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Oct 28, 2018
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Located in Portland Metro Area, Oregon

After years in the hobby, I have found myself with little time to dedicate to my tank. Mid-summer I broke the tank down, giving everything a vinegar bath before storing (putting everything away dry). Brand new, all items surpass a $3,200 purchase price. If you are interested, give me a call, text or email! I am open to offers but, please, no low balling. All tanks are leak free. Reach out with any questions! There is NO LIVESTOCK. Pictures included just to depict to tank when set up. Call or text is best for me! 971 348 8516. I am willing to coordinate shipping, aside of Tanks, stands and rocks.

(For whatever reason, I cannot upload my pictures on here. Feel free to look at the pics on CL posting )

Keep reading for individual pricing.

Willing To Sell As Complete Bundle $1250 FIRM

Aquarium & Stand $425:

(a) 25g Aquatop Nano tank with Refugium (Small cosmetic chip, pictured)
(b) Tank Stand (I covered it in vinyl wood to match my decor).
(c) A matching Cubby stand to store all extras

(d) Included Supplies: Instant Ocean Hydrometer; Various API testing Kits (Calcium, Phosphate, Nitrate/Nitrite; Cleaning Tools (Baster, Scrapper, Scrubber);

(e) Included Chemicals and Additives: --Seachem Reef Buffer (to + pH up to 8.3)

--Seachem Reef Builder (to + kH)
--Seachem Reef Advantage Calcium (Powder)
--Seachem Denitrate (filter media)
-- Seachem Phosgaurd; Strontium; Magnesium; Trace elements; Iodide
-- Bulk Reef Supply Kalkwasser
--Redsea Aiptasia X; NoPox

Equipment For Sale:
a. Auqatop Digital Titanium Heater and Thermostat || Asking $60 ||
b. Marineland Hybrid Return/ Circulation Pump || Asking $30 ||
c. Hydro Circulation Pump || Asking $40 ||
d. IceCap 2k Gyre Flowpump with Control board and accessories || Asking $80 ||
e. AI Prime HD Reef Light with arm (Wifi/Bluetooth Controlled) || Asking $100 ||
f. Submersible UV light for refugium || Asking $10 ||
g. Fluval Sea Nano Protien Skimmer (Best for small bio load) || Asking $50 ||
h. Red LED refugium light (used for Chaeto growth) || Asking $ 20||
i. Tunze Osmolator Universal 3155 Auto Top Off (Pump, Dual sensor shut off, Water Controller 5017) || Asking $140 ||
j. Aqua Gadget 5g Hydrofill Reservoir /Freshwater Top Off Tank (Drawer pour) || Asking $50 ||
k. Reef Octopus Classic-100 HOB Protein Skimmer (Used when larger bio loads occurred) || Asking $ 225||
l. TopFin 5.5 Aquarium + Set Up (Used for fish QT tank) || Asking $ 20||
m. Aquatop 3g Rimless Rectangular Tank (Used for coral QT & Acclimation Tank) || Asking $30 ||
n. 2x Flat Water Heaters, 2x Air Pumps, 3x Airstones and hoses || Asking $ 10||
o. Tank Fan || Asking $ 10||

Testing Supplies & Equipment For Sale:
a. Hanna Digital Alk. Tester and Kit and Reagent || Asking $45 ||
b. Hanna Digital pHep+ Tester (HI98108) and a dozen calibration pouches || Asking $ 60 ||
c. Milwaukee Digital Refractometer with Solutions and Calibrations || Asking $115 ||
d. TDS Meter Digital Water Tester (Used when making RODI) || Asking $5 ||
e. Measuring Spoon Digital Scale ||Asking $5||

Various Extras For Sale:

a. 4x Plastic Water Totes – 2.5 gallon || Asking $ 5 ea.||
b. 2x Plastic Water Totes – 5 gallon || Asking $ 10 ea.||
c. Fragging Plugs, Glues and Stoney Coral Cutters || Asking $ 10||
d. Aquatic Life RODI 4-Stage Osmosis System (Filters replaced four months ago)

|| Asking $ 25||
e. Rechargeable Automated Feeder (Use with dry food) || Asking $ 10||
f. 2x Instant Ocean Sea Salt 50g || Asking $ 5 ea.||
g. 15x Aquairum Rock (Former Live Rock) in various sizes || Asking $ 5 ea. Small $10 ea. Large||
h. 2x Homemade Kalkwasser Gravity Drippers || Asking $15 ||

Coral Reef Tank, Tropical, Mixed, Saltwater Aquarium, Nano Tank, Fish, Freshwater, RODI, Frag, Fragging, LPS , SPS, Quarantine tank, hospital tank, local fish store, live rock

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