36 Gallon Bow front

Trigger Jason

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Mar 14, 2022
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Not sure where to list this, but I have an entire system for sale. Up for grabs is a 36gallon bow front with lots of live rock, protein skimmer, 407 canister , led lights, heater, digital gauge. It will come with everything you need cleaning supplies filter media, 5 gallon Richmond aquarium refill jugs ect…. PM me if your interested. I also have a Wrasse and a damsel left. Huma - Huma is spoken for and the Bi-colored Angel. I will part it out, let me know what you want. About 40lbs of live rock.


Have you used Weld-on acrylic cement or comparable product with your reef?

  • Yes, for equipment repair

    Votes: 31 21.4%
  • Yes, for aquarium repair

    Votes: 12 8.3%
  • Yes, for aquarium assembly

    Votes: 23 15.9%
  • I have used Weld-on cement, but not for reef-related items

    Votes: 10 6.9%
  • No, I have never used Weld-on

    Votes: 87 60.0%
  • Other

    Votes: 6 4.1%
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