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  1. Robg139

    Robs Fluval Evo 13.5G.

    Hello reefers, I have a Fluval Evo 13.5g mixed reef tank. It is my first saltwater reef tank. My tank is now 6 months old and has undergone a lot of upgrades and changes along the way. It’s a mixed reef so I have softies, lps, and sps. So Fluval is an AIO so it has 3 chambers in the back. The...
  2. W

    My Franken-PicoTank

    Hey Everyone! Ive been out of reef keeping for several years and recently decided to get back in, so I set out to make a peninsula pico reef tank based off of spare parts I had lying around, and thought it would be fun to document it so without any further ado here is my pico franken tank So the...
  3. RomoFL

    Romo’s Reefer 350 V3 build

    Hey, all! So after about a years experience with an IM 20g peninsula, I’ve decided to get a larger tank. I ended up with a slightly used Reefer 350 from a local guy who had it for about 3 months. It came with an Apex system so that’s really what sold me. I’m on the 2nd week of a cycle so...
  4. crbise65

    CRBISE65 Upgrade build

    After taking the fiancee to a few stores and showing her how great some larger tanks can look I have finally received the seal of approval to upgrade from our 13.5 nano reef. I wanted to document the entire process here not only for my myself but for anyone else that may be in my shoes, so they...
  5. jd-woodlands

    Moving on up... IM 30L AIO to Planet Aquarium Crystalline 85g SPS Bare Bottom Reef Build Thread

    Couldn't resist a deal that came my way for a fully setup Planet Aquarium Crystalline 105g Reef package, so I will be breaking down my IM 30L Fusion AIO and moving to this new tank! Here's a full tank shot of my current 30L, looking to go SPS again this time bare bottom in the 105.
  6. juanrmattos

    Fluval Sea EVO 5 Gallon AQUAFOREST Desktop Reef

    Bent the knee again guys!!!... This time I truly hope to keep it simple, yet, it is proven how challenging dealing with such small amounts of water can be. So here it goes :)
  7. HomeReef

    93g Cube Build Thread

    I started a build thread in another a forum but wanted to post a link to it here since it is for a 93g cube tank. Thanks for visiting! JamesB.
  8. gunit

    Corner L Drop Off Build

    I'm starting to plan for a new tank that'll go in our freshly remodeled house and would love to get the communities thoughts/insights as this will be my first large build and definitely the most "integrated" one I've done. An by "integrated" I mean that I plan on doing a remote sump in the...
  9. Peach02

    Peach02’s 33G Reef

    Current photo of tank (last updated 7/9/19 (DD/MM/YY) Progress pics 28/1/19 6/2/19 10/3/19 19/3/19 31/3/19 13/4/19 24/4/19 9/6/19 4/8/19 16/8/19 7/9/19 I messed up my first build thread because I thought I was meant to edit the original post not reply so here we go again old...
  10. P

    Paul's Red Sea Reefer 425xl Build

    Finally taking the dive into salt. According to my other half I've been talking about building a saltwater system since we first met over a decade ago. She finally go fed up with me just talking about it and started working on getting me a tank for xmas last year, but the more she found out, the...
  11. AJI23

    180 gallon build. Upgrade from the 120

    So I finally moved and got in a whole lot of trouble from the wife when I picked up a 180 to install in the new house basement aka MAN CAVE BUILD. . She’s come around and now it’s here go stay. lol. Oops.
  12. Icylder

    Icy's Reef. My very first saltwater tank

    This will be a slightly unconventional build thread. I won't be starting from day 1. It will be 8 weeks after I assembled my tank. It's taken me a while to understand how bottomless this rabbit hole just might be. Just picking out my components and my tank was thrilling. Let me tell you about...
  13. actik

    My first aquarium (Nano)

    Hi everyone, ive never done this before or even created a threat with build progress but im going to do my best lol. I fell in love with how beautiful corals were and decided i would give it a try in a nano sized tank and if all goes well perhaps go bigger ofcourse, this may be my new hobbie...
  14. Kaiser

    Kaiser's Red Sea 750xxl SPS Dream Build

    I've been a hobbyist for about 5 years now, starting when I was 16 and I'm now turning 21, and being of the younger crowd, I could only really dream of owning a larger tank. I started off with a 20g high, and I've had many tanks set up at the same time, but I never really had the money to have a...
  15. dmolavi

    My Reef-Pi build thread

    After doing a lot of reading (the main reef-pi thread is pretty big, and the reef-pi pico thread is growing), I've decided I'm going to take the plunge and build myself a reef-pi controller. Mine will be a bit unique, however. I've been in the hobby for about 6 years, and already have...
  16. Az reefer

    225 gallon build thread

    Happy Holidays Reefers!!! I am starting a 225 gallon build and have purchased the tank used. It is a 72x24x30 225 gallon center overflow. First thing will be to get it cleaned and leak tested, then I will remove the center overflow and install 2 ghost overflows. Either Reef Savvy or similiar. I...
  17. GlassMunky

    Our 210 Rimless Build Thread

    So today was a big day! My new Husband and I put down our deposit on a custom 243G Rimless Tank from Planet Aquariums. The Tank dimensions will be 72x30x24 and will be made out of 3/4" glass with 1" bottom 20" Tideline (ghost) overflow that will run a herbie style drain and 2X 3/4" returns. We...
  18. aquaman99

    65g Mixed Reef for Seahorses.

    I am just about ready to put this plan all together so I wanted to make a build thread for it. Just so everyone doesn’t freak out about the cycle, I have had my sand in one 5gal bucket and my dry rock in another with air pumps with ammonia doses for the past 4+ months so they are both properly...
  19. sfgabe

    Reef-pi + Home Assistant Build

    I control my 2 small aquariums (one 40 gal fresh, one 15 gal nano reef) with a combination of Home Assistant (which also takes care of my apartment), Reef-Pi, and Motioneye. I wanted the tanks to mirror specific locations as much as possible. For example, I’m querying various sites to get daily...
  20. gatohoser

    Reef Rehabilitation 29g cube and equipment room build

    Well, 10 years have passed since my last attempt at a reef tank at least. Maybe more. But now I have a house, a wife, and two little girls who will love to see a reef bloom in their home. I bought this house five years ago with the specific intention that it would one day be able to support a...
  21. Danh Ngo

    My Davinci Harem with BTAs - 65G - DIY

    I have been in the hobby for more than a year, decide to upgrade my 20 rimless to 65G tank. DIY tank stand + sum 20L from petco Add on some triming I did not want to drill hole on my ceiling or wall because it would be set in a new house, so I found on rack which look something like this...
  22. Kryssie

    ☢️Radioactive Red Sea Reefer 350☢️

    Hello again everyone! I’ve been working very hard on my new tank for the last two months. Equipment: -Red Sea Reefer 350 (white) -Synergy TS-26 (atomic green) -Neptune Cor20 Pump -Neptune Apex Fusion Controller -Neptune WAV powerheads -Nyos Quantum 160 Protein Skimmer -Aquamaxx XS...
  23. Crystal Reef Aquatics

    Unrivaled Reef's Custom Aquarium and sump by Crystal Reef Aquatics

    Here's another custom system designed and built by Crystal Reef Aquatics. Tank is owned by Gene Friend of Unrivaled Reefs. Visit our website for a list of our products and services Check our Gene's coral selection at Please follow us on...
  24. Evan28395950

    Aquatop 24gal Display

    Hey everyone, I finally am managing to start my build thread. Currently this tank is coming up on being 6 months old. I started out with everything stock (came with tank, some mechanical filtration, pump, skimmer, and sponge). The tank is pretty good quality, no leaks so far! The skimmer was a...
  25. Crystal Reef Aquatics

    Introducing the Crystal Reef Aquatics, StealthXL Series SRS72

    If you are in the market for a large sump to complement your dream tank? We are proud to announce the official presale of the 2 largest production model reef sumps available anywhere! The SRS72 for those of you who want filter socks and no refugium and the TRS72 for refugium lovers and those...
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