1. MakoManc

    Unique livestock options

    I’m getting ready to stock my Waterbox 20 but I’m still undecided on what fish to get. Im going for an SPS dominant mixed reef, Im wanting something that’s a little out of the ordinary. I was looking into the mimic Blacksaddle filefish but after reading more about them it doesn’t seem like they...
  2. Jersey Corals

    ** Weekend Special! 35% OFF SITE WIDE! 50% OFF $499+!**

    Jersey Corals Weekend Special! 25% OFF SITE WIDE! 40% OFF $499+! Check it out at!
  3. B

    Impact livestock on pH

    Hey All, I had an interesting experience following the Texas winters storms and it has raised a question for which I can’t find any clear answers. I have been fighting low-ish pH in my tank for a while, and had worked through a number of steps to try to get my ph up: I invested in a indoor...
  4. Ozelaf44

    New Jersey Uranium Bounce Mushrooms, Fish, and More!

    Hello! Doing a Tank breakdown as I am leaving for college soon and I lacked on maintenance on my tank. After I sell all of the livestock I'll be selling a lot of equipment as well, below is what I have available. Please contact me through email or text as I don't check the forums often. Email -...
  5. L

    Water Box 105.04 Stocking Ideas

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone had stocking ideas for the Waterbox FRAG 105.04? The tank is 47.2"×23.6"×16.1". As of right now all that I am certain on is the basic pair of Ocellaris Clowns. I'm quite interested in the idea of getting a tang as well -- obviously w/ a 4ft tank my options are...
  6. C

    Illinois Yellow Tail Damsel Free

    Will be shutting down my nano tank and need to rehome him. He is medium size around 2" +- Pickup only 60514
  7. VSVP bet

    Connecticut Japanese Neon Green Weeping Willow Long Polyp Toadstool

    Hi. I have several frags for sale. Not sure what it is exactly because there are a ton of names for it, but its a sarcophyton species found in japan I believe. We call it Eywa (from the movie avatar because it looks like their sacred tree. ANYWAY...
  8. Foggy Pirate

    Nano Build Stocking Options For Evo 13.5 Both Fish and Coral

    Hey Everyone I’m fairly new here. I have an EVO 13.5 that cycled a month ago and I’m just taking my time making sure i can do water changes and the chemistry stays well. Which iv been successful in that so now I’m looking at what to put in. As an end gold i would love to have 3-4 fish. Maybe...
  9. djm

    Livestock recommendations

    Hi Guys, I have my first saltwater tank now up and running, it’s a Fluval Spec Marine 16gal (basically the Fluval Evo but slightly larger). I’ve recently added a small Ocellaris clownfish and three stripe leg hermit crabs. Originally I was going for a pair of clowns, however they have been...
  10. D

    California SC Orange Passion and JF Jolt for sale

    SC Orange Passion and JF Jolt 550 shipped for both or best offer SC Orange Passion JF Jolt Top Down Picture Side By Side Picture
  11. G

    DSB for Burrowing Species

    Hey! I'm currently aggressively researching absolutely everything I can as I plan and save to set up a 120 gallon tank! Something that has really eluded a concrete answer from my perspective is the use of a DSB for burrowing species. In my 120 I'm hoping to house an Engineer Goby, a Jawfish, A...
  12. KyleJ42

    Connecticut New York Waterbox cube 20 complete setup $600

    Selling my waterbox cube 20. Thought i’d be where i am currently living for longer, but the wife and i decided its time to move. Dont really want to put a 15hr trip of stress on any of the fish/corals/inverts here. $600 obo. Comes with everything in pictures, plus about 120 gallons or so of...
  13. D

    California High End Large Acro Frags for sale, SC Orange Passion and more!

    High End Acro's for Sale 850 obo including shipping Vivid's Confetti SC Orange Passion JF Jolt If interested I have many more high end frags PM for more pictures from different angles
  14. cursedcalamari

    Unique livestock suggestions for 10g Nano

    Hey everyone! So I’ve started a tank for 2021 and I thought. I was settled on livestock for the tank but I’ve fallen down a rabbit hole. I need some help! What are some unique livestock that I could potentially add to this tank? It is going to house coral so they would need to be reef safe. I’m...
  15. Jay00498

    Massachusetts Powerheads LED Miscellaneous Waterbox 25 breakdown

    Waterbox 25 peninsula w/ heater $150 Nero 3 $120 Kessil A360WE $250 Kessil spectral controller $50 Kessil gooseneck mount $20 Filter floss cup $5 Krakenreef screen top $80 Livestock - 6 rainbow bubble tip $40 each 2 Percula clowns $10 each 1 Micronesian wall hammer $25 1 six line wrasse $20...
  16. Jersey Corals


    Post your hottest torch, win this torch!! Ships free to you! Don’t have a torch? Post a pic of your brightest coral! Each post will be assigned a number! Ends Sunday 11/29 @12:00AM EST! ANY PURCHASE ON OUR SITE ALSO ENTERS YOU TO WIN A FRAG OF JASON FOX RAUNCHY RED BOUNCE, INDO GOLD BRANCH...
  17. Duncan98

    Looking to Re-Home an Orange Oscellaris

    Orange Oscellaris Clown about 3 inches long: $20
  18. SunnyD123

    The perfect reef tank?!

    Hello. I have a 20g reef tank and ultimately I want it to be set for success. I kinda wanna incorporate a star fish and maybe taking out the snails? Or a diamond watch goby to help the sand bed? As of the moment I have 4 snails and two hermits for my clean up crew. I also have 3 fish. A black...
  19. SunnyD123

    Nano LiveStock change

    Hello. I have a 20g reef tank and ultimately I want it to be set for success. I kinda wanna incorporate a star fish and maybe taking out the snails? Or a diamond watch goby to help the sand bed? As of the moment I have 4 snails and two hermits for my clean up crew. I also have 3 fish. A black...
  20. Biota_Marine

    Livestock Captive-Bred Biota Mandarins

    Everyone knows us for our captive-bred mandarins and for great reason! Our mandarins are fed a diet of pellet and frozen foods so when they get into your tank they're already acclimated and ready to thrive. Check out this video of a group of them chowing down on some TDO B2 and PE hatchery...
  21. Biota_Marine

    Livestock Captive- Bred Gold Flake Angelfish $600

    I only have only two of these captive-bred goldflake angelfish in stock! The gold flake is a beautiful angelfish that does well in mixed reefs and is among some of the better options to be reef safe for angelfish. They're great to add at this 2.5-3" sizing so they can grow into your tank and...
  22. itsdRu

    Help with my Fluval 13.5!

    Here’sa few pics of my aquarium, I’ve acquired some bunch of brown algae on the floor and some around the tank etc. please tell me how to fix this? I’m trying to get water correct before I put ANY LIVESTOCK in there!
  23. Saveafish

    Indiana Kentucky 180 gallons full set up and loads of other things with it.

    I'm moving to a bigger house and going to remodel it. I need this puppy gone and fast!!! I'm looking to 1500.00$. OBO. Willing to trade for a dependable pick up truck too. You get the ro/di. Mixing station. All the test kits every thing. Every thing. Un used sand a MH 250w digital. led black...
  24. ArizonaAquatics

    FS: Gold Hammer Frag

    I have one head of Gold branching hammer I'm looking to sell. Please see pic attached. It is a 1.5-2" frag healed nicely onto a plug. Shoot me a message if interested looking for $150
  25. Lissa1987

    Florida Package Deal Everything must go

    Getting out...recent illness reminded me how much work goes into this and I'm unfortunately not able to do it. 5000 OBO 90 gallon Live stock - Male Bluethroat trigger Royal gramma Valentini puffer Diamond watchman goby Flame hawk Snails Hitchhiker crab 2 conchs Sand Huge amount of purple live...