fluval 13.5

  1. C

    Nano Build Cam’s Fluval Evo 13.5 Reef Venture

    After having lurked on several forums for over five years I finally got an amazing deal on a tank I should have bit the bullet on a long time ago. The plan is to have a pretty simple fish only tank at first until I upgrade the lights. Eventually I know I’m going to get coral. I’m not expecting a...
  2. RedSea50Gang

    Fluval 13.5G Redsea50

    I have the fluval 13.5G and recently(2weeks ago) switched from stock lighting to the new RedSea50 Led light. I have a mix of soft corals, fish, shrimp, snails and a rainbow bubble anemone that has lost all his rainbow and not been Bubbled fully since I got him several months ago. Any light...
  3. Reefing Reefer

    Nano Build Moving update - Disaster!

    Update on my tank and moving to a new place. I decided to play it safe and set up my Fluval Evo in my brother-in-law's garage; everything seemed normal for the 1st couple of days...until yesterday. Here what I believe happened; the ATO's float valve got stuck, causing the last baffle's water...
  4. adamlodge14

    Which wrasse??

    Hi, I am getting a wrasse for my fluval evo 13.5. I will have it with 1 clownfish and a shrimp goby pair. I am deciding between a pyjama pinstripe wrasse or a tanakas Pygmy possum wrasse. Which would be better or does it not matter?
  5. C

    Additional lighting for Fluval Evo 13.5

    Hi there, I'm looking to add some extra blue lights to my stock Fluval Evo setup. Not looking at expensive lights at the moment as am planning a larger setup in the future. The stock light is capable as so I've read, though there is just too much white light and not enough blue. Not the most...
  6. adamlodge14

    Wrasse or basslet?

    Hi, I am currently thinking about stocking for my new 15 gallon reef tank. I will have a Yasha goby- pistol shrimp pair, 1 clownfish and for the last fish I am deciding between a pink streaked wrasse and a candy basslet, what are your thoughts??
  7. chrisgold

    First marine tank set up 05/12/2020 then and now

    This is the first saltwater tank ive set up let me know what ya think and any improvements ya think i could make . First picture is the day i added water last one is today
  8. adamlodge14

    Upgrade pump for Fluval evo?

    What pumps are good for a Fluval evo (to upgrade)?
  9. B

    EMERGENCY White clownfish poop

    Hello I’m new to r2r and same with the hobby...have had my tank for about a month and it’s doing great(corals soft lps) and just got my first pair of Darwin clowns, my question is one of them is pooping stringy white poop (Not very long .25 inch-half inch and was wondering if it could be...
  10. VLR3

    Skimmer for Fluval Evo 13.5

    I currently have the Fluval Sea mini protein skimmer but I can’t get it to skim consistently. It’s either overflowing or the water level is too low. If I do actually get it dialed in, any time I have to unplug it (water changes, etc..) it’s like starting from scratch again to get it ‘re-tuned’...
  11. lrp693

    Will This Work? (Fluval Evo 13.5 Filtration Upgrade)

    Hello all, I am looking into upgrading the stock filtration on my Fluval Evo 13.5. I have been running the stock system for around 1.5 years and I am not seeing the kind of results I would like to. I believe there are too many nutrients building up in the stock sponge. Here is the diagram of...
  12. LacViet

    AIO Build Fluval Evo 13.5gal my style

    Hello, I was into saltwater fish and corals (low budget style) long time ago. With Covid last year, i began thinking going back to fish hobby, finally decided to get Fluval Evo 13.5 3 months ago. Happny with what i have so far with mostly zoas, palys, and soft corals. Fluval Evo 13.5 build...
  13. Reefing Reefer

    How much should I feed in a Nano?

    Tank: Fluval Evo 13.5 w/ skimmer, media basket (filter floss & Chemi Pure Elite). I do weekly 2 1/2 gallon water changes. Stocking: 1 Allardi Clownfish, 1 Blood Red Fire Shrimp, 1 Randall's Goby Corals: Torch Coral, Hammer Coral, Pink Gonioporra (frag), 2 birds nest corals (frag), 2 styolophora...
  14. S

    AIO Build Fluval 13.5 Reef tank build! / Suggestions?

    Hi Everyone! So I decided to post my first build thread to R2R! I currently have an SCA 80 gallon FOWLR that has been running for over 1 year and after finding a good petco sale on the Fluval 13.5 / redoing my office I decided I wanted to start a nano reef for the office(thinking this would be...
  15. #R_TST

    Hello New hobbyist and seeking advice

    Hi all. I'm new to the hobby. My adult daughter has a saltwater tank and I keep wanting to put stuff in it so she said I need my own tank! I'm completely new to saltwater tanks so I've been spending endless hours researching, learning, and educating myself. I have decided that I really want a...
  16. Drew1600

    How to further upgrade Fluval Evo 13.5 AIO?

    Hi all, My Evo has been up and running for a couple of months now and I was just looking for suggestions on possible further improvements? Thank you all so much for your time & help, it is beyond greatly appreciated! (: Current Build: Chamber 1 (AIO Intake) - Refegium (gracilia, 1/2lb live...
  17. R

    Nano Build Fritz RPM or Seachem Vibrant Sea Salt?

    Hi there! I’ve finally got almost everything that I need to start up a nano reef aquarium and will be picking up a fluval evo 13.5 gallon all in one aquarium this weekend! When I ordered my tank and some other supplies/accessories to go with it a couple of weeks ago, my lfs sold me some Coralife...
  18. j.register3

    Fluval EVO 13.5 Gallon: 4 Month Old Showcase

    Just wanted to share some pics of the nano today. Still got some work to do, but at 4 months old & my first saltwater tank, I am very proud! All the fish are happy/healthy & 95% of the corals are thriving. Fighting the last bits of cyano after consistently overdosing Red Sea AB+ for about 2...
  19. R

    Aquatic Life RO/DI Buddie System

    Hi there! I’m new to this forum and I have just ordered a fluval evo 13.5 gallon all in one aquarium. I have not been able to find anywhere that sells RO/DI water but I did come across the aquatic life RO/DI buddie system! I just wanted to know if anyone here has used it before and recommends...
  20. R

    Nano Build Cycling

    Hi there! I’m new to the saltwater hobby and I’ve recently ordered a fluval evo 13.5 gallon aquarium. While researching, I’ve had some questions about cycling the aquarium that I’ve been unable to find answers to or that I’ve found answers to and want to clarify and confirm. My first question is...
  21. R

    Nano Build Fine Sand, Coarse Sand, or Crushed Coral Gravel?

    Hi there, I’m new to this forum! I just recently got into the saltwater hobby and ordered my first aquarium, the Fluval evo 13.5. I’ve been planning to setup the aquarium as a mixed reef aquarium with LPS and softies as well as a couple fish, maybe a pair of clowns! I’ve decided to go with live...
  22. LxHowler

    Build Thread Free Evo anemone tank build

    I'll start this by apologising for any spelling mistakes or bad grammar, I'm not the best at writing. This is my first build thread so sorry if it's not upto the normal standard. So I was given a free Evo by a friend of a friend who has abandoned tank and wanted nothing to do with it anymore. I...
  23. Sebastian8601

    Build Thread Fluval 13.5 EVO as first saltwater tank build

    Good morning, I recently picked up a Fluval evo 13.5 from craigslist for 80$ with a heater and stand. I am beginning my first saltwater tank build and would like input and feedback about what i need to be doing to improve on my build. Hardware: Tank: Fluval EVO 13.5 Light: Stock light (subject...
  24. michael squire


    so i ordered a random flow generator and it came in the mail today and it is way to small for the fluval evo 13.5 and i’m not happy! i have no idea how to measure how big the nozzle would need to be or anything does anyone have any links or names to rfg’s that would fit the fluval evo 13.5??
  25. F

    Purple Spot (smithii) mantis Potential Build

    Hi all, I often find myself awake at ungodly hours of the night scrolling through this forum and dreaming of a mantis shrimp of my own. I’m a freshwater fish keeper, and just recently got a job in the freshwater section of my LFS. However, it’s safe to say the mantis has stolen my heart and has...