1. victoriaxoxo

    What are your thoughts on longfin clowns?

    Hey! I just got this cutie today from @cultivatedreef, he/she is a “premium black ice longfin” what are your thoughts on these guys as i never see them in stores or know anyone keeping these! From my understanding sea and reef makes the “best looking” longfins as they dont come jagged fins. As...
  2. Oscar’s25Gal

    Reverse Osmosis System - Worth it?

    Hi guys! I currently have a 25 gal however in mid August I will be changing to a 120 gallon (450 litres) It will be 5 foot long and the main reason I am upgrading is because I would love to keep larger fish. I have been offered a reverse osmosis system by someone for free, however it has to be...
  3. Sleeping Giant

    Best coral and fish stores in Canada

    I'm curious about what fellow Canadians consider the best coral and fish stores in Canada? Why? Online? Local? So far, mine would have to be FragBox, online for me, great delivery and packaging. I've only ordered inverts from them so far, but I can just imagine the fish delivery will be the same.
  4. mrmatzah

    Stocking Advice - 40G Aquatop Cube

    Hello everyone! Thanks for all your advice on potential upgrades to my tank. I really appreciate the warm welcome. Good news - I just tested my tank and it's completely cycled! It's so exciting, but I'm definitely working to be patient as hard as that might be - hah! I'm looking to get your...
  5. IAS

    Rare and WYSIWYG

    I normally buy local for my fish but my stores have been having alot of the same stuff. I'm looking for more WYSIWYG rare fish that are not just at every LFS. Is there any sites like that or pretty much just LA divers den?
  6. El_Guapo13

    Male or female?

    Need help determining whether or not this Red Finned Fairy Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus rubripinnis) is a male or female. I got as many pics as I could, but it's a wrasse. It moves. Fast. So several came out blurry even though it looked fine as I snapped the phone. These are the best ones I had. I...
  7. tom's_tank

    Where to get coral and fish online in Sydney?

    Hi everyone I was just wondering if anyone knew where to get fish and coral online in Sydney? Anyone know a website?
  8. ReeferWarrant

    Advice for Nano Cleaner

    So I have a 32 gallon tank and currently have a skunk cleaner shrimp. I think the fish are too small to really utilize it as a cleaner and it just massacres the small snails in my tank and steals food from my corals.... I try to target feed it, but it just ends up eating then throwing the...
  9. ngservet5

    Connecticut Massachusetts Lunar Wrasse XL

    Looking to sell an XL Lunar Wrasse. Real healthy and active swimmer in reef tank. Breaking down tank because we are moving. These fish have the reputation for being aggressive but this one is actually rather docile. Had two clowns with him and some other peaceful fish with no issues...
  10. BighohoReef

    Would you buy fish pictured out of water?

    I've been on the hunt for fish lately and I've come across a few sites that post pictures of fish out of the water. When I see it displayed like that I find something disturbing about it, which makes me not want to buy from the LFS/Online store. Part of me thinks that the store doesn't have...
  11. BighohoReef

    To tang or not to tang

    Hi R2R friends, We're thinking about adding a tang to our 100g tank to combat the hair algae showing up in the tank, we have snails but thought a more active eater would help. Want to get some thoughts from the community on these two tangs Does anyone have experience with them? I'm...
  12. Louiemiller9

    Frag Tank Going CLOUDY! HELP!

    Hey fellas, So I currently have a 40 g frag tank that has been set up for around 3 months now. No problems until now! So I woke up 2 days ago and noticed my water has gotten extremely cloudy maybe 1-2” visibility. I am currently running filter socks as well as 40lbs of live rock in the sump as...
  13. TMA

    We have New Fish & Inverts Posted on the website!

    New fish have arrived and are ready for in store pick or shipping straight to your door for only $29.99!
  14. ecexotics

    successfully bred dalmatian mollies in my frag tank

    i've had 3 dalmatian mollies for algae control in my frag tank for a while. always fat and happy on lrs reef frenzy lol. i always run the moon cycles on my radions so they are changing moon cycles every night so i attest that to my success with the breeding. can't wait to have mollies to share !
  15. Oscar’s25Gal

    Nitrates are high?

    Hello guys, so I have a 25 gal. I have no corals, except a very small shroom colony and a RBTA. My ammonia reads 0, pH 8.1, Nitrite 0 but my nitrates are 35. I have 2 clowns, a wrasse and a juvie blue tang (i am upgrading my tank in a few weeks.) Can anyone tell me why my nitrates are so high...
  16. Oscar’s25Gal

    Grey film on rocks?

    My 25g has been running for 2 months. It is currently FOWLR. Recently I have noticed two types of white/grey film like things growing on my rock, so could anyone please identify them? Here is a photo :
  17. Ashv5

    Extreme Algae

    Hey guys, So ever since this pandemic, I haven't had access to quality filtered RODI water and instead, I've been using Brita filtered water to top up my system. I have had an algae explosion and I don't know where to begin and how to clean this up. I was planning on upgrading my system this...
  18. Tristan

    Small Quiet DC Return Pump?

    Alright, so I got a Innovative Marine Concept Abyss Peninsula tank last year from Reef-a-Palooza and was only able to set it up now. The stock return pump turned out to be pretty noisy no matter how much I fiddled with the impeller. I need a return pump that can fit in a 2.8” by 6” footprint...
  19. Oscar’s25Gal

    I need help choosing a light! :)

    Hey guys, so I currently have a 25 gal nano tank that is FOWLR. In a while (probably end of the year) when hopefully the pandemic has died down, I plan on buying a bigger fish tank. I am thinking around 95-140 gallons, and at least 4 feet long which should allow me to buy a few larger fish. I am...
  20. Reefer37

    Fish Recommendation for 45g

    So I have a little over 6 month post cycled JBJ45 cube I've been thinking about adding a new member to. This is a mixed reef tank, so would need to be reef safe. So far I have: A pair of Clowns Randall's Goby w/ a pistol shrimp Purple Firefish Bicolor Blenny I've thought about a captive...
  21. L

    Help with fish selection

    Hello, Can you help with some ideas for fish for my tank? About 9 months ago i started up a reef aquarium (have been a freshwater planted tank guy for years). It is an LPS dominated tank as I thought that would be a good way to start. So far so good :) Current fish are a fox face, 2 o...
  22. Natureslasthope

    Clowns and compatibility

    I have a Biocube 29 that has been running great for 3+ years. I have an ocellaris clown that is 5+ years old. I just gained more live rock and coral from a buddy who just broke down his tank. (I fully understand the issues of taking on someone else’s reef problems without quarantine) That...
  23. Reefer37

    Fading Color on Bicolor

    So hadn't noticed anything on my Bicolor blenny till today, but it appears that part of his color is fading in different spots on his body, most on one side. It's almost looks like it is slightly bleached? I'll try and attach a decent pic, but he's easily the hardest fish to get a good pic of in...
  24. Oscar’s25Gal

    Can anyone identify this?

    Hey guys - I noticed this growing on one of my rocks and now there are lots of smaller ones all over the rocks. (They aren’t clownfish eggs) Can anyone tell me what they are?
  25. oceans garden aquaculture

    Project ZERO

    Background: I have been fascinated with zero edge systems since the mid 2000s. I was working for ORA as a technician in their coral greenhouses. The 1st time I saw the display system they had designed for trade shows, I knew I had to have one of my own one day. Fast forward 15 years later, I was...