1. PNWReefer21

    Washington Testing Miscellaneous Drygoods Hanna Checkers

    Alkalinity $40 Phosphate $40 Nitrate HR $40 Salinity $55 PH/TDS $115 Prices are shipped. $5 off each if taking multiples. Can add on extra reagent packs for $5 each. Preferred to sell in a whole lot. $260 shipped for everything pictured.
  2. Chucky

    Miscellaneous Dosing Drygoods Hanna checkers and dosing pump with tank

    I have some gear I’d like to trade for corals; Hannah checker ulr phosphorus checker w/reagents Hanna checker LR Nitrate checker used 2 times Jecod auto dosing pump DP-3 Coral box acrylic dosing reservoir I’m wanting zoas, some lps and softies located in Cullman, Al must be in Alabama what...
  3. alishasreef

    Dropping Nitrates?

    1st test - 13th oct was 1.1ppm (hanna nitrate HR) 2nd test - 27th oct was 0.1ppm (hanna nitrate HR) I haven't done any water changes, no carbon in sock, skimmer has not been running. I even added 5 new fish after reading 1.1ppm. Have also been heavy feeding and using reef energy plus. Any...
  4. GottaLottaDogs

    Hanna Vs. Salifert Nitrate Accuracy

    I am having huge discrepancies between my brand new Hanna HR Nitrate test and my Salifert Nitrate test. Both are very consistent...but which one is accurate?? Salifert was testing around 30ppm initially for 3 tests. Hanna tested 7.8ppm a few days ago at the same time as Salifert. I bought...
  5. Cfellini91

    Oregon Suppliments Testing Drygoods Aquatop 25g Nano Reef Tank, Equipment, and Supplies for Sale

    Located in Portland Metro Area, Oregon After years in the hobby, I have found myself with little time to dedicate to my tank. Mid-summer I broke the tank down, giving everything a vinegar bath before storing (putting everything away dry). Brand new, all items surpass a $3,200 purchase price. If...
  6. Dakoda

    Hanna DKH Checker incorrect?

    So, here is my dilemma. I have been testing my tank religiously with the Hanna DKH Checker for the last 2 years. I do not currently use a Salifert or any other brand DKH checker to validate the test results of the Hanna checker. I have prepared three 5 gallon buckets of salt water for a 15...
  7. B

    Oklahoma Testing Drygoods PRICE Drop--Hanna Master Test kit HI97105

    SOLD Price dropped to $175 We've switch our system over to Trident test and since then the Hanna is no longer being used. Works perfectly. You will need to order a few of the reagents since they are mostly gone although it still has the Nitrates reagents. Asking $215 shipped
  8. B

    Broken hanna testers?

    I purchased a hanna nitrate checker and phosphate ulr checker. I wanted this because I'm currently fighting amphidinium dinos. My tank is roughly 4 months old, no Coral, 3 total fish with a bit of clean up crew. Nothing but rock and sand. No scrubbers or gfos to remove anything, no fuge. Even...
  9. M

    High Phosphates, but low nitrates

    So I have a 32 Gal Fluval Flex that has been running for about 9 months now. Recently, I had a couple Zoas and a GSP that have been closed up for a few days so I decided to test my water. The results were: Ammonia: 0.0 Nitrite: 0.0 Nitrate 0.0 (checked twice w Hanna checker) Phosphate:0.37...
  10. chadfish

    Hanna Phosphate ULR blinking 0.00

    Hi all, Does anyone know what it means when the ULR Phosphate checker blinks 0.00? I’ve had a zero reading before, but never blinking.
  11. C

    New Jersey Testing Drygoods SOLD PH tester HI780 Hanna tester $40

    PH tester HI780 Hanna tester $40. Will ship with paypal
  12. C

    New Jersey Testing Drygoods Hanna copper high range checker with 50 reagents

    Copper high range Hanna tester with 50+ reagents $50.will ship with paypal
  13. reefsaver

    Is Anyone's Hanna Magnesium Checker Not Reading High?

    I've heard about the problem of Hanna's Magnesium colorimeter reading high and recently learned that you can fill out a form on the Hanna website to get them to send out a new Reagent to correct the issue. But has anyone not had to do this and is getting similar results to other tests they do? I...
  14. C

    New Jersey Testing Miscellaneous Drygoods Hanna testers and refractometer

    Selling various test kits and Hanna testers. Refractometer with LED light and calibration solution $25 Copper high range Hanna tester with 50+ reagents $50 Alkalinity checker HI772 Hanna tester with extra reagent $50 PH tester HI780 Hanna tester $40 Calcium tester HI758 Hanna tester with extra...
  15. OneMerissa

    Hanna checker

    Got my checkers on point!!
  16. trevorhiller

    Testing Drygoods SOLD Hanna Low Range Phosphate Checker 713

    Hanna Phosphate Low Range Checker HI713 model w/case, new box of 25 reagent packs, 2 cuvettes & instructions. $45 shipped
  17. B

    Miscellaneous Package Deal Drygoods Miscellaneous New/Lightly Used Equipment

    Trying to clear out some equipment I don’t have use for. No REASONABLE offer will be refused. Will consider trades for a G5/G6 XR15 Blue with a mount. Pm me if interested. Willing to ship. Brand new GHL ProfiLux 4e Starter Set - White $600 Brand new Hanna Phosphate ULR + Extra Reagent SOLD...
  18. B

    California Testing Drygoods Brand New Hanna ULR Phosphate Checker w/ Extra Reagent

    Brand new never used Hanna ULR Phosphate checker with a brand new box of reagent. Asking 65 shipped
  19. B

    California Testing Drygoods Brand New Hanna Phosphate ULR + Extra Reagent

    Brand new never used Hanna ULR Phosphate checker with a brand new box of reagent. Asking 65 shipped
  20. trevorhiller

    Hanna Marine Magnesium Checker HI783 Problems/Issues

    There are several threads accumulating on the forums of people having issues w/new marine magnesium checker HI783. There are also some similar reports on the AskBRS facebook page--results several hundred points higher. I wanted to start a thread here in Hanna Instruments sub-forum to give Hanna...
  21. J

    How are my phosphate level?

    Hello , I need help to determine if my levels are good. I’m keeping mostly LPS and softies. Thank you
  22. polyppal

    New Hanna Magnesium (HI783) Reviews

    I picked up one of the new Hanna HI783 Magnesium checkers when they dropped last week, and after one or two mulligans I got it working pretty well. A little more complex than the basic hanna tests (requires 2 reagents) but nothing too bad, especially vs the other titration mag methods. The...
  23. reefsaver

    Real-time Salinity Monitor?

    I was wondering if there was any Salinity testing equipment that actively reads Salinity in real-time, I use the Hanna Salinity Checker which I really enjoy but sometimes I get the feeling that it's not as accurate as a Refractometer.
  24. revnull

    Taylor SpeedStir Cuvette Adapters

    Back when I was testing more regularly I bought a Taylor SpeedStir portable magnetic stirrer for use with my Red Sea titration tests. Even with a smaller 15mm stir bar I had to make sure the cuvette was absolutely centered or the bar would just bounce off of the sides and get stuck. It was a bit...
  25. Hanna Checkers

    For sale Kentucky Hanna Checkers

    I have a bunch of Hanna checkers and smart stir for sale. These prices are not shipped but I am willing to ship. I would prefer to sell them all at once. Reasonable offers will be considered. Salinity (includes 8 calibration packs) $45 Alkalinity (DKH) (nearly new reagent) $30 Phosphate ULR...
    $10.00 to $45.00