1. reeffreak911

    Florida Live Goods 28 gal complete reef tank

    28 gal nano cube with everything 2 colonies of gmk 2 colonies of speckled krakatoa 1 colony of wolverine zoa 1 colony of rainbow rhino zoa 2 colony of rainbow troll2 colony of jedi mind trick 2 polyp butt kisser zoa 1 colony of pink krakatoa 3 polyp space chaos zoa 2 colony miami vice zoa 1...
  2. John734

    Michigan Live Goods SOLD Copperband Butterfly- $50

    Great Fish- roughly 4” eats frozen and freeze dried mysis I’ve had him almost two years- getting a little too big for the tank he is in . pick up only
  3. natattack

    What livestock to add first from stocking list?

    Have a 16 gallon that just finished its cycle. Dry rock and live sand with no algae. Wondering what to add first. Would adding my clean up crew (nassarius snails and hermits) be okay without the presence of algae? Or should I add one of my fish (shrimp goby or tailspot blenny). Also, if I added...
  4. Gill the 3rd

    Pennsylvania Aquariums SOLD Seapora 135 Gallon Tank

    Selling my 135 gallon Seapora Fish Tank that I was using as a freshwater tank. I am no longer using it. Its about 3 years old and was drained a few weeks ago. The back and sides were painted black, but this can be easily scraped off. The seapora tanks are a higher quality than your typical...
  5. strangeobject

    New Mexico Powerheads Misc. Pumps Drygoods 3 - Neptune WAV pumps for sale

    I have 3 Neptune WAV pumps for sale. Running in tank, replaced with Nero 7's . Cleaned and ready. $375 shipped
  6. Starfishandseahorse

    Orchid Dottyback- Undead Roaming my Tank . Possibly haunted?

    Oh boy.. I’m a longtime coral reefer. Don’t know what this but I know it isn’t good. My orchid dottyback started looking like absolute garbage today. Went from 0-100 in a days time. Eating, swimming, acting completely normal. As time has gone on I suspect it is already dead and my tank is...
  7. iwnltom

    Need someone to give me ideas of corals that would be great to fill my aquarium that is sadly missing…

    So I’ve had this redsea 350G2 for maybe over a year and a half now. everything looks beautiful, except that my top left and right rocks feel empty to me and I would like to fix that problem with one piece each. Thank you! Please let me know what would look great in ur eyes as I really want to...
  8. A

    California Live Goods Gold Flake angel 3" $350 (Sacramento)

    SOLD (Please delete add) Super healthy, eats great, purchased quarantined, never shown any signs of disease, mouth starting to change to blue. Sacramento Area Mike 916-990-4398
  9. A

    California Live Goods Achilles Tang 3 1/2" - 4" $200 (Sacramento)

    Super healthy, originally purchased quarantined, eats great, never shown any signs of disease, and doesn't harass other fish. Changed my mind and I'm now open to shipping. I just shipped my Goldflake Angel, and it was a good outcome for fish, buyer, and me. Sacramento Area Mike 916-990-4398
  10. Smithrz

    How often do you add fish?

    Hey folks, What are your thoughts on how often you should, or can, add new livestock (fish mainly) to your tank? Is there a formula? is it entirely dependent on water parameters? Or based on needs such as pest or algae control (Let’s assume there’s plenty space for fish to be added, I get that...
  11. Reefer302

    Interesting fish for a 30g

    Hi, i currently have a randells goby, a captive spotted mandarin(eats prepared foods) and a royal gramma, im wondering what interesting fish you dont see to often would be a good fit. Some small shoaling fish would be cool
  12. ReefChasers

    Reef Chasers Halloween Sale • Save up to 50% off all livestock Oct. 25 - 31!

    Hey ya'll! We just started our Halloween Sale that will run until Oct. 31st! It's the time to give us a try and save big! Up to 50% off all livestock. Automatic coupon at checkout for 30% off! Reef Chasers Halloween Sale 48 Hour Live Arrival Guarantee Hammers, Frogspawn, Symphillia...
  13. J

    female wrasse turn male?

    My LFS has a female Mccosker's flasher wrasse, will it turn male? if its the only flasher wrasse in the tank?
  14. iwnltom

    Corals finally added to my tank and is almost complete

    So I posted previously saying I got some nice corals at a good price from buying out a tank… most people are commenting saying I got ripped off and the pieces are not rare. I didn’t mean “rare” in the way you guys think I meant. I just meant from the size of them and all the fish, and equipment...
  15. Sudaien

    Colorado Live Goods 135 gallon Tank, 145 gallon tank , top equipment , getting married all must go at once livestock included,

    Selling everything two large tanks, Including xr30 g6 on one and g5 on the other , VorTech MP60mQD - Mobius Ready QuietDrive Propeller Pump,VorTech MP40mQD - Mobius Ready QuietDrive Propeller Pump, Lots of beautiful corals and fish, also have 125 falling R O system and 65 falling salt water...
  16. B

    I bought a fish and don't remember what it's called.

    Hello everyone I bought a fish and forgot what kind it was. Hopefully someone can identify it. For the life of me I can't remember what is is called but it's really darn cute that's for sure.
  17. Tomorrow's Waters

    Not so known websites to buy fish??

    Hey Reefers! I am looking to add 3 tangs to my tank all at once to hopefully cut down on the aggression that typically comes with adding tangs individually. One of the tangs I plan to add is a Biota yellow tang which typically arrive very young and small. I would like to make sure the two other...
  18. D

    Missouri Live Goods SOLD Flame Hawkfish For Sale or Trade

    Asking $60 for my Flame Hawkfish just over a year old and pest/disease free to my knowledge. STL area local pickup only. Eats pellet and most prepared foods. Am letting him go due to him bulling my pintail wrasse. Seems to do fine with most other fish. Really fun little guy to watch and in great...
  19. B

    180 gal Custom build

    HELLO EVERYONE I've been working on this one for a while now and not sure what equipment I need to make it work. For right now it's going to be FOWLR but eventually I would like to add some corals when i get more experience. I've been in the hobby for 6yrs freshwater only. Now I want to try...
  20. K

    EMERGENCY Royal Gramma Jaw issue

    Hi everyone, I was away for 2 days and came back to my Royal Gramma looking like this. Not sure what is going on. Fish was quarantined following humblefish methods. Fish has been out of QT for about 8 months and been eating and acting normal. Only tank mate is a small clown, it’s in my...
  21. R

    Selling 100 gallon bow front custom reef tank with canopy and sump from California custom aquariums

    What’s included: Niger Trigger One spot Foxface Blonde Naso tang Sailfin tang Blue hippo tang (2) Maroon clownfish snowflake Eel Diamond goby (2) horseshoe crabs (3) sand sifting starfish (3) emerald crabs (5+) Hermit crabs (10+) Mexican turbo snails (10+) Bumble bee...
  22. Lbrdsoxfan

    California Live Goods 4.5 - 5" Sailfin Tang (Velifer)

    My fat pig of a sailfin has gotten a bit too big and aggro for my 120g to the point that the trio of yellows and purple arent doing as well due to stress thus he has to go. It will be caught and sumped over the next few days until a new home is found. Healthy, eats it all (frozen, flake...
  23. enlighten

    Clown Fish with Flatworm Shaped Marking on Tail

    What should I do? These marks just appeared, I tried to take a photo for reference.
  24. H

    Texas Live Goods Saltwater Fish

    Selling my saltwater fish. Decided to shutdown my tank and I am in the process of selling all my livestock and equipment. All fish are happy and healthy and eating a variety of foods. Local Pickup only. Houston TX Ember Blenny $200 Gladiator Clownfish $75 Black Onyx Clownfish $75 Snow Storm...
  25. To(meany)Tang

    Texas Live Goods Saltwater fish must go $50 max (sold)

    Hey everyone. Selling my aquarium fish because I have to move out. Willing to take offers and group multiple together for a great price. Just ask. All fish need to be quarantined I can't guarantee they are parasite free. They are 100% fat healthy and eating all types of food. If you need...