fluval 13.5

  1. CoreyT355

    Getting a nano started, looking for advice

    Hello, Long time lurker here. I've had freshwater tanks in the past, and helped take care of a couple reefs and salt tanks as well.Never my own though. As the title says I am setting up a Fluval Evo 13.5, and I am looking for a little advice on sand, rock, and stocking it. Below is what I...
  2. C

    Nano Build College Nano Reef

    Figured I should probably start a build thread, only about 2 months late. This tank is a Fluval evo 13.5g Current stocking list CUC Trochus Snail x1 | 6/17 Cerith Snail x11| 6/17 Nassarius Snail x3| 6/17 Hermits x3| 6/17 Corals Hammer | 6/27 Green Toadstool Leather | 6/27 Pulsing Xenia |...
  3. Petrichor

    Is this aggression normal (cardinalfish vs wrasse)?

    Hey all, I'm not sure if my fish are having aggression issues or if this is normal behaviour. Any advice is appreciated! I recently downsized from a 24g to a Fluval 13.5. In it I have plenty of live rock with many crevices, tunnels, and hideyholes, my corals (mostly small except for a "large"...
  4. E_Galicia

    Hanna Test Kit (1st Results)

    I finally pulled the trigger and bought myself a Hanna test kit (Salinity, PH, Nitrate, Phosphate, Calcium, Alk). I must say, overall, I am pleased with how accurate and easy these little guys are to use. However...(BIG HOWEVER)...the nitrate test had me having flashbacks to high school biology...
  5. D

    Fluval Sea Evo 52L (13.5G) Stocking

    Hi all, I’m currently cycling a fluval sea evo 13.5 and and trying to figure out stocking for this little tank. (Just a note, I’m new to saltwater fish keeping) My thoughts on stocking so far are: - A single Occ/Perc Clownfish - A Royal Blue Damsel (Chrysiptera Springeri) - A Purple Firefish...
  6. ewoolpert

    Evo 13.5 updated stock to marine 3.0

    Was sick of the levels of white of the stock light. Wanted to keep the hood so I updated to the fluval marine 3.0. The fit is great but I am not 100% sure on pro settings. Any recommendations? Post your marine 3.0 settings below.
  7. S

    Nano Build Fluval Evo 13.5 Build Thread/ Progression [ShortyBiggie]

    Hello everyone! I am beginning a build thread for my Fluval Evo 13.5. I have had a variety of nano tanks before, namely a few IM Fusion 20’s, fusion 10, and a 55 gallon long ago. While I have done a handful of reef tanks before, corals have always been my achilles heel. I have had mixed...
  8. 8

    Fluval Evo 13.5 stand

    I was tight on space and looked high and low for a good size match for Fluval Evo 13.5. Just wanted to save others time if they are in the same boat. This worked very well as an Evo stand; nearly the same size so little extra wasted space...
  9. Sharkbait19

    Should I rescape?

    Hi, I’ve been having trouble with deciding whether or not to redo my Fluval 13.5 aquascape. This has especially been in mind since my last water change, when my big structure tipped and now feels like an accident waiting to happen. Here’s how it currently looks: I’m conflicted, because I...
  10. N

    Will my set up support a Ponape Birdsnest?

    Hi all, my coworker is taking down his set up and offered me a baseball sized Ponape Birdsnest for free. I’d like to take it but only if it’ll do well in my tank. I wasn’t planning on sps for this tank, but i’ve heard this is one of the easiest. My issue is that I only have a fluval evo 13.5 so...
  11. ewoolpert

    Acan ID and questions

    Good afternoon, I would like any help on an ID on this Acan I just picked up. I was wondering if it is safe to put other acans on the same rock or what else would be safe around it. I also have a toadstool about 10” away, could that be a problem? I have a 13.5 gallon fluval. Thanks much everyone.
  12. cheykaser

    New Mexico Fluval EVO 13.5 nano aquarium COMPLETE

    Upgraded my equipment....COMPLETE ALL IN ONE Fluval EVO 13.5 nano aquarium...everything included (pump, heater, Intank media baskets, filtration cover, stock marine light with hood, and additional Current USA Satellite freshwater LED) Location Clovis NM $400 retail value
  13. ewoolpert

    AIO Build What coral next?

    Good morning everyone. I have a fluval evo 13.5 and need suggestions as to what coral to add next. I currently have a toadstool that is doing well and want to add my next piece. I am leaning towards a frogspawn, acan, or candy cane. All feedback is welcome. Also if you have any other...
  14. R

    Phosphate and Nitrates at 0 in nano reef! Good or bad?

    Hello all! I have a fluval 13.5 and ive been following the complete Red Sea recipe which ive attached below, im giving 4.6 mls of coral AB+ mixed with a bit of reef roids (usual target feed but sometimes spread throughout the tank) and 1.1 mls of nopox, plus running the coral life 2.0 skimmer...
  15. adamlodge14

    Yasha Goby jumped into filter compartment, is he ok?

    Hi, Unfortunately today I found my Yasha goby In the back compartments of my tank (Fluval evo 50 litre). I quickly removed the media at the back and scooped him out, he then went back to doing his usual thing, swimming round the bottom. I then tried feeding him and he ate what he normally...
  16. chrisgold

    New scape and upgrades for fluval evo what do you think

    New scape just added to fluval evo. going to give it a day to settle and place all the corals as they are just put anywhere at the moment. did a few upgrades aswell •Ai prime hd •DD ato •DD temp controller •INTANK media basket chamber one •Placed skimmer in chamber 2 to lower nitrates and is...
  17. FireHouseReef

    Nano Build Fluval 13.3 Reef Tank Build

    Hey everyone this will be my second tank build. I had a 25 gal bio cube years ago when I was living in Hawaii. I'm excited to venture into more corals since I've moved. Hawaii had very strict regulations on corals you could keep. Follow along as I setup this tank and see if the second time...
  18. C

    Nano Build Cam’s Fluval Evo 13.5 Reef Venture

    After having lurked on several forums for over five years I finally got an amazing deal on a tank I should have bit the bullet on a long time ago. The plan is to have a pretty simple fish only tank at first until I upgrade the lights. Eventually I know I’m going to get coral. I’m not expecting a...
  19. RedSea50Gang

    Fluval 13.5G Redsea50

    I have the fluval 13.5G and recently(2weeks ago) switched from stock lighting to the new RedSea50 Led light. I have a mix of soft corals, fish, shrimp, snails and a rainbow bubble anemone that has lost all his rainbow and not been Bubbled fully since I got him several months ago. Any light...
  20. E_Galicia

    Nano Build Moving update - Disaster!

    Update on my tank and moving to a new place. I decided to play it safe and set up my Fluval Evo in my brother-in-law's garage; everything seemed normal for the 1st couple of days...until yesterday. Here what I believe happened; the ATO's float valve got stuck, causing the last baffle's water...
  21. adamlodge14

    Which wrasse??

    Hi, I am getting a wrasse for my fluval evo 13.5. I will have it with 1 clownfish and a shrimp goby pair. I am deciding between a pyjama pinstripe wrasse or a tanakas Pygmy possum wrasse. Which would be better or does it not matter?
  22. C

    Additional lighting for Fluval Evo 13.5

    Hi there, I'm looking to add some extra blue lights to my stock Fluval Evo setup. Not looking at expensive lights at the moment as am planning a larger setup in the future. The stock light is capable as so I've read, though there is just too much white light and not enough blue. Not the most...
  23. adamlodge14

    Wrasse or basslet?

    Hi, I am currently thinking about stocking for my new 15 gallon reef tank. I will have a Yasha goby- pistol shrimp pair, 1 clownfish and for the last fish I am deciding between a pink streaked wrasse and a candy basslet, what are your thoughts??
  24. chrisgold

    First marine tank set up 05/12/2020 then and now

    This is the first saltwater tank ive set up let me know what ya think and any improvements ya think i could make . First picture is the day i added water last one is today
  25. adamlodge14

    Upgrade pump for Fluval evo?

    What pumps are good for a Fluval evo (to upgrade)?