1. M

    High Phosphates, but low nitrates

    So I have a 32 Gal Fluval Flex that has been running for about 9 months now. Recently, I had a couple Zoas and a GSP that have been closed up for a few days so I decided to test my water. The results were: Ammonia: 0.0 Nitrite: 0.0 Nitrate 0.0 (checked twice w Hanna checker) Phosphate:0.37...
  2. Nanolifeuk

    Best dosing brand on Fluval Evo ?

    I’ve created a regime to really dial in my parameters. It involves daily dosing: -0.4g kh buffer (unsure of brand) -16g magnesium (seachem dry) Haven’t got a calcium supplement yet. Can people recommend good/better brands? Am I better to stick to something like all-for-reef? I feel like...
  3. CrazyDuck959

    Fluval Evo 13.5 Light Upgrades

    Ok so I want to upgrade the light on my Fluval Evo. Everything I read said that the AI Prime is the best light. But for me 200$ is a lot for a light. I found a few alternatives that I wanted to ask if anybody had experience with them. If you all don’t think any are adequate for my tank please...
  4. M

    InTank Media Basket for Fluval 32.5 Setup

    Hello, I am looking at purchasing a couple Intank Media Baskets for my Fluval Flex 32.5. I was wondering how everybody liked them? Do they work well with the stock pump as far a flow and everything. Also, what do your filter media set ups look like? Has anyone actually had luck with Macro Algae...
  5. W

    Fluval mini skimmer trouble shooting

    Hey guys so I’ve had this skimmer for almost two months now and I legit can’t figure out my issue with it, it constantly makes micro bubbles in my tank still and the skimmer itself is legit impossible to ever dial in, it either has a zero or 100 mode where the bubbles just come non stop filling...
  6. AlphaCasual

    Build Thread My 13.5 Nano Build.

    Slow day at work so I figured I would finally write up a build thread to document and show my progress. I started back in March this year when someone gifted me an Evo 13.5 boy what a rabbit hole I have fallen down since then. I have taken care of freshwater fish in the past, but marine is...
  7. W

    What do I need for a tank when on vacation?

    Hey guys in a few months my family is going on a 9 day vacation, I have a 13.5 gallon evo and was wondering what do I need to get for it while on vacation aside from a timer for lights and an automatic fish food feeder, with my freshwater tanks going on vacation for two weeks was always nothing...
  8. W

    Any possible anemone?

    Hey guys I have a fluval 13.5 gallon ive set it up with live rock, live sand, etc keep it at about 78 degrees and salinity at 1.025 sometimes 1.026 as I’m still figuring out how to use my salinity measuring tools correctly. the tank has been stable so I’ve introduced a few snails here and there...
  9. W

    Questions on skimmers

    Hello guys I have zero idea how a skimmer works or if I even need a skimmer, I’m setting a 13.5 gallon tank (the evo) and I got this fluval skimmer with it(I don’t even know what it does) do I need to use it? What’s the purpose of a skimmer? I briefly tried to read on it and is it suppose to...
  10. Phoerut

    What is this sea slug kind of thing?

  11. Jakewareham

    Bryopsis, need suggestions on treatment with fluconazole, Help please :)

    So I've been in the hobby for 3 years, I have a 90 gallon mixed reef that has been very successful. I recently started up a 13.5 fluval evo nano, I used all established live rock from my 90 gallon system sump. The tank inhabits 2 clowns, an urchin and a narcissus snail, plus a few zoa frags...
  12. Fluval FX 6

    For sale Fluval FX 6

    I’ve got a Fluval FX-6 canister filter. New in Box. Never been used. Asking $300.00 obo. Willing to ship if buyer pays for shipping. This thing will cost as least $50 to ship since it’s so big!
  13. tadrielobrien

    King of the hill- Can nuisance algae be managed by increasing coraline algae load?

    I began my reef hobby nearly 6 months ago with a 13.5 Fluval EVO, and I've had great luck with it thus far (knocking on all the wood available). So far the only major problem I have encountered was a salinity spike that nearly killed my hammer (Beginner mistake- I relied on a cheap hydrometer)...
  14. aleeshajeanette

    Selling 5 gallon tank with supplies

    Best way to sell a 5 gallon tank??
  15. J

    Fluval Sea Evo 52L (13.5 US Gal) - New Setup/Beginner/Advice

    Hi I'm looking for some advice, tips and recommendations. I've been looking for a while now at starting a salt water nano reef tank. After reading many forum posts, youtube videos and chats with a few shops, i think i'm ready to start. Just want to post below the equipment i've settled on, if...
  16. M

    Unusual upgrades on a fluval evo 13.5

    Hey! So I got into saltwater a little over a month ago and I got the fluval evo. I love the size and look of the tank and it’s the perfect size for me as it fits on my nightstand. As I did more and more research I learned it’s much easier to have a higher water volume so I considered adding a...
  17. Sethrojello

    Fluval Nano Settings

    I have a saltwater aquarium in my classroom that I inherited. it is a small 25 gallon nano with a nano Fluval light. I want to know what the best light settings are for it. I attached what I currently have, it’s a pre set. I am planning to do some clown fish and sea anemones. Anything...
  18. 8

    Fluval Marine LED light or Orbit? Fluval had better stats?

    Hello! If you were choosing between Fluval Marine LED light or Current USA Orbit Marine, which would you choose? Price is about the same. I was going to go with USA orbit but it looks like it maxes at 8,000k? Fluval maxes at 25,000k. Thank you!! Fluval Sea Marine 3.0 LED Aquarium Lighting...
  19. ewoolpert

    Should I Rescape? 13.5 evo

    Should I re do my aquascape? I am always looking for ways to make my tank better and wonder if anyone has any advice for ways I can improve my aquascape. Should I let it be or change something up?
  20. R

    Light settings: Fluval Nano 3.0.

    Hello everyone, I bought my first saltwater aquarium 1 month ago. It is 30 gallons and is 12 inches deep. It is fitted with 2 Fluval nano marine 3.0 (20Watt). I am at the end of the cycle period and want to start with the first corals (Softies). Does anyone know the best light settings in...
  21. BTimms

    Show me your Fluval Aquasky LED settings

    I’m a little lost with lighting schedules. Please show me how you are running your lights. Thanks!
  22. Afkomjorgen

    Lighting recommendations for 29 gal bow reef

    I have a 1.5 year old reef tank setup in a 29gal bowfront. I have a Fluval Sea 3.0 ( or 2.0…?) that I’ve had since it’s beginning. Coral growth is slow and I’ve had some corals not thrive. We added a skimmer this year and it’s helped but I’d like to branch out to montipora and other sps but I...
  23. JoannaCora

    AIO Build Mini Macro Display (Fluval Evo V)

    Here to show off! Set up this 5 gallon AIO on Tuesday, the star of the show is meant to be the macroalgae, however, it is seemingly pretty sparse. Just wait for it to fill in! There's a lot of halimeda opuntia that I trimmed down to nubs before deciding to use the left rock in this tank, so I'll...
  24. NanoReeferAlex

    Florida WTB 3d Printed Fluval Evo 5 media basket

    Im looking for a 3d printed media box with 3 chambers similar to the in tank media box, hopefully at a cheaper cost! Fluval Evo 5 Sea
  25. BSVKilbey

    Quick Question - Mild Steel or Ceramic

    Hi all, Just a quick one. I am looking at modifying an old tank and the first thing that popped into my head is the Impeller. I have removed it from the filter but how can I tell if it is Ceramic or Mild Steel? I would need a Ceramic one to prevent rusting from salt water. Even the...