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  1. bradb90

    Build Thread Brads New tank build 250L

    Hello reefers, Currently have an old FOWLR tank I have had up for 2-3 years run off a Canister and am changing to a new tank with sump. tank is a local British made Aqua Marin 900 which was a great price and I like the fact it has a ‘letterbox’ style weir, maximising space in the tank. And has...
  2. 2manyideas

    Build Thread Bonsai Inspired Hexagon Eel Tank

    A while ago I introduced myself and my builds and had a few people want to see the progress on my hexagon tank. I’m done moving states now and finally got around to setting it up. So here it is! Pvc base for the bonsai and covered with as many coral skeletons as I could find for a “natural”...
  3. quirkylemon103

    Nano Build the worst nano you will ever see ;)

    hey everyone, I finally got a tank I can afford :p it is a innovative marine nuvo 10. I got it used at a swap meet no filters, or lights, or other fun stuff just the pump and tank. I am adding salt today I only added a cup of redsea blue bucket salt since I don't remember what the mixing...
  4. N

    Building a Pico

    I've been in the hobby for a while and had my shares of tanks. However, I am deciding to go small. Really Small!!! What would you put in this Pico, and what led cluster would you use to light it up? I'll post more pics as they come, but for now I'm looking for ideas.
  5. S

    Nano Build Fluval Evo 13.5 Build Thread/ Progression [ShortyBiggie]

    Hello everyone! I am beginning a build thread for my Fluval Evo 13.5. I have had a variety of nano tanks before, namely a few IM Fusion 20’s, fusion 10, and a 55 gallon long ago. While I have done a handful of reef tanks before, corals have always been my achilles heel. I have had mixed...
  6. CryptoNautical

    Build Thread Upgrades People. Upgrades!

    Well this is my first post on R2R. I've been on for a bit but I'd like to share my journey. So I started with a 30 bow front. I started with dry rock and live sand. I've kept many reef tanks before but this is where we'll begin. This was about 3 months in, the cycle was complete and from...
  7. W

    AIO Build Woody's 12.5 Gallon Mini Reef Build Thread

    Hey everyone! Starting my tank journey to one day go back and see how far this little tank has grown! EQUIPMENT: Aquatop 12.15 Gallon Bowfront Aquarium (BFT-12) Stock Return Pump (NP 202?) Stock Light (Aquatop Skyaqua Mini (SAQ-MINI)) Aquatop 50 Watt heater Jebao SOW-4 Wave Maker...
  8. Uptown_Reef_Keeper

    Build Thread Uptown Reef: A Planet Aquarium 215 Gallon Mixed Reef

    Uptown Reef is a Planet Aquarium 215-gallon display that has an actual total system volume of 200 gallons. This system was started with a tank transfer from our previous 75 gallon DIY build in July 2020. It's been seeded with live reef rubble. Gear Overview Planet Aquarium 215-gallon display...
  9. SaltFishTV

    CADE 900 Pro Reef S2 Build Thread

    Welcome to my CADE 900 Pro Reef Series 2 build! This aquarium survived the trek from Colorado (AlgaeBarn) all the way to North Pole, Alaska! Yes, that’s a real place lol. Taking Delivery Video: Bear with me as we backtrack for about 6 months. I decided and kept in mind that I would be...
  10. LVReefer94

    Build Thread The 100 Gallon Crystal Dynamics Build

    Hello REEF2REEF Family! Thanks in advance for reading. My new current build is a 100 G Crystal dynamics tank with starphire glass on 3 sides, modular marine external overflow, double top eurobrace and bottom pain eurobrace, armored silicone seams while sitting on one of their steel stands. It is...
  11. Hoshiaki

    New Pico Tank Setup

    Hello, recently i got a new 2.5 gallon tank. i’ve had plenty of freshwater tank experience and i know how difficult smaller tanks can be with fluctuating parameters... So far I have about an inch of sand on the bottom and some live rock, I’ve purchased saltwater from my lps and the tank is...
  12. Swordsman82

    LPS only Fluval Build

    Wife finally gave "All Clear" and I am setting up my nano reef in the basement next to my work space. Currently cycling with Microbacter Start XLM dry rock kit. Current plans for the tank is all LPS coral tank. Blastomussa (lots of Blastos! ), Acans, Favia, Hammers / Frogspawn, and Gonipora...
  13. Smirkish

    Build Thread Red Sea Reefer 625XXL - "The Big One"

    Red Sea Reefer 625XXL System Volume: 169g (on 6/11/21) Welcome to my build thread for my RSR, affectionately known around our household as, “the Big One”. (You know, when someone asks, “Which tank?”) I will continue to update this post with a current photo of the tank and what my setup...
  14. Aquaristexhibit

    Build Thread Welcome to Aquarist Exhibit’s New Build Thread!

    Hey Reefers!! Welcome to my build thread !! -75 g Custom 12mm tank with Starphire Front (40”L x 20” W x 22” T) built by local Edmonton tank Builder Overflow & Wavemakers -Eshopps prodigy L overflow (bean animal) -2x Tunze 6055 Electronic Sump Filtration - Bashsea Smart series...
  15. YNRA

    Build Thread You'll Never Reef Alone

    Hello everyone, My names Jake, currently located in Charlotte NC and I'm starting up my first saltwater tank. Creating this thread to share the positives and negatives that I face along my journey into the reefing hobby. As a massive Liverpool FC (soccer/football) supporter I chose the name...
  16. twwety

    Build Thread Twwety's 90

    This is 8 years over due but It feels like the right time to start a thread for my build. The tank is nothing fancy just a standard marineland 90 gallon with the center overflow its, the depth(back to front) is annoying to work with but any deeper and it would just look silly in the space I have...
  17. allsite

    Basic advice needed for nano reef build

    I just ordered a 12 gallon long tank ( 35.5" x 7.9" x 9.9" ) and stopped here to get in input before I get the rest. Things I'm fairly sure of: DIY built in filter box. Similar to fluval spec V but about twice the volume for media. 2.5/3 inches deep. Fragging on a budget. Zoa garden, perhaps...
  18. rhostam

    My Build Thread

    Hi there, My name is Ray. I’ve been reading Reef2Reef since summer 2020, at least, and mostly a result of search results linking back to this site as well as mentions by the BRS team in their five minute and other guides. Once Upon a Time My desire for a saltwater aquarium dates back to when I...
  19. GrumpyAlison

    Build Thread 75G Build Thread (Condensing 3 smaller systems into one)

    I'm *finally* upgrading to a single large tank which I'm going to condense 6 other tanks/3 separate systems into (2x 20L, 1x 10g, 1x 40B, 1x 27 gal plastic tub) because so many separate systems sucks to maintain (as evidenced by the hellish algae-ball in one of the 20Ls -_-') It's not going to...
  20. Reefer_punk

    Build Thread Reefer_punk's new build thread

    Can I start off with a big finally? After secretly reading along from time to time and after 2 tanks, decided to bother you all with the progress of my new tank. For the ones who don't know me, here are pictures of my current tanks
  21. Living Reef Orlando

    Living Reef Orlando's Farm Build Thread!

    Hi everyone!! In this thread, we will go over and continue to update our farm as we continue to grow and expand!! To those who don't know us, we are a premier supplier of exotic & common fish, coral & all types of accessories for saltwater aquariums. We reside in the heart of the saltwater...
  22. VanJuarez

    Build Thread My BioCube 32 Reef Tank build

    Hey everyone! Decided to start one of these build threads to track the progress of my first tank as I go. Still cycling currently, doing a fishless cycle with ghost feeding and I added Fritz TurboStart. The TurboStart seems to be working fairly well, I never even saw a spike in ammonia levels...
  23. plankton

    Build Thread New IM 75G INT build (COVID-19 tank #2)

    March of last year I got back into the hobby after 5+ year hiatus with a 10G Cubey tank stocked with acans and Zuma shrooms. Tank did well but as you can imagine I ran out of space fast. Then upgraded to IM 25 G lagoon tank, took down the 10G and transferred everything to the 25g which because...
  24. Schraufabagel

    Nano Build Schrauf’s Waterbox Peninsula Mini 25

    Hey, I'm new here. I have some freshwater tanks and I decided to take the plunge into saltwater since I think reef tanks look awesome! Light: AI Prime 16HD Controller: Coralvue Hydros 2 and Hydros XS with leak sensor and a water level sensor to prevent equipment from running drying Heater...
  25. R

    Background Dilemma

    Hello all. I just recently joined but I have come across an issue with the design for a tank I am making. I want to have a black background, but I can't paint the outside becuase of its design. The black divider pictured will be made of glass, but that is what I want to be black. But how can I...
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