fluval 13.5

  1. juanrmattos

    Nano Build EVO Xll Mini Reef - Fluval 13.5 Upgraded - RCP

    The time has come! Following up on my Fluval EVO 5 which ended abruptly last December due to unexpected medical reasons, I’ve decided to go back to the original plan and give it a new try with its big brother the Fluval EVO Xll (Or 13.5 as we like to call it here in the States). The main...
  2. itsdRu

    Help with my Fluval 13.5!

    Here’sa few pics of my aquarium, I’ve acquired some bunch of brown algae on the floor and some around the tank etc. please tell me how to fix this? I’m trying to get water correct before I put ANY LIVESTOCK in there!
  3. efrainrodz.94

    Adding Pink-Streaked Wrasse to Fluval 13.5

    Hi there, I hope everyone is doing well in this pandemic. I have a Fluval 13.5 3 months old now. I have 2 clownfish, 1 bicolor blenny, 1 yellow watchman goby, 1 banggai cardinal and a rainford goby. As a CUC I have 1 cleaner shrimp, 1 pistol shrimp, mexican turbo snail and hermits. I have...
  4. efrainrodz.94

    Starfish in fluval 13.5

    Hi everyone, I recently purchase a Sand Sifting Sea Star and I was researching online that they could starve and die. Will my starfish harm my fish or crash my tank? thank you everyone!
  5. MidwestReefer1989

    Nano Build 2 Month Update on my Build for my Fluval Evo 13.5 Gallon

    Hello Everyone, So I am about 2 months into the hobby and it feels like its been an eternity since I started but I have learned so much and have tried things that some people have told me not to try and have been successful so I am going to share my recent photos of my build and hopefully you...
  6. efrainrodz.94


    HI guys, I updated the stock light with the AI PRIME 16 , I love it. My tank is 1 month 2 weeks old. I have two designer clownfish, yellow watchman goby and a tailspot blenny. I have SPS AND LPS. :)) Thank you all!
  7. efrainrodz.94

    Adding pistol shrimp

    Hey guys, I hope everyone is doing well. My fluval 13.5 is 1 month and 2 weeks old. I have two clownfish, 1 bicolor blenny, 1 yellow watchman goby and a cleaner shrimp. Can I add the pistol shrimp? I feel the goby needs a friend but I am scared of pushing too much bio load.
  8. N

    Fluval Evo 13.5 Micro Bubbles by Return Pump and Powerhead

    Hey folks, I've recently got into the reefing hobby this week and set up my Fluval Evo 13.5 as my starting tank. I've come to realize that there are a fair amount of tiny air bubbles are around the tank with a majority of them being around the return pump and powerhead along by the protein...
  9. Rastareefing

    Nano Build My 13.5 gallon slice of paradise from December until now (sorta)

    Hi ;Doctor, My name is Michael, from the UK and I’ve been in the hobby now for about 8 months. This is my first tank (and entry into fishkeeping in general besides helping with water changes as a kid ) and I’ve not killed anything major yet so thought I’d put a post on here. Attached is a...
  10. efrainrodz.94

    Coral names

    Hi Guys, I went to the aquarium store today and the guy gave me couple corals :) I forgot their names, can someone help me? Also, how can I take care of them? Here is some pictures:
  11. Crested

    Nano Build Macro Evo Build!

    Hey all! Just set up my Fluval Evo last night and I plan on making it a macroalgae tank! For equipment I'm using: -100 Watt Cobalt neotherm heater -Sicce syncra 0.5 pump -stock light For the scape, I figured I would keep the rockwork low and let the algae give it height (let me know what you...
  12. efrainrodz.94

    Stocking Fluval 13.5

    Hi guys, I am new to this blog and I am excited to learn more about being a reef hobbyist. I have a Fluval 13.5 with a pair of designer Clownfish. I was wandering what also is recommendable for live stock in my tank? I am having diatoms in my sand. I was thinking about getting a firefish or a...
  13. Wicksy

    Build Thread Wicksy's Evo 13.5 Journal

    Hey guys this is going to be a journal of my Fluval Evo 13.5 Heads up I've never had a journal before so I might be all over the place and this is my first salt water tank. I've had this tank running for over a year now it hasn't been doing much until recently so let's get started. 13.5 Gallon...
  14. M

    ATO recommendations

    Hey guys I hope everyone is keeping safe and well during these times. Looking to order a ATO for my new Evo I think I’ve narrowed it down between two. the Tunze Nano and the H2Ocean. is one any better than the other? Or is there another i should consider. If you could explain reasoning behind...
  15. S

    New to saltwater, how to raise ph?

    Hi from the UK! I’ve just gotten into the hobby after a long time of wanting a nano tank. Everything seems to be going smoothly with salinity at 1.026 and ammonia, nitrites, nitrates being 0. One issue: my ph is stubborn at 7.6ish despite alkalinity being between 8-9 as per fritz rpm salt...
  16. JoshO

    Build Thread JoshO's Nano Reef

    OVERVIEW: Aquarium: Fluval Evo 13.5 MODIFIED Light: AI Prime 16HD Wavemaker: Jebao RW-4 Salt: Tropic Marin Pro-Reef (1.026) Filter Media: Chamber 1 - Floss Pad, Foam pad, Maxspect Nano Spheres Chamber 2 - Heater, Return pump, Carbon Temp Controller: D-D Temperature Controller Heater: Aquael...
  17. Lysh87

    New Reefer!

    Hi everyone I am brand new to this hobby! I have had my tank set up for a day and a half and still trying to figure some things out. I have a Fluval Evo Sea 13.5 gallon. The carbon and sponge filter are in the middle compartment how far down is it supposed to be? Is the bag of carbon supposed...
  18. B

    Nano Build Fluval 13.5 set up! New upgrades coming!’

    What’s up everyone I recently set up my Fluval 13.5 tank, I did some little upgrades so far with a InTank Media Basket with Chemi Pure Blue and some Marine Pure Balls, then in the center chamber I are a mini refuge with some chaeto, marine pure balls and a mini refuge light. I also upgraded the...
  19. nanoShearer

    Nano Build Refugium for Fluval Evo 13.5

    Hi, everyone! I'm looking for information on creating a refugium in the second chamber of my Fluval Evo 13.5. Has anyone done this? If so, did it make a difference in the nutrient levels in your tank? I'm worried that the refugium would be too small to make any noticeable difference. I'd...
  20. McJaeger

    My fix for stuck ATO sensors and accidentally flooded tanks!

    Hey guys. I wanted to share my solution to a problem I've had a few times since I installed an ATO a few months ago. I haven't seen any threads with this exact fix and I'm a bit new to the hobby, so pardon me if this is common knowledge. I'm using the XP Aqua Duetto as an ATO for my Fluval EVO...
  21. J

    Connecticut Fluval Evo 13.5 plus extras

    No chips or crack on glass (holds water), Just comes with aquaknight light, protein skimmer, wavemaker, homemade lid and glass cleaner. It has the original pump, sponge and lid. Looking for $120
  22. A

    Too much live rock for my aquascape?

    Hi all, I am starting a brand new nano Reef in a fluval Evo 13.5. I have never done a salt water tank so this is a new experience and I could definitely use any and all help. I would like to ask all of your opinions on the aquascape I made. It is about 11-12 lbs of live rock. I am wondering if...
  23. Colenew1

    Lighting Upgrade Questions

    Hi all! I am fairly new to reefing and have a 12.5 gallon Fluval Evo Tank stocked with mostly softies and LPS plus 2 Montis and a BTA! I just upgraded from the stock light to an AI prime and am very curious as to how I should set up my light settings! I was advised to run 35% for blues and...
  24. C

    Fluval Evo 13.5- EWWWW! Black mold!? Bleaching? All of the questions....

    Hey everyone, I have several questions currently about my tank. I'll post specs first before my questions/issues... Tank: Fluval Evo 13.5 Lighting: stock light- 11000K LED. Very Very white light :(. I try to run my blue light from 0700-0-1000, and then full lights from 1000-1900 and then back to...
  25. Handley1995

    Noisy brand new sicce 1.0

    Hi! This is my first post here. I had my new sicce 1.0 delivered today, and have put it straight in the chamber of my fluval Evo. It's very loud (can hear it over the TV). I've held it in the middle of the tank and its not loud at all! But cannot seem to get it to be quiet in the chamber it...