protien skimmer

  1. cookiehouse79765

    Oklahoma Powerheads LED Drygoods Ocean Revive T247 reef light

    Looking to trade two gently used full spectrum leds for a powerhead that pulses or an ai prime 16 or any ai led. Or possibly other stuff.
  2. b0bburg3r

    Wisconsin Skimmers Drygoods ice cap k1-50 used for 1 minute

    YES I have read the terms and agree to them I used this literally for seconds $100 and will ship.
  3. Cfellini91

    Oregon Suppliments Testing Drygoods Aquatop 25g Nano Reef Tank, Equipment, and Supplies for Sale

    Located in Portland Metro Area, Oregon After years in the hobby, I have found myself with little time to dedicate to my tank. Mid-summer I broke the tank down, giving everything a vinegar bath before storing (putting everything away dry). Brand new, all items surpass a $3,200 purchase price. If...
  4. J

    Should I get a skimmer for my biocube 32?

    I’ve had the tank set up for about a year, and currently have a sapphire damsel, fire fish, and some LPS and softies. The tank is stable, and my water change schedule is doing fine, but I’m wondering if it would be worth it to go for a nano skimmer for it. Are there any reasons I should or...
  5. J

    Reef octopus HOB making a pulsing noise instead of the constant hum that it usually does

    I have a Reef octopus classic 90 on my reef tank (my cab is way too small for a sump) I took it apart to clean it and now it’s making a pulsing humming noise instead of it’s usual constant hum and not generating any foam. Thanks for the help she’s back up and purring.
  6. T

    36 Gallon Bow front

    Not sure where to list this, but I have an entire system for sale. Up for grabs is a 36gallon bow front with lots of live rock, protein skimmer, 407 canister , led lights, heater, digital gauge. It will come with everything you need cleaning supplies filter media, 5 gallon Richmond aquarium...
  7. D

    Protien Skimmer/ Filtration

    Hi there, I have a 36 gallon tank and my current filtration and protien skimmer are not doing enough. I don't have enough space for a sump could i get recommendation for a protien skimmer and filter that would work. It is a curved front tank.
  8. VLR3

    Skimmer for Fluval Evo 13.5

    I currently have the Fluval Sea mini protein skimmer but I can’t get it to skim consistently. It’s either overflowing or the water level is too low. If I do actually get it dialed in, any time I have to unplug it (water changes, etc..) it’s like starting from scratch again to get it ‘re-tuned’...
  9. bull2k20

    Which protien skimmer is this

    Hello my fellow reefers Im trying to identify this protien skimmer....the pump works but the cord is frayed. I’m trying to figure out how to get the correct replacement pump for it ...please help
  10. Bryknicks

    Florida Skimmers Coralife protein skimmer

    HOB or stand alone protein skimmer rated for up tp 65 gallons $75 plus shipping
  11. RedReefer777

    New Jersey Skimmers Tunze 9004 DC Skimmer

    Hello R2R, I've been working on selling equipment I have laying around to try and fund my tank upgrade. I was planning on setting up a frag tank with all of it but I would rather start saving for the inevitable cost of going to a 120-150. All I have left is a Tunze 9004 DC. I used this Skimmer...
  12. icycoral

    Connecticut Skimmers Reef octopus classic 1000-hob

    Reef octopus classic 1000-hob protein skimmer for sale. Ran great for with the original eheim pump until the beginning of November 2019. I purchased a new pump, still have the box. Ran it for 5 months on the new pump then took it out of service(changed the tanks up). Would like to find it a new...
  13. J

    Aquamaxx HOB 1.5 protein skimmer overflowing/making tons of microbubbles for weeks now - none of the normal fixes working -

    I added some artificial resin corals to my tank about 2 weeks ago and ever since my protein skimmer has been overflowing like crazy (I contacted the company and they said it is a fairly normal occurrence because of some molding chemical they use or whatever, but should go away quickly). I have...
  14. Smooch30

    Washington MRC MR-6R Recirculating Protein Skimmer

    My Reef Creations MR-6R Recirculating Protein Skimmer (used) for sale. Asking $450 shipped. MRC Recirculating Skimmers are available from the MR-2R through the commercial line. Each have a minimum of 2 becketts and are made of 3/8" or 1/2" blue cell cast acrylic. Both becketts are plumbed...
  15. S

    Florida Nyos 160 skimmer

    In great condition. Will come with original box. Been running since June 2018. Upgraded to a bigger tank and skimmer. $375 shipped.
  16. vivekshankarpmk

    New Tank Cycling

    Its Been 40 days since starting cycling my new tank. I added 4 mollies by slowly converting them to saltwater environment. Its in the tank for the past 5 days they are doing good and taking marine pellets. My question is when shall i add marine fishes and when should i turn on the protein...
  17. Brad_the_gunner

    Recommendations on a skimmer?

    Hey guys Brad here!, Hello everyone I have a bio cube 16 was wondering if you guys know of a small protein skimmer that fits in this cube. I was recommended one but I would like to know if their is more options out there? Thanks again!
  18. Charterreefer

    New Jersey Updated post- Reef Octopus Elite 220-INT w Pics

    Hi Folks, I moved into a new house last year and unfortunately my system crashed during the move. I have since switched to a freshwater system and no longer need my saltwater-only equipment. As a result I have two pieces of equipment for sale currently. Reef Octopus Elite 220- INT 9" Super cone...
  19. BellaD

    New Jersey In-Sump Protein Skimmers

    I had this protein skimmer on my 125 Gallon tank. I recently downsized to a 55 Gallon tank and bought a HOTB protein skimmer. I have two of these In-Sump protein skimmers that I would like to sell for $80.00 Each. I'm not a big fan of shipping, so for now these are Pick Up Only (Blairstown, New...
  20. Preyou

    Florida Vertex Omega 180i Skimmer

    After adding another 40 gallons to my display, I have just purchased a larger skimmer. Now I need to sell my Omega 180i to help finance my purchase. It is broken in and churns out a full cup of the nastiest gunk you could imagine every week. I will make sure that whomever purchases this skimmer...
  21. Fishboy&crazycatfishlady

    Need any and all advice

    Hey everyone! New to the site as well saltwater! Currently, I have my tank that’s it. 55 gal, bare tank. I am making my own stand and hood, already in the process. My biggest question is about filtration. I’m not going to have the room to run a sump system. Was planning on running a canister...
  22. Dodgersfan

    First Reef Tank - Final Equipment List - Want feedback on selections

    Hi Everyone! I've been in the hobby for about 10 years, but I've only kept freshwater and Fish Only saltwater in the past. after bouncing around both coasts for a few years we have now settled down outside of Atlanta, and purchased a home a few months ago. Now that we're going to stay in one...
  23. Sunshine22

    Reef Octopus Classic 1000 HOB

    Reef Octo Classic 1000, Rated 75-100 gallons Only about 6 months old, pump is still perfect, just cleaned it, everything works and is good to go 100$ shipped
  24. Joshua Morey

    A bit overwhelmed

    Alright everyone so I'm going to try and be as thorough as possible. Currently running a 30 gal long tempered glass tank with an e- shopps R-100 sump. I'm using the E-Shopps hang on back overflow with my tank and it feeds down to the sump and into both the refugium chamber and the skimmer...
  25. WhoDone IT

    Help Identify Protein Skimmer

    Hey all, Just joined and am looking for some help. I am trying to identify this protein skimmer. I was going through a bunch of stuff salt water supplies I had and came across it. Once identified, would it be too much for a 15 nano? I'm trying to avoid getting another one if this would work...