grail, torches, hammers Sps etc

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Dec 22, 2018
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Selling a TSA Holly grail torch with proof of lineage. I have a double head that’s splitting into 4 heads for $500 Shipped.
-Also have hellfire ($100/head)
-New York knicks ($150/head)
-Green/purple frogspawns ($20/head)
-green/purple frammer ($20/head)
-ultra green splatter hammer ($40/head)
-Ultra Indo Green and purple tipped.($100/head)
-Space invader Pectina’s
($50-$70 depending on size.)
-Big R Walt Disney Acro ($85)
-milky stylo (purple) 2-3” ($15)
-ultra green Hydnophora (long polyps)
1-2” ($25)
-ORA Hasking Echinata 1-2” (40)
-German blue digi $(1-3”)($15)
-foest fire digi (1-3”)($25)
-GSP(2x2”) ($20)
-Fire and Ice Favia (2x3”)($20)
-Green (orange mouth) plate corals $(20-35) depending on size.
-Sunrise monti (2-3”)$15
-twizzler zoas ($2/polyp)
-Armor of god Zoas ($3/polyp.)
-Rainbow infusion zoas ($5/polyp)
-Ultra Rainbow nems(2-4”)($75)
-many other corals available for sale If someone wants to make a combo pack. Shipping is $40, free at $350. Minimum of $150 to ship, standard DOA applies, need picture within 2 hours of receiving corals. Will replace coral minus shipping cost if coral is dead upon arrival. Not responsible for shipping delays. Can ship with Fed ex or UPS. Buyers choice. Pm for questions thanks. (PS not sure why the pics have a purple tint to them.) they look much better if you want a photo emailed or text let me know thanks. CF92DE91-2394-4597-9861-25856652F9C9.jpeg 75CD3A62-341F-415E-8CDB-D73E2F40E09E.jpeg 433DEB61-3158-43F8-98FE-F277FEE59B22.jpeg 3EAE5F1C-0FC4-4D37-878A-D67FA7FC60B4.jpeg 7F7D64BF-6547-4E6D-BB77-0CDD81644E43.jpeg 4CF4D1D0-5003-44F0-A6DB-3BFE309F8F8D.jpeg F7DBEBBE-7913-4BA8-8E7B-FFA3AE5A99F5.jpeg FB837B94-C826-4468-BDD1-207F79054409.jpeg 68475AFC-FF04-4607-8460-AC289018F359.jpeg 92F6F821-67F9-4E21-9218-18E4F72B949F.jpeg AECBB1E8-097D-4999-B6B8-6C7C38173116.jpeg 037F732E-9A49-4675-A66A-F2CB85EF45C2.jpeg 973EB976-CE2C-4D6D-B2D1-EA0736014FA5.jpeg 4FA5DB4E-89AB-49D3-A2B1-D81BF4D71DE0.jpeg 1C9E1E4C-1DA3-4826-9B64-C8810CB53640.jpeg 9FDD0E2D-0AAB-43B1-BB85-CD4EFB90F40D.jpeg D1188EE7-9476-49CA-98B8-74971CD64477.jpeg CC7ABA52-6DF7-4FD0-8BE7-6080C195096C.jpeg
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Dec 10, 2019
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Interested in a pack of 2 smaller pectinia, Walt Disney, 2 sunset montis, forest fire digitata, and German blue digitata. Please pm me a quote and preferred payment method. Thanks!
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