1. J

    California Aquarium Controller Dosing Drygoods 2 x Neptune Apex, 2 x Neptune Trident, DOS, 2 x RODI Units, Apogee MQ-510 & AM-320 Quantum Meter & More

    2 x Neptune Apex El, Comes With PH / Temp Probes - $395.00 Each 2 x Neptune Tridents - $395.00 Each Neptune DOS - $195.00 BRS 75gpd RODI 6 Stage, Hardly Used (TDS Reads 0) - $195.00, SpectraPure 6 Stage CR-RODI-90-6STG - Hardly Used (TDS Reads 0) - $275.00 Tunze Care Magnet Strong 0222.020...
  2. doubleshot00

    North Carolina Skimmers Drygoods Tunze skimmer and eco chic 8831

    Tunze Comline doc DC 9012 $320 Tunze eco chic 8831 $70 3 months old. prices are shipped.
  3. C

    Pennsylvania ATO Drygoods Tunze 3155 ATO

    SOLD (1) Tunze Osmolator 3155 Automatic Top Off (ATO). Never used.
  4. a_reefer11

    Massachusetts ATO Drygoods SOLD Tunze ATO - Will Ship

    Tunze ATO $90 shipped
  5. V

    Illinois Aquariums Lighting Return Pumps Ai prime 13 $95, Waterbox 10g $100, Tunze pump $55

    Ai prime 13 Led and fixed mount $95 shipped Light is fully functional but shows heavy signs of use. Lens need to be replaced but all LEDs work. Was opened up to clean fan. One of the mount screws torx is stripped but can just be hand tightened. Waterbox 10g AIO $100 Local Good...
  6. dustinc

    Texas Filters Drygoods Tunze Comline Filter 3163

    I have a very gently used Tunze 3163 I used on a cube tank for the last 2 months. Works great, just broke down that tank and setup a larger system with overflow. $75 Shipped
  7. YaboiNathan

    ATO Return Pumps Powerheads Drygoods Tanks break down sale: powerheads

    Just break down my 1 year old system. Here are all the equipment I have for sale 2 mp10 in new condition Mp10 qdwes : 180 shipped Mp10 qdwes mobius ready: 200 shipped Maxspect xf250 pump with controller: 160 shipped 2 return pump Octo varios 8: 250 shipped Ecotech marine M1 : 180 shipped...
  8. P

    Tunze 9004 DC Skimmer blinking blue light

    Hey there! I recently picked up a new Tunze 9004 DC skimmer. It was running for a day before it shut off and the controller is blinking blue. I’ve looked in the skimmer for debris. Unplugged and plugged back in. The pump does not turn on at all and the controller keeps blinking blue. Any...
  9. polyppal

    Colorado Powerheads Drygoods Tunze Nanostream 6055 w controller (Exc Cond) - $150 shipped

    Used great condition Tunze Turbelle Nanosteam 6055 kit (w controller) MSRP 219.99, 4,500 l/h (1,189 USgal./h) Great condition, used a few months. Thoroughly cleaned w citric acid when pulled from tank. Selling for $150 SHIPPED! PM if interested, thanks
  10. R

    Colorado ATO Drygoods SOLD Tunze Osmolator ATO - Nano 3152 ATO

    Tunze Osmolator ATO Nano 3152 - Aquarium Auto Top Off (ATO). Perfect for aquariums up to 50 gallons. Max head height 7.0 ft. Located in Ft. Collins Colorado
  11. Elbereth

    Question on Tunze 6040

    I'm considering getting the Tunze Turbelle 6040 for a display refugium but my only reservation is the lack of a guard on the pump. Isn't there a risk of snails or other critters getting caught in the propeller? I'm especially concerned because I want to get pipefish somewhere down the line and...
  12. melanotaenia

    New York ATO RO/DI Drygoods Reef Items for sale: Tunze Osmolator, AquaFX R/O Unit, Trigger Systems Crystal ATO, Lifegard Turbo Reactor and More

    Good evening Reefers. I hope everyone is having a great summer. As I wind down my graduate program, I am going to be moving soon and need part with some of my reef equipment. Here are the details. I am located in Midtown Manhattan near NYU Langone Hospital, and am available most days for...
  13. C

    New Jersey ATO Drygoods SOLD Tunze 3155 auto top off

    Tunze 3155 auto top off. Unit is about a year old. Is cleaned and has everything it came with. Box and instructions.
  14. Yokahammy

    Build Thread Innovative Marine 30L NUVO Fusion PRO 2

    This tank has only only been set up for about a week so still working on getting though the cycle process. I did add some Dr. Tim’s one and only when I set up the tank so hopefully that’ll help. There’s one clown and one royal gramma (hopefully the royal gramma will come out of hiding soon)...
  15. louisvillereefer

    Colorado ATO Lighting Misc. Pumps Decomm Sale - DIY Led, Eheim & Water Change Pumps, and more

    Located in Louisville, Colorado (80027). Selling because I decommissioned my 125-gallon saltwater tank after an extended power outage. All items are working and fully functional unless noted otherwise. Most items were purchased in 2018 or 2019 and decommissioned at the end of 2021. Prices...
  16. Valhalla Reefer

    Tunze 6095 Troubleshooting

    Hi I’m trying to troubleshoot one of my Tunze 6095’s . It’s getting power but won’t turn. (At least I believe it is as the light on the power brick is still on) I’ve disassembled, cleaned & citric acid bath and reassembled - but still not moving. Im now suspecting maybe the motor block has...
  17. trevorhiller

    Pennsylvania ATO Drygoods SOLD Tunze Osmolator 3155 w/extra pump

    I have a Tunze Osmolator 3155 that I used for about 6 months. Cleaned w/citric acid before putting away. Includes a brand new pump still sealed in package and a second pump that works perfect other than a small cosmetic crack on the tubing adapter that does not effect operation. $170 Shipped to...
  18. SunnyX

    Build Thread Rimless Reef 4.0

    It feels good to be back! Well, I’ve been back in the hobby for two years now. Over that time I had setup a small 50gl reef in my office. It was nothing special, just something to get my fingers wet again in this hobby. The tank grew in nicely from small frags and helped to get me ready for...
  19. Tunze Comline 9001 skimmer - EXC - 90$ FREE SH

    For sale Colorado Tunze Comline 9001 skimmer - EXC - 90$ FREE SH

    Excellent condition Tunze Comline 9001 w original box. Used a few months on a zoa, little use, works perfect. Has been throughly cleaned. Includes domestic shipping! PM if interested. Thanks!
  20. MP10 + Extra Wetside

    For sale California MP10 + Extra Wetside

    Older Powerhead, still does the job, pretty dang good price with the extra wetside. 175 shipped
  21. 2 Tunze Turbelle Stream3 6150 BRAND NEW. PRICE DROP

    For sale Colorado 2 Tunze Turbelle Stream3 6150 BRAND NEW. PRICE DROP

    PRICE DROP 2 Brand New Tunze Turbelle Stream3 6150 Pumps. Opened the boxes but never seen the water. $350 Each Shipped or $680 for the pair shipped.
  22. Lots For Sale!! Radion XR 15 G5 Blue,Nyos 160 w/swabbie, TUNZE STREAM 3,CW-100 Algae Scrubber, RedSea Gyre ReefWave 45

    For sale Colorado Lots For Sale!! Radion XR 15 G5 Blue,Nyos 160 w/swabbie, TUNZE STREAM 3,CW-100 Algae Scrubber, RedSea Gyre ReefWave 45

    Lots to Offer!! Ecotech XR15 G5 Blues. Excellent shape, used at 60% max for about 8 months. $410 each shipped or $800 for both. (will include RMS adaptor kit for FREE if you need them!!) 1 SOLD, 1 LEFT. Nyos 160 Protein Skimmer with Avast Marine Swabbie Neck Cleaner. Excellent shape. 1.5...
    $200.00 to $500.00
  23. Timothy Davis

    AIO Build TD's JBJ RL-45 Tank Build

    Hey, fellow Reefers! In early January I decided to get my JBJ RL-45 tank back up and running. I had to shut down due to a cross-country move in 2018, and am just now getting back to it! The first thing was to inspect the tank for any cracks or damage incurred during the original cross-country...
  24. Tunze EcoChic 8831 Refugium light

    For sale Tennessee Tunze EcoChic 8831 Refugium light

    Tunze EcoChic 8831 new in box for sale. It can be used above the water or even completely submerged in the water as well! Will ship if buyer pays for shipping.
  25. polyppal

    Tunze is dropping a full-featured controller. Some day…

    Spent a bit of time talking to the Tunze reps at Reefstock last weekend, and was told there is a full-featured Tunze controller in the works. Sounds like it is all but completed, but covid disruptions and shortages have delayed it (I believe he said until 2023/24)… Also got to check out a new...
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