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Full young sale setup for sale with livestock. 13.5 Gallon system. All you need to get started.

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Mar 31, 2022
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Unfortunately, I am moving and need to sell my setup.

Its a great tank for beginners, It comes with EVERYTHING youll need to start off in the hobby. Tank is already cycled and has been running stably for around 6 months.

Tank Equipment:
- Fluval Evo 13.5G Tank (scrapped off display tank portion of black hex grid), includes original hood, light and pump.
- Fluval 50W heater
- Accel Aquatics Nano Vortex RFG nozzle
- 3D Printed Chamber 1 and 2 with removable racks
- 3D printed covers for chamber 1, 2 and 3.
- Ai Prime HD w/ Gooseneck mount
- Seachem Ammonia Alert Tag
- Digital Thermometer
- Python No Spill
- Unknown magnetic glass cleaner
- Ammonia tag

Maintenance Equipment:
- Extra live sand (now dead and dry) 1/5 full
- 3 small and 1 large algae wafer pack
- Extra Marco rock
- 10 pieces of filter floss sized for fluval 204 (I just cut them with scissors)
- Seachem matrix (1/3 full)
- Instant ocean (5% full)
- Media bag
- 3 Fluval edge Carbon sachet
- 2 API crystal bio-chem orb size 10 filtration cartridges
- Aquaclear activated carbon insert (3 pack)
- 5 Gallon bucket
- Small pump for water changes
- Simple ATO
- Benepets reef food (98% full) 1.4oz
- Frozen brine shrimp (only one square used, 97% full)
- ReVive coral cleaner (95% full)
- Seachem Prime (95% full)
- All-for-reef (97% full)
- Reef glue
- Fishes fuel (95% full)
- Microbacter 7 (60% full)
- Seachem reef phytoplankton (90% full)

Test (all have >90% reagents left)
- Handheld refratometer
- Hanna alkalinity checker
- Salifert nitrate
- Salifert phosphate
- Salifert ammonia
- Salifert calcium

- Galaxea fascicularis aka Galaxy Coral
- Ricordea yuma aka Yuma Mushroom
- Zoanthus sp. aka Zoa, two frags one orange/green and one red/purple
- Unomia stolonifera aka Pulsing Xenia
- Clavularia sp. aka Firework Clove Polyp
- Leptoseris sp. aka Lepto (Halloween colored)
- Euphyllia divisa aka Frogspawn
- Euphyllia ancora aka Hammer Coral, two frags one light pink and one yellowish
- Caulastrea furcata aka Candy Cane Coral, two branches with 4-5 heads each
- Favites pentagona aka War Coral, currently not doing that well but recovering
- Entacmaea quadricolor aka Bubble Tip Anemone, has been here since day one and done fine
- Paguristes cadenati aka Scarlet Hermit Crab, 2x

Snails (they hide so count may be off by 1)
- Lithopoma tectum aka Astraea Snail, 4x
- Cerithium caeruleum aka Cerith Snail, 2x
- Nassarius sp. aka Nassarius Snail, 1x

Total value here is over $1500.

I will not ship. I will ship maintenance and dry goods if the tank and inhabitants are sold separately locally. I really rather not part out.
Local pickup can even take the tank water in the bucket with inhabitants and rock placed in there for transport. Sand will come in the DT as well with the Marco rocks set up in it.

Pick up is in 98122, Seattle. I'll also give you a BRS coupon code (worth between $10 and $500).

My build thread is not up to date but gives you a good general sense of the setup. I do water changes only once every 2 weeks and inhabitants have grown happily. I test once a week. I feed once every 3 days but could even go down to every 5. There are no fish, this is an easy system to take care of, beautiful frags of every color. Aquarium has feather dusters growing out the wazoo along with a healthy beautiful ecosystem.

tempImagefA4oWy.png tempImageiBti30.png tempImageYG5JUK.png tempImagevIBKvE.png tempImage5Zl4kg.png tempImagecKbni3.png tempImagep0IP91.png tempImagel6NVBX.png tempImageqsXlM5.png tempImageip4d6o.png tempImageq82B8H.png

How much do you care about having a display FREE of wires, pumps and equipment?

  • Want it squeaky clean! Wires be danged!

    Votes: 195 40.5%
  • A few things are ok with me!

    Votes: 244 50.7%
  • No care at all! Bring it on!

    Votes: 42 8.7%