1. E_Galicia

    Nano Build Evo 2.0

    After a moving disaster in March, I'm ready to make progress with my Evo Nano Reed. Update: Shortly after I lost all my fish/corals in my move, I started from scrap! I gave the Evo a thorough freshwater bath and scrub. This time around, I wanted to do things a little bit differently, the...
  2. Reefer825

    Maryland Virginia Washington, D.C. BioCube16, Stand and many extras. Full Setup! $400

    Selling our complete BioCube 16 setup with matching stand. There are no scratches on the glass and the cabinet is in excellent condition. It's five months old, we upgraded to a larger system. This is the newest version with the LED lights and the programmable light schedules. Comes with Caribsea...
  3. FjordReef

    Build Thread Fjord Reef's Waterbox Cube 20

    Introduction Hey everyone! I thought I'd start a build thread to track my progress with my newest reef. I had about 7 active tanks running simultaneously when I was 13-15 years old, but then lost interest in the hobby and got rid of everything. I'm older now and haven't been working as much due...
  4. M

    Tunze pump recommendations for new build

    Hi, All, I'm having a custom tank built by crystal dynamic aquarium with a demensions of 30 x 30 x 24. This tank will be a bare bottom acropora dominated tank. I have used a majority of the major branded pumps over the last 12 years from ecotech, ai, gyres but for this build I'd like to try...
  5. Aquaristexhibit

    Setting up dual Tunze 6055 electronic’s to pump inversely

    I just got 2 new Tunze 6055 electronic powerheads and I’m wondering if anyone has set them up to work inversely to eachother and how to do it? I think eventually I will have them programmed to a profilux when I buy the controller, but for now I plan to set them up connected to eachother. I...
  6. Aquaristexhibit

    Build Thread Welcome to Aquarist Exhibit’s New Build Thread!

    Hey Reefers!! Welcome to my build thread !! -75 g Custom 12mm tank with Starphire Front (40”L x 20” W x 22” T) built by local Edmonton tank Builder www.Aqua-lab.ca Overflow & Wavemakers -Eshopps prodigy L overflow (bean animal) -2x Tunze 6055 Electronic Sump Filtration - Bashsea Smart series...
  7. MDSReefing

    ATO USED TUNZE OSMOLATOR ATO $40, will pay for shipping

    This has been in use for about 8 months, works great. There is a slight crack in the out feed line but still operates just fine, which is why I’m selling it so cheap. All included mounts/mags will be with this item.
  8. kanders87

    Illinois Basement Clean out - ATO Skimmer lighting

    Selling some stuff that I’m no longer using. All cleaned up and ready to go. Maxspect Razor X RS-150 ($450 OBO) Tunze 9012 Skimmer (SOLD) Hydor controllable pump 1000gph (SOLD) SmartAqua Micro ATO, includes everything you see in the photo. Will need additional tubing. (SOLD) Reef...
  9. NewFish

    Build Thread NewFish - 40g Overbuilt ULM Reef

    Getting started on this journey. I have been learning whatever I can retain over the past few months. Now I'm ready as ever to take my chance at my first reef tank. I've dreamed of a saltwater aquarium since I was just a little guy so here it goes. My plan is to build a minimal maintenance 40...
  10. Joel Franco

    USA WTB WTB 2x Tunze 6105 with controller

    Looking for a pair of the newer 6105‘s with controllers. Let me know what you got.
  11. Chipper1978

    Tunze or Other Powerhead Recommendations

    I currently have an MP40 on each end of my 4 foot mixed reef tank. Have quite a few acro frags and am looking to get some more flow, including increased surface agitation. Considering two Tunze powerheads for the back wall of the tank. These look like good options since you can point them...
  12. J

    EMERGENCY Tunze 9001 Magnet Question

    I am having huge problems in my tank as of recent and am trying to figure this out and rule it out as a problem. I have a Tunze 9001 in my Waterbox Cube 20. The only way to use this skimmer is to put the skimmer facing sideways and the magnet is being submerged in the water. I was wondering if...
  13. howaboutme

    Build Thread My SPS Waterbox Peninsula Mini 15

    Hi all. Long time member (I think I joined right around when R2R started or took off years ago) but got out of the hobby for about 6 years and now I am back! I don't see many build threads for the PM 15 (mostly the 25) so thought I'd share my journey here. This post will be a bit behind...
  14. B

    Tunze ATO wiring replacement

    Hey All, Sadly while doing some cleaning last night, I accidentally stripped the wire from the connector pin between my osmolator controller and pump (it’s been with me for awhile and I was caught being careless) I was wondering if anyone has a link to a suitable replacement connector( so far...
  15. Marcelo Simon

    North Carolina Skimmers Tunze 9004 DC Skimmer

    Hello everyone! I have a Tunze 9004 DC Skimmer bought on July 19th, 2020 new from BRS. Used it on a 30 gallon long but upgraded to a waterbox so I no longer need it. Took skimmer apart and thoroughly cleaned it. Will post pictures later tonight. I have a QT tank that I recently set up. There is...
  16. gt44ever

    Help running 4x older 6055s

    Hello, I need some help figuring out the best and preferably affordable way to run 4x 6055s. Basic plan is alternating pairs running across the tank (110g tall), though some form of random or semi random option could be nice as well and I'd like to run a moonlight sensor. May need to upgrade to...
  17. McPuff

    Michigan Powerheads Tunze 6105 motor block & controller

    For those of you that like to tinker and/or fix things, here is a Tunze 6105 motor block. Notice that the cord sheath is broken where it enters the block itself. The pump works fine but I don't want to use it in this condition. MFG date is 08/2018 so it's not very old. Including only what...

    Build Thread Tye's AstoriaReef 350: Cycle Started

    Hi everyone coming back to the hobby after about 15yrs away; back then had a down and dirty 55gallon reef tank with all HOB equipment. Recently purchased an apartment so was finally able to come back to the hobby without the fear of having to move the tank etc. Since a lot had changed in the...
  19. R

    Tunze 3155 issue

    I ordered a Tunze 3155 ATO from BRS a few months back. Lately I've been noticing that it won't detect when the water gets low so its not replacing the evaporated water. I cleaned it to make sure it wasn't that and nothing. Only thing that has helped was to unplug it and plug it back in. But even...
  20. jhall2242

    West Virginia Dry Good Trade Trade two Tunze 6105 for two Tunze 6095

    I have two Tunze 6105 in my tank. About 2 months old. I want to trade for two Tunze 6095.
  21. Idoc

    Tunze 9410 Skimmer depth

    Looking for other Tunze 9410 skimmer users! How deep do you have your water depth around your skimmer? My original impeller corroded and split. The original impeller is no longer available and has been replaced with a newer, less output model impeller. I was told by Tunze that the...
  22. LittleMaui

    Oregon Washington WTB Tunze Refugium Light

    Looking for a Tunze LED light shipped to 97062. New or used.
  23. Cfellini91

    Oregon Skimmers Tunze DOC Comline Protein Skimmer 9004

    I bought this skimmer online. Unfortunately it’s a hair too wide for the back of my tank. It’s an open box but it’s brand new! I am Asking$160. I am willing to ship it. Message me if you’re interested or have any questions! Tunze DOC Comline Protein Skimmer 9004 Nano Tank
  24. yepreef

    Texas Skimmers Tunze Comline Skimmer 9004 For Nano Tank

    I sold my nano tank and this skimmer is currently in storage, already cleaned and ready to go, $80 shipped. Price is firm.
  25. sradosevich

    Build Thread My Red Sea Reefer 170-E

    I've been in this hobby since I was a teen. My current living situation is such that a large tank is not feasible , nor is a whole house generator that I had on my previous house... But I'm making due and making equipment selections that will lend themselves to a future big upgrade when life...
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