1. B

    Tang issues

    My tangs are itching like crazy and are starting to get blotchy. I stopped feeding nori for a couple weeks to try to encourage them to eat off of the rocks however I just started them back on it a few days ago. Can anyone tell me what my problem is? My house was also just painted a few days ago...
  2. Danny's Aquariums

    My Designer Clownfish - Danny's Aquariums

    I want to show you my clownfish! I'm so happy with these cool fish. They are doing really well! What type of clownfish do you have in your reef tank, if any? See more of them here:
  3. D

    Can anyone ID this fish?

    He’s currently in my observation tank. He’s quite small. Less than 3 inches. Was only told he’s some sort of wrasse. Is sharing the tank with a clown tang who couldn’t seem to care less about him being there lol. Thanks for the help.
  4. R

    Bristle Tooth tang acting weird

    I woke up today and my bristle tooth tang has mostly just been hanging out on the bottom. This is really unusual and I’m worried he might be sick. What do y’all think?
  5. Scp

    Michigan Ohio Yellow tang live rock a d

    Located Waterford, Michigan Yellow tang $250 Live rock $2/lb shipping available Coral Frags see list below ..... have multiples of just about everything . Overnight shipping on Coral $40. message thru text 248-fivetwozero -849one
  6. Edub

    New yellow tang

    So I got the small yellow tang and he his doing great. Eating and acting normal, I will observe him until Sunday which he then will enter the DT. I recorded i video to see if you guys notice anything, thanks (in the video he’s only in that small tank for the video)
  7. R

    Salt deposits

    What do y’all recommend I do about the salt deposits on the tank rim? Should I just wipe it off or put it back in tank to level out the salinity?
  8. D

    Stocking Tank

    I need help with ideas for my 36 gallon saltwater tank. I currently have a watchman goby and a lawnmower blenny. Both are super peaceful. I definitely would like to add a pair of clown fish, I'm not sure if I can add much more then that. However if I can, I would love some ideas.
  9. Jarbour14

    Massachusetts Aquarium Equipment Sale

    Items for sale: CPR cs102 overflow box with aqualifter pump - $150 100+ lbs of live rock - $250 50 lbs bahams oolite live sand - $30 Will's Aquarium light full spectrum for coral & fish - $80 Wood oak finish tank stand for 55-75 gallon aquarium - $150 Pm for pictures and info, pickup only.
  10. Ysquirrel400

    New York Moving Sale (Local Pickup Only)

    Moving soon and selling four fish + coral + equipment + tank. Two clownfish (bonded pair; orange/black) - $20 One Algae Blenny - $10 One Banggai Cardinalfish - $10 Pulsating Xenia Frag - $10 Hammer Euphyllia - $80 Bubble Coral - $80 Toadstool Coral (won’t stand up straight) - $30 Candycane...
  11. C

    Maryland Virginia Washington, D.C. Move Out Sale - Corals & Livestock Yellow Tang, Euphyllia Gardens etc

    Selling my corals and Livestock. Selling due to a anticipated move to another state or country. Taking tank and gears with me. All the livestock's are about 2 years old. Interested reefers please PM or send me text , will share pics. 651-757-880four Only pick up as i dont have any shipping exp...
  12. Willis19

    Help to understand and improve my situation

    Hi All I will give some background and hope you can guide me for a best path. Please do not criticize me for my novice errors. I'm aware of my errors and I want to improve. I started a 20g AIO mix reef tank in Jan 2021. Got dead rock online and I just rinsed it for few days in tap water...
  13. Beau_B

    LFS, Chromis, Uronema, and it's affect on future livestock.

    I was in a LFS the other day and saw they had a group of chromis. Not of great interest to me, but a couple had red blotches and my amateur guess was a possible uronema infection given the reported prevalence. It made me wonder, given the recommended "bleach everything and throw the rest away"...
  14. R

    Salon fairy wrasse with some sort of bacterial infection?

    Hi guys can you help me identify what this is and recommend treatment? Currently it’s in a 75 gallon qt tank running some copper under .8ppm and I dosed knaplex and metroplex as well as prazi in the past 2 weeks, running carbon at the moment.
  15. D

    EMERGENCY Hippo tang disease?

    Hi I recently bought this hippo tang.I’ve had it now for about a week now and since I’ve had it it has got some sort of disease I think and also hides at the back of the tank howveer I can’t diagnose it because I can’t find anything similar,I’ve attached some photos.If anyone has any ideas it...
  16. Silverfish

    North Carolina South Carolina Purple tang for sale or trade

    Hi, I would like to sell my 4-5 inch Purple tang. It is a beautiful healthy active fish. Just a bit too active for my tank. I would like 200$ for it or trade for euphyllia type coral. Unfortunately I will not be able to ship. I hv never shipped before and don’t want this to b my first time. I...
  17. Scp

    Michigan Various corals for sale

    elow is the list of soMe others of what I have. 1) green Monti cap $10 2) orange Monti cap $10 3) large head Duncan $20 per head 4) gsp $5 5) teal hammer $25/HD Larger avail 6)green purple frogspawn $20/hd med size 7) pink purple frogspawn $45 head 8) krypto candy cane $10/HD 9) green...
  18. Scp

    Michigan Livestock Trade Yellow tang

    I have a yellow tang about 3” for sale . Local pickup in Waterford, MI $250
  19. Y

    AIO or sump for clowns and nem?

    Hey all, need a bit of advice, I’m going to get a 120L/30Gallon tank for two clownfish and a nem/some corals eventually, and was wondering whether it’d be best to get an AIO system, or a sump? This will be my first ever marine tank, although I do have some experience from keeping bettas and...
  20. fox0521

    Newb looking for advice!

    Hey folks! Fee free to skip down a ways if you want to get to my questions! so I started my reefing journey back in October 2020 with a 55 gallon peninsula tank. Fast forward a month and my husband gifted me a 130 gallon acrylic tank! Fast forward a few more months and I decided to tear down my...
  21. awais98

    Texas FS Decoration to grow Corals on

    My daughter and I have this project of hand making these 4 beautiful pieces to grow corals on! Cephastrea, lepto, some montis can grow nicely on these. Each piece is between 4-5” in length! Each one is hand made with 100% reef safe materials. $18 per decoration cost includes shipping ...
  22. Foggy Pirate

    Nano Build Stocking Options For Evo 13.5 Both Fish and Coral

    Hey Everyone I’m fairly new here. I have an EVO 13.5 that cycled a month ago and I’m just taking my time making sure i can do water changes and the chemistry stays well. Which iv been successful in that so now I’m looking at what to put in. As an end gold i would love to have 3-4 fish. Maybe...
  23. Davar93

    Foxface in tank

    Hi just wondering if a juvenile fox face around 2” can be kept in a 30 gap tank prior to me moving him to a bigger one in few months?
  24. D

    Can pellets be too small?

    Can pellets be too small? I am quarantining a very large sailfin (when the seller said large didnt think it would be too large) very confident fish, never hiding, always swimming around. The pellets might be too small for him though. - new life spectrum 1-2.5 - ocean nutrition small Im worried...
  25. E

    Yellow watchman goby suddenly looks sick

    So I just saw my YWG 2-3!days ago his belly looked full due to eating pods and his color was bright yellow then he hid for a few days and I see him today and he looks imacitated and pale, I checked all parameters and they are fine, what could be wrong?
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