fluval 13.5

  1. D

    Need Help with Wave Maker for My Fluval Evo 13.5 Gallon Tank

    Hi everyone, I’m having some issues with setting up a wave maker in my fish tank and could really use some advice. I want to add a wave maker to my tank, but I’m looking for one that isn’t too powerful. My tank is a Fluval Evo 13.5 gallon, and it’s filled with quite a bit of live rock...
  2. M

    Feather duster or new head??

    Hi all noticed new heads growing on my coral I’m a beginner to the hobby and I’m struggling to identify if I have new heads growing or feather duster worms could someone please help me ID these in the video below and if so what’s the best way to get rid of should I leave them thanks.
  3. M

    Highl phosphate!!!

    Hi all I’ve been having problems with my phosphate the past few weeks in my Fluval evo and I can’t seem to lower them at all I’ve done 30% water changes I’ve been running rowaphos in a filter bag in with my filter basket and in beside my return pump it was at a steady 0.25 since I’ve set the...
  4. M

    GSP not opened in 2 days?!!

    Hi all my gsp has not opened in 2 days water parameters seem fine Nitrate 25ppm Phos0.25 Alk 8.6dhk Calcium 440ppm Salinity 1.026 It has been doing fine recently but 2 days ago I had to adjust the alk with Red Sea foundation as it was dropped to 7.3 dhk so I boosted it to 8.6dhk maybe the...
  5. V

    Fluval Evo 13.5 stocking

    Hello, I am 100% set on a pair of ocellaris clownfish for this tank and I’d just like to know if I can add another small fish. I have a ton of copepods that aren’t a good sight (I didn’t add them) and can always in plain sight or on the back glass eating some small algae that won’t go away. I...
  6. D

    Fluval Evo 13.5 Build with spinning chaeto reactor/refugium

    Hello everyone, I am a long time lurker here but I finally have something that might be worth sharing! I have had a Fluval Evo 13.5 AIO tank for about 2 years now and I ended up with a second one so I am starting a new build (which I will also retrofit to my other tank if it works well)...
  7. M

    Is there enough space for my clowns?

    hi all I’ve recently placed the rock on the left hand side into my tank to as I thought it would look cool I’m now unsure if it’s enough space for my clowns they haven’t really been down that end of the tank since I place it there just wondering what’s everyone opinion it’s a 52l fluval evo...
  8. M

    Tmc reef pump compact 500 for Fluval evo

    Hi all I’ve recently purchased a new pump for my Fluval evo 52l it’s a tmc reef compact 500 It has adjustable speeds from 10% to 100% with a overall flow rate of 500L/H I’m pretty new to the hobby and I’m unsure of the correct speed is acceptable for my tank with just 2 clownfish and 3 hermits...
  9. Bradley Gluckman

    Fluval 13.5

    my first salt water build! 13.5 fluval 1 white lighting maroon clown 1 green bar goby 2 yellowtail damsel
  10. V

    How much flow?

    Hello, I have a Fluval evo 13.5 with upgrades on the flow. I upgraded the stock return pump to an AI Axis 40 and have the dual random flow generators from VCA. I do not have any power heads. I’m currently running the pump at 50%; is this too much or too little? If so, how much should I be...
  11. JClic

    Selling Entire Fluval 13.5 Setup in one go.

    Hi I am selling this setup in one go. Everything is sold as one I am not splitting it up. Buyer needs to bring the means to transport the livestock/coral/water themselves as I do not have the supplies. The tank is almost new only 3 months old. There has been zero problems with...
  12. V

    Nano stocking

    Hello, I’m looking to stock my Fluval evo 13.5. I saw someone on here that stocked theirs with a pair of ocellaris, a yasha shrimp goby, and a six line wrasse. I’m suprised how many fish they have in the tank since I see most people saying the maximum would be a pair of clowns. Can I stock mine...
  13. Ollie67

    Fluval Evo 13.5 Build - First Aquarium!

    Hello fellow reefers! My name is Olivier, and as of this year, I have gained an interest in the reef-keeping hobby. This interest has spiked from my memory of my father's large aquarium at home when I was growing up. Now that I have access to adult money (lol), I have been inspired to get into...
  14. F

    Fluval Evo Filtration

    I have had my fluval evo for over a year and my goal for this year is to make it the most successful that I can. I have bought Chemi Pure Elite to put into the filtration. I have some eggcrate and plexie glass lying around and I thought about building a filter rack so it's not just sitting in...
  15. JZ199

    Evolution of an Evo 13.5

    I’m getting ready to slowly start my setup of my Fluval Evo 13.5. After running a 150 gallon, 55 gallon before taking a break from the hobby, I currently have a Fluval Flex 32.5 running. I’ve been wanting to set up a “nano tank” for a while, and now that my son is a little older I thought it...
  16. J

    Fluval 13.5 Stocking

    What is the maximum stocking for a fluval 13.5? Thinking about putting an ocellaris pair in there and keeping it as their tank.
  17. I

    Hello Just Joined!

    Hello all! I’m new to the forum, however, I’ve read plenty of discussions to help me on my reef tank journey. Figured I’d officially sign up! To introduce my tank: I’ve got a fluval evo 13.5 that is a few months out from the one year mark. Plenty of ups and downs, but for my first ever tank...
  18. mathew.jarvis

    Is my anemone looking fine?

    I recently purchased an anemone and it looks like he settled in a crack in my rock. I just introduced him into my tank yesterday. Does he look okay? Mouth is closed and the foot looks really secured. Im just debating whether the flow is too strong or not. Ive got a fluval evo 13.5 with a rfg...
  19. sarahbeth23

    Stock Fluval 13.5 Lighting

    Hi all, I have a Fluval 13.5 that was given to me (set up for a few years prior) that I have now had for alittle over a year. It’s a mixed reef set up with a black clown, orchid dottyback, porcelain crab, Pom Pom crab, peppermint shrimp, one small red fromia star, a small CUC, some bubble tips...
  20. borrowedthemoon

    Shrimp Family (Knowledge)

    Hello coral friends! I have an infestation of alviopora, and was asking if I can introduce a peppermint shrimp to my family, given it's current inhabitants. Asking for any suggestions for doing so. Thank you for taking your time to read this! Modifications: I have a very healthy 7 month old...
  21. B

    New drags not doing well… Astrea snail running over coral?

    Hi all, I’m new to this world so any advice (in novice language) would help! ;) About a week and a half ago I added 9 frags to my fluval evo 13.5. Some have done well, some were doing well and now are not, and some never seemed to perk up. Attached are pics of some of the problem ones...
  22. Angelo Fatica

    Fluval Evo 13.5 with two Kessil a80s?

    Hey all, I just purchased an a80 to light my fluval evo 13.5 tank. Was thinking of just for softies and maybe lps. Would adding another a80 down the road be sufficient for growing any LPs and some montipora? It’s hard to find par spread diagrams on these and I’m just curious what the par and...
  23. AyoItsRocco

    Build Thread Rocco's Evo 13.5

    Well, here we go again! So with all the fun I had with my 45 gallon bow front, I have decided to go with another tank! This is my Fluval Evo 13.5 gallon tank. my main goal is to keep a Goby/Pistol shrimp combo aswell as some Softies and maybe Some sps corals! As for upgrades, I am using the...
  24. B

    Clownfish not eating & other problems (Fluval 13.5)

    I've had a Fluval 13.5 for exactly 1 year now. 6-8 months in, the tank was thriving. 2 snowflake clowns, several corals, inverts. On month 9-10, dinos hit. I mostly kept it under control but not before losing a few corals. Inverts died off quick and anything new I added was dying instantly...
  25. C

    AI blade settings for a 13.5 Fluval Evo

    Hi Ive recently upgraded my light for my Flubal Evo to an AI blade and wanted to see what people think is the best settings for the colours as I am struggling to see which would be best. Colours available are royal blue blue and pure white. Currwntly I habe mine at RB 32, B34 and W40