Robs Fluval Evo 13.5G.


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Mar 21, 2019
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Hello reefers, I have a Fluval Evo 13.5g mixed reef tank. It is my first saltwater reef tank. My tank is now 6 months old and has undergone a lot of upgrades and changes along the way. It’s a mixed reef so I have softies, lps, and sps. So Fluval is an AIO so it has 3 chambers in the back. The first chamber I have 3 layers filter floss, then chemi-pure nano, followed by purigen. The second chamber I converted to a refugium. Growing chaeto followed by marine pure blocks under that. Third chamber is my return pump which updated to Sicce 1.5, and heater. My newest mod was installing an Ato which greatly helped stabilize my tank parameters, as you all know can fluctuate a lot on a nano tank. I’m running kalkwasser in my Ato, which is a very new topic for me.
Light - AI Prime HD
Return pump - Sicce 1.5
Fuge light - Innovative Refugium Light
Heater - Fluval 50w
ATO - Smart Micro.
Here are some pics of the system at various times and the progress I have made. In order from beginning to where I currently am on the tank.

973AEE81-92BA-4C94-BCE5-091ED113296D.jpeg 7085018D-1A5B-40BF-92AE-5B0C263B5790.jpeg 786801CC-8551-4158-94E8-E16680EAB21C.jpeg 3152470F-F0A2-41C0-81DC-6DE16CBBBC99.jpeg 9258C148-74D9-4855-A892-72D8823A3497.jpeg C806F631-D73C-49EE-A92F-D0BF92994260.jpeg CE867061-B5BD-4351-A12A-EBF473A92613.jpeg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg 522BE137-4784-4EAF-A38B-AAAC842F370B.jpeg 6ACD7082-6B1E-4168-B520-F71105D402EF.jpeg
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