1. C

    Nano Build Cam’s Fluval Evo 13.5 Reef Venture

    After having lurked on several forums for over five years I finally got an amazing deal on a tank I should have bit the bullet on a long time ago. The plan is to have a pretty simple fish only tank at first until I upgrade the lights. Eventually I know I’m going to get coral. I’m not expecting a...
  2. Sandroni

    Build Thread Sandroni's Fluval 5 Gallon!

    Hello everyone!! I hope your holidays were very merry and bright. I have made my return some of you may remember me as "AndysReef" I joined back in 2016 and took a break in 2018. I am now a sophomore and college and during this pandemic and my winter break, I decided to come back tp the hobby...
  3. savannah0238

    Texas Miscellaneous Fluval 15 Gallon Tank

    I have a 15 gallon complete set fluval tank that I only used for a short amount of time. This would be a greater starter tank for someone just starting or just want to use it to keep corals in. I'm asking $140 shipped for the tank and comes in original box and everything. The price is negotiable...
  4. graffitireef

    Build Thread Graffiti Reef Fluval Evo 13.5 Build

    Hello all, wanted to post some progress photos. Finally got everything so I could start building. This is my first time doing a nano and so far its alot of fun. I used Marco Rocks because I wanted to try something different and plan on making this a no hitchiker/no ich tank. Say what you will...
  5. mario4933

    Florida Aquariums Lighting Fluval Evo 5

    Hey there reefers! I’ve got a Fluval Evo V for sale with upgraded pump, intank media tray and upgraded light. $200 OBO This is what it looked like before I took it down.
  6. Mortimer Spit

    75 Gallon Aquarium Set Up For Sale

    75 Gallon Marine Land Aquarium Asking $550 - Includes Fluval FX6 Canister Filter - Includes Fluval Marine and Reef 2.0 LED strip light 59 watts - Includes 2 circulation fans - Includes glass top - There are no scratches or buffs on the glass tank - There are no scratches or cracks in the...
  7. Mortimer Spit

    75 Gallon Marineland Aquarium Set Up For Sale $550

    75 Gallon Marine Land Aquarium Asking $550 - Includes Fluval FX6 Canister Filter - Includes Fluval Marine and Reef 2.0 LED strip light 59 watts - Includes 2 circulation fans - Includes glass top - There are no scratches or buffs on the glass tank - There are no scratches or cracks in the...
  8. DaringDiabetic

    Setting Up a FluvalSmart SEA Nano

    Hi all! I just recently upgraded my light to the FluvalSmart Sea Nano for my 5 gallon pico reef, I’ve got some LPS guys and one SPS, And I’m excited about the new possibilities with the light, I’m just seeing some new algae growth and some of the corals are shrinking back, and I’m pretty sure...
  9. cLoWDy

    AIO Build First Reef Tank - Fluval Flex 32.5 Gallon Build

    Hello All! I’ve decided to start my first ever reef tank after spotting the AIO Fluval Flex 32.5 Gallon Tank Kit (Aka Fluval Flex 123L). Figured the all in on (AIO) was the way to go since I’m a first timer and the setup seemed pretty simple to grasp. However, after reading about this tank from...
  10. Sebastian8601

    Build Thread Fluval 13.5 EVO as first saltwater tank build

    Good morning, I recently picked up a Fluval evo 13.5 from craigslist for 80$ with a heater and stand. I am beginning my first saltwater tank build and would like input and feedback about what i need to be doing to improve on my build. Hardware: Tank: Fluval EVO 13.5 Light: Stock light (subject...
  11. cLoWDy

    Fluval Flex Owners - Experience, Mods, Advice

    Hello Reefers, Im a first time reefer but certainly not new to the aquarium lifestyle. I decided to start my journey with an AIO (all in one) Fluval Flex 32.5 Gallon. I have had so many questions about the best way to go about setting up this tank as there are many ways to modify and improve...
  12. Sleeping Giant

    My 75 gallon video

  13. J

    Build Thread My 32.5 Fluval Flex Marine (BUILD THREAD)

    Hi, I'm new to the saltwater hobby, I thought I would post my tank and the upgrades I've done to it. Livestock: 2 clown fish 1 purple firefish 1 Midas Blenny 1 Cleaner shrimp 2 Hammer corals 1 pink goniopora 1 flame BTA 1 Torch 2 GSP's Equipment; - I'm running the stock light (Corals are...
  14. J

    New to Saltwater

    Hi, thought I'd post about my first tank. I have a fluval 32.5 gallon reef tank with 2 clownfish, Midas blenny, purple firefish and a cleaner shrimp. my tanks been running for about 4 months now. I have a couple hammer corals and 1 flame BTA and A pink goniopora. everything is going good so far...
  15. EcoFriendlyMouth

    Nano Build Fluval Flex 15g saltwater. A first saltwater tank.

    Well I guess welcome to my build thread. I have been wanting to do a saltwater tank for a minute now. However, due to stability in living situation and work, I havent had a chance until now. With all of my classes for my undergrad online, I decided to dive headfirst into a reef tank build. I had...
  16. KimberlyMary

    Best Light Strip?

    Wondering what everyone’s favorite lights are (preferably strip/bar) I need a 48in light for FOWLR tank with a phone app! Seen the Fluval Aquasky lights at my fish store but wondering if there is any better for around the same price (Little over 200CAD)
  17. D

    Need skimmer help!

    So my girl just bought a fluval flex marine 32.5 gallon and I wanted to get her a protein skimmer. I have been looking online and calling local stores. I can’t seem to find a fluval PS1 skimmer anywhere. Is there a reason its not out there? If it’s not being made does anybody know another...
  18. itsdRu

    Hello New from Cincinnati

    Hello all I’m new from Cincinnati Ohio I have a fluval 13 1/2 gallon saltwater tank with a CoraLife surface skimmer and protein skimmer built-in. I really need some help here I’m trying to get everything correct in the water before I add any livestock including coral can you please view the...
  19. wonroc

    Build Thread The Turnpike Flex 32 Mixed Reef

    Fluval Flex 32.5 Saltwater Mixed Reef FLUVAL Flex Marine 32.5 MarineDepot 4 stage Rodi Tropic Marin Pro Salt 2 bags pink sand 40lbs life rock Fritzyme 9 Mixed reef. Rear fuge: purigen/charcoal. Filter material. Tunze Nano Skimmer. Intank. Ceramic media for the rear bottom space. Nano Ato to a...
  20. 802ScubaFish

    Hello New R2R Member!

    Greetings! My name is Christian. I’ve lurked in the forums here for quite a while, and figured it was about time I became an actual member. The info in these forums has really helped me get my first tank up and running and have been absolutely awesome. Currently I have a Fluval Flex 32 up and...
  21. Sleeping Giant

    Fluval products

    Just wondering if anyone uses Fluval products in their reef tank(s). I currently use: CP1, CP2, CP4 powerheads Fx4 canister filter (used a 306 canister filter prior, but wanted more water volume) Fluval LED marine 3.0 Bluetooth (48-60") Fluval LED marine 1.0 white/blue switch (48-60"), will...
  22. reefmasterdomi

    EMERGENCY Heater in 2.6 gallon

    i set up the fluval 2.6 gallon all in one as a tiny office tank, sort of a grow out for mushrooms and easy corals. i have everything set up with bio media and water from my display 3+ yrs old. all i need is a heater so what would you guys recommend? it would have to fit in the back compartment...
  23. Wicksy

    Build Thread Wicksy's Evo 13.5 Journal

    Hey guys this is going to be a journal of my Fluval Evo 13.5 Heads up I've never had a journal before so I might be all over the place and this is my first salt water tank. I've had this tank running for over a year now it hasn't been doing much until recently so let's get started. 13.5 Gallon...
  24. Lindebrah

    Hello all! About to dive into my first Reef Tank and was looking for some opinions on my equipment before I pull the trigger!

    Hey guys! I'm new to the forum but have been lurking for a while now. I'm about to start my first saltwater reef aquarium and just wanted a quick opinion on the parts before I order them. I know a smaller aquarium isn't recommended for your first aquarium but I don't really have space at this...
  25. Jonify

    Build Thread After recovering from my Bobbit worm trauma, here's my new build.

    BUILD INTRO: Day 15 (EDIT 9/22/20: swapped to a 20G Red Sea MAX NANO about a month after I started this build thread for the 13.5G Fluval, and transferred everything over, including sand and rock ... haven't gotten around to making a new build thread for the RS, but I will. Soon. Check out these...
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