1. tim_th3_t00l_man

    AIO Build Fluva 13.5 Marleys_Reef

    Fluva 13.5 Has been established for about 6 months Live rock and sand LPS Blue leg hermits Zebra turbo snail Trochus snail Tiger conch Sand sifting star Randall pistol shrimp and goby Good Coral Banded Shrimp Spot tail blenny Two clowns Light: Fluval marine 3.0 Refugium Light...
  2. William Chiavetta

    Build Thread 55g reef tank

    I recently had a huge Ich outbreak and had everything die. When I start back up again (July 6th) it will basically be starting over. No survivors. I want to eventually to upgrade to 125 Bank account balance: -$4290 I eventually want to have corals but don't own any yet QT tank: Tank: Topfin...
  3. A

    How much flow do I need?

    Hi I've taken a video of my tank. It's a 60 litre Fluval Spec. I did have the fluval powerhead in there but the corals weren't too happy with that. Not sure it was blowing hard enough so I switched it to the Sicce Voyager Nano (530 Gallons per hour or 2000 litres. I don't know if it's too...
  4. D

    Selling Fluval Canister Filters (FX6, 407, and 307)

    Hello, I am selling a few of my Fluval Canister filters from 2022 & 2023. The filters were used to filter a 200G freshwater tank and are all in good condition. The Filter pads are in used, cleaned and in good condition and are included, media trays, and all hoses. 2 x Fluval FX6 Canister...
  5. jgabbsxx

    Illinois Lighting Drygoods Fluval Marine & Kessil - WILL SHIP

    I have 3 lights for sale, all work just recently purchased AI lights. ALL LIGHTS ARE OBO Fluval Marine 3.0 36-48inch adjustable - $200 HAVE BOX Fluval Marine 3.0 24-36inch adjustable - $150 NO BOX Kessil A360W - E Series Tuna Blue with controller & arm mount $300 NO BOX
  6. Sailaway

    One year of reefing

    Feel like I’ve learned a lot this year. Tank is stable and all the inhabitants are happy. Only fish in the tank is a spotted watchman shrimpgoby. Clownfish killed every single fish I put in there so I gave her up. Neomeris (green algae) has overtaken one side but I usually keep it trimmed back...
  7. L

    California Drygoods Kraken Reef Fluval Flex 9 Lid

    Change Of Plans On My Flex 9 Build , Unfortunately They Don’t Allow Returns It Brand New. I’m asking $80 Located In San Jose, CA I Can Ship
  8. Angelo Fatica

    Fluval Evo 13.5 with two Kessil a80s?

    Hey all, I just purchased an a80 to light my fluval evo 13.5 tank. Was thinking of just for softies and maybe lps. Would adding another a80 down the road be sufficient for growing any LPs and some montipora? It’s hard to find par spread diagrams on these and I’m just curious what the par and...
  9. T

    Fluval Flex 32.5 chipped glass

    Good afternoon all! I was set to meet up with a buyer from FB marketplace to purchase his reef setup Fluval flex 32.5 gallon aquarium. Included in this kit was the tank, stand, Fluval 1 ps1 protein skimmer, Fluval p2 auto feeder, heater, power head and Green Killing Machine in Tank UV...
  10. J

    Fluval Evo 13.5 Uv Sterilizer

    I am considering adding a uv sterilizer to my fluval evo. I do not have any major algae outbreaks beyond what is typical such as some green hair algae (tank is 5 months) and normal algae build up on the sides of glass. I also have a BTA and one soft coral which are doing amazing. Should I add...
  11. J

    AIO Build Fluval Evo 13.5 leak concern

    I’ve had my Fluval Evo for 2 months thus far and have had no issues whatsoever. I’m beginning to become attached to this tank and really enjoy it. However, I’ve read reviews online of some that have experienced leaking out of nowhere, even after months of owning it. How can this be avoided? Or...
  12. T

    AIO Build New Money Pit Build Fluval 15

    Hi Everyone, New to the forum and making the move from fresh to saltwater. We have a fairly well established 55 planted tank with golden plecos and a bevy of black mollies going. Looking to slowly transition over to saltwater. This is an old fluval 15 flex I just did a vinegar soak and...
  13. D

    Biological media

    I have a canister filter and recently bought a second one to replace my orginal one. Both have been running together for two weeks, so I’m going to take the old one out. Should I just keep the biological media and put it in the new one or use as much of the old sponges as possible. Preferably...
  14. Justin Allen

    Mississippi Package Deal Drygoods 125 gallon stand lid lights canister filter

    Gulfport Mississippi 125 gallon tank/stand/lid/lights/wave maker/fx4 canister filter and about 150 lbs on live rock. Make offer I’m currently in the cleaning it process. It’s in my garage and I have it drained I’m about to clean the glass and lights etc. no shipping
  15. Thizz

    Return Pumps Dosing Drygoods Apex, DOS, Gyre, Tunze ATO, Nyos 120 & 160 skimmer

    Pickup In Anaheim Most Items Used Less Than 1 Year Majority Of The Items Listed Are Cleaned And Were Well Taken Care Of Unless Noted Otherwise. Shipping will be at buyers expense Nyos 120 skimmer NEW NEVER USED - $290 Nyos 160 skimmer NEW NEVER USED - $390 Makers LED DIY kit works great...
  16. DrewFish

    California Aquariums Filters Drygoods 100 gallon acrylic tank with stand and lid, Fluval FX5 and Fluval 404, Pickup Only Burbank CA

    Up for sale is my freshwater setup. 100 gallon acrylic tank with stand and canopy. Fluval FX5 and 404. No leaks. Pickup only in Burbak, CA. $600 Not looking to part it out yet.
  17. Scaggs1117

    Need help cleaning filter!

    So I need to clean my filter, not necessarily replace media just carbon. Last time I changed the carbon I noticed a lot of gunk in there. I have a fluval 307 canister and I’m deathly afraid of cleaning it because of wiping out the bacteria and I don’t want to have a nitrite or ammonia spike...
  18. Scaggs1117

    Trying to get flow pattern right

    So I have an aqueon 29 tank with a fluval 307 canister filter along with 2 hygger mini DC wave makers at 1600gph each. My rockwork is pretty much in the center of the tank. One wave maker is on the right side wall in the lower back corner which is pushing water behind the rockwork to the...
  19. borrowedthemoon

    Best ATO Under $100??

    Best Auto Top Off ATO Under $100? Ive seen similar threads, but most are outdated. Least probable to flood and then accuracy in that order. FLUVAL Evo 13.5 w/ 5 gallon bucket Thanks coral friends!
  20. KB1989

    FLUVAL EDGE - 23L - Nano Tank

    Hi fellow reefers.... I thought I'd share my Fluval Edge Marine conversion. New to reefing, and this is my first tank 3 months in. What a minefield it's been and the sheer amount of research and cost to it all. What's your thoughts on my set up? Started using chemi pure blue nano filter media...
  21. N

    Build Thread Fluval Flex 15 Jellyfish Conversion

    Hey All, If you're reading this, welcome! I'm basically starting this thread as a way to document my own progression (all of the ups and downs) with building a Jellyfish Tank out of a slightly modified Fluval Flex 15. Admittedly I did get the idea from the Omni 8/9 which seems to be chronically...
  22. Gabtron92

    Build Thread My First Tank— Fluval 13.5

    I started my very first tank April 2022 and recently joined the R2R community almost a year into the hobby. Prior to setting up my Fluval 13.5 I’ve never had a fish tank, saltwater or fresh. I decided to get into the hobby one day and the very next day I was at my LFS purchasing all the...
  23. N

    Fluval Flex 15 Conversion for Jellyfish and Stand Issues

    Hello all! I'm new here and essentially completely new to the hobby. I have wanted a jellyfish tank for myself for a number of years now and have decided to pull the trigger so to speak; However I found the price of the available tanks/kits to be quite prohibitive and not exactly what I was...
  24. sharkyahd

    Hello It really is an addiction…

    Hi my name is Aiden and I have a problem… just kidding, sort of. Hello everyone! To preface I have tried and tried to get out of the hobby a couple times now but I guess I just can’t fight it. I’m meant to glue live animals to rocks and burn money on salt. I’m here to learn from and share my...
  25. JZ199

    fluval flex lighting change

    After deciding to postpone my new build and upgrade one of my current tanks a little more first, I'm trying to debate between the lighting for it. It a Fluval Flex 32.5, currently running the Fluval Marine 3.0 I'm looking to add mostly softies in there, so I don't need anything super crazy...