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  1. gig 'em

    Texas Sumps Package Deal Drygoods Multiple aquariums and equipment package deal

    *Please not that this is a package deal* I’m helping a friend liquidate his aquarium collection before he moves out of country. He’s very busy with the move and prefers selling it all as one if anyone is interested in parsing it out themselves. A lot of new equipment that hasn’t been used as...
  2. Smooch30

    Florida Aquariums Package Deal Drygoods Complete Reef Aquarium System

    Getting out of the hobby. Entire reef system for sale in Tampa, FL. ***$10,000*** Buyer must arrange disassembly of system components and pickup over a weekend. Not looking to part out. System includes: Tank Tsunami 600-Gallon 120"Lx36"Wx36"H Rectangular Acrylic Aquarium (has minor scratches) X...
  3. rennjidk

    Pennsylvania Aquariums Package Deal Drygoods deleted

  4. A

    100 Gallon Acrylic Saltwater Fish Tank Complete Setup with Stand

    I am in Raleigh, NC area. Selling my 6-year-old tank. Though some parts are younger. I have listed all parts and what I have paid for them. The acrylic tank is scratched due to cleaning over the years. But it is not very visible when filled with water. Still, you can buff off scratches. Not...
  5. Z

    LED Miscellaneous Package Deal Drygoods Red sea reefer 250 complete

    make / manufacturer: Red sea model name / number: Reefer 250 6 month old red sea reefer 250. Comes with many corals, 4 fish, and lots of invertebrates... Looking to get 2k obo for all of it. I am willing to part out the livestock, just cannot "take it down" until the livestock is gone. Look at...
  6. Cfellini91

    Oregon Suppliments Testing Drygoods Aquatop 25g Nano Reef Tank, Equipment, and Supplies for Sale

    Located in Portland Metro Area, Oregon After years in the hobby, I have found myself with little time to dedicate to my tank. Mid-summer I broke the tank down, giving everything a vinegar bath before storing (putting everything away dry). Brand new, all items surpass a $3,200 purchase price. If...
  7. F

    Washington Aquariums Package Deal Drygoods Full young sale setup for sale with livestock. 13.5 Gallon system. All you need to get started.

    Unfortunately, I am moving and need to sell my setup. Its a great tank for beginners, It comes with EVERYTHING youll need to start off in the hobby. Tank is already cycled and has been running stably for around 6 months. Tank Equipment: - Fluval Evo 13.5G Tank (scrapped off display tank...
  8. P

    California Aquariums Package Deal Drygoods RSM Red Sea Max E170 + Extra Complete Package

    Everything included, in excellent working condition. Price firm. I'm in West Los Angeles. Prices new (BRS website):
  9. F

    Washington Live Goods Whole 10 gallon tank for sale including supplies, rock, livestock...

    Unfortunately, I am moving and need to sell my setup. Its a great tank for beginners, It comes with EVERYTHING youll need to start off in the hobby. Tank is already cycled and has been running stably for around 6 months. Tank Equipment: - Fluval Evo 13.5G Tank (scrapped off display tank...
  10. geckoejon

    Florida Aquariums Drygoods Sold

  11. M

    Pennsylvania Aquariums Drygoods JBJ 15 Aquarium Complete

    JBJ 15 with cobalt aquatics stand, stock return, jebao wave maker, 21 led USA light with sunsetter but sunsetter needs new remote(needed one in the past and they sent me one pretty easily), reef breeders ato, hygger heater, flipper magnet, and I can throw in sand. Basically everything you need...
  12. Complete turnkey awesome setup Reefer 425XL BNIB Never Wet

    For sale Colorado Complete turnkey awesome setup Reefer 425XL BNIB Never Wet

    Complete never set up awesome Reefer XL 425 System (88 Gal) in White, with assortment of reef gear that just needs assembled. This setup has never seen water due to time constraints but is ready to go from skimmer to plumbing plumb in the way you want, UV reactor whole 9 yards everything is here...
  13. MacdaRippa

    Florida Perfect Package for a New or Beginner Reefer-All equipment for sale!! Local Pickup Preferred but will ship at buyers expense

    Selling it all!!! Complete plug and play setup. I would like to sell it all together $1600 OBO, but will part out for the right price. Make an offer on the item you would like. Text me at the number posted below. Complete Plug and Play Setup!!! Nuvo 30l - $250 *LPU Preferred Pro Clear 3...
  14. johntdaballa

    Texas Getting out of Hobby Sale Redsea 425xl and more

    I have been pretty busy with work and family. Stepping away from the hobby for awhile . Need to sell live stock first before taking down . Don't have much left . Pick up in Houston/Katy Everything minus livestock $3050 SOLD I'll throw in test kits I have available . Saliferts Redsea Reefer...
  15. Blueringed_Octo

    Maryland Red Sea Reefer 750 XXL complete setup with tons of extras

    Build Thread - BluOcto's Red Sea Reefer 750 XXL Hey everyone! Been a bit but now I have some really great progression pics to share with you all and anyone looking to get an idea of how much growth you can expect after 4 months of running the new upgrades I added to my tank. I will try to...
  16. Jay00498

    Massachusetts Powerheads LED Miscellaneous Waterbox 25 breakdown

    Waterbox 25 peninsula w/ heater $150 Nero 3 $120 Kessil A360WE $250 Kessil spectral controller $50 Kessil gooseneck mount $20 Filter floss cup $5 Krakenreef screen top $80 Livestock - 6 rainbow bubble tip $40 each 2 Percula clowns $10 each 1 Micronesian wall hammer $25 1 six line wrasse $20...
  17. AquaHobby31

    Maryland Fully Stocked and Equipped Waterbox 100.3 Aquarium. Complete package

    I’m getting out of the hobby anc selling my prized possession Waterbox 100.3 Aquarium with fish and corals included as well as all of the equipment. Reef Octopus Return Pump Reef Octopus Skimmer AI Hydra 26 (2 lights with mounts) AI Nero 5 pump AI Nero 3 pump Duetto Auto Top Off American Marine...
  18. Jameson Family

    Tennessee Aquariums Complete 180 gallon system

    i have decided to go another route with a reef tank and have decided to sell my 180 build. Has everything but, sand, rock and water. There are scratches on the aquarium but not noticeable when full. It will come with two stands, one is brand new and custom made, 74 1/2 long 26 1/2 wide 40...
  19. OCD420

    California 120 gallon setup for sale in riverside

    My situation has changed and I will no longer be able to participate in the hobby. Tank has been up for almost 2 years. 120gallon display 45 gallon sump Glass top Custom stand with entertainment tower (Stand is trimmed and ready for tile) Crown Acid etched glass on all doors 2 new viparspectra...
  20. C

    Foam Between Rimless aquarium and stand ?

    Hi all, What is the best to put between the actual aquarium (90G Rimless) & the stand. i was in between either styrofoam (either 0.5 or 1cm in thickness), thick yoga mat or one of these : thanks,
  21. C

    Setting up Aquaview 120 tank

    Hi, Need some help/advise on what you think its best to set this tank up, So i assembled the cabinet and put the aquarium on top, only to notice that not all 4 aquarium points/corners are on the cabinet, the front two goes over the cabinet doors, and when i move the aquarium back so that the...
  22. Stutters

    Michigan WTB Complete Setup (or close too)

    Hi All I am looking to buy a complete setup! I am looking something in the 6x2x2 standard region. i will take something smaller if the setup is truly amazing. Looking for the whole nine yards tank/stand/lights/skimmers etc. Let me know what your selling! I am willing to travel for the...
  23. Jonathan Nelson

    Indiana Red Sea Reefer 425XL - Getting out of the hobby! :(

    Red Sea Reefer 425XL (adapted for 1” blue pvc and true union ball valves, several extra valves and extra fittings) Ecotech Votech MP40’s Ecotech XR30 G4 Pros w/mounts Ecotech Vectra L1 Ecotech Reeflink Apex Classic gen1 (few modules for pumps and ph etc) Small Geos Reef calcium reactor Tunze...
  24. Passedyouby

    Pricing advice - custom super tall tank 52in tall. Unique

    Im flirting with the idea of moving to a new home this spring and am hesitant on what to do with my tank. I REALLY dont want to get out of the hobby and feel the best way to make sure i stay is to keep a few key items such as my apex and a couple of toys. This tank was custom built, is...
  25. AQUAM

    New York Innovative Marine Nuvo 10 Gallon Complete Setup ($99)

    Innovative Marine Nuvo 10 Gallon Complete Setup Including: 1. Nuvo 10 Tank with original pump and mesh lid 2. InTank(R) Fuge Basket 3. Innovative Marine SpinStream Nozzle 4. Two brand new filter socks Everything is in perfect condition. Used as backup tank for 3 month. Back film is partly...