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  1. Slocke


    Tank build specifically for the purpose of housing a variety of small eels. Though it was time to show what I'm doing with this tank and the fairly unconventional setup. Tank is a 125 gallon (~6'x1.5'x2') undrilled tank What's the minimum tank size for a cat? Using silicone to attach pipework...
  2. bar|none

    Build Thread Custom SPS Dominant 155 gallon with Fish Room

    Starting a new build which will be a custom 155 gallon display from Glass Cages. 200+ gallon total system. Display Dimensions 50" x 30" x 24" Tank is next to fish room I am building Sump will be in Fish Room Custom Steel Stand Exoskeleton over a custom marine grade flat file. Built by a...
  3. talal reefer

    Build Thread Red sea peninsula 650

    Hi guys , never been a part of a forum before so iam excited for this new experience i want to share with you my dream tank build i have been in the hobby for a while in a 250 reefer and i am returning with a big upgrade my tank is a red sea peninsula 650 Equipment 1- 2 ATI straton LED 2-...
  4. rawhideshaba

    Large Build If I'm moving the tank i'm upgrading it too!

    57 Gallon rimless Deep blue 3' to 225 Gallon 6' in wall Ok so I have a waterproofing company coming to my basement soon and this means I need to tear down my current reef tank and move it to an area away from the outer wall of my basement. I see no reason in moving something I'm not 100% happy...
  5. R

    Build Thread Reffetsevla's two sided Mixed reef, IM 20g Fusion Pro

    First tank in several years (First ever was in 2007), I made the cardinal sin of choosing a smaller tank, and I have already started planning the upgrade, should be about September when I start piecing that together, will be a 75g Innovative Marine INT. For now, the IM 20g Fusion Pro (first gen)...
  6. annablankenheim

    Build Thread Anna's Waterbox 220.6 Build Thread

    Hey everyone! My name is Anna (Ah-na, like the Frozen princess) and I'm a long time lurker, but first time poster! I started reefing during COVID with a 50 gallon SCA cube. I've been bitten by the bug and currently have a Waterbox 220.6 shipping as we speak! I'm super excited to document my...
  7. CallMeLloyd

    Build Thread Lloyd's Reef Tank - 55 Gallon

    Hey everyone! New to the hobby and almost done with the cycling process. I will be posting my Reef tank journey here. Hopefully it will help some people along the way!
  8. S

    What are some of the most interesting build threads?

    I absolutely love looking through everyone's build threads (Especially the monster ones!), and there are many weird/interesting techniques that i see people use on their tanks! Aquascapes are also very interesting to see. What are your favorite build threads, or ones that you think are...
  9. kiswanson

    Nano Build 40 ounce PNW Pico reef office tank

    Next office build! A PNW 40 oz “reef” system! Just running rodi water right now. Thinking of adding a few pieces of cycled rock, a little sand, and, this may be crazy, but a few pocillopora frags. I’ve always had good luck with pocillopora, so I thought it’s my best bet for an sps. SPS in such a...
  10. Blakethereefguy

    AIO Build Starting new build after moving (IM Nuvo 20)

    After breaking down my old setup that had been running strong for 4 years the best decision was to part ways with everything that needed life support. I kept most of my dry goods and am finally starting my first build thread. So join me on my journey or let us call it round 2 of this IM Nuvo 20s...
  11. D

    Build Thread Red Sea Reefer 425 XL Build Thread - New to Reefing

    Hello everyone! I've been a long-time lurker, just biding my time and researching until I was able to actually start my build. I recently started working from home and my wife and I purchased a new house where I'll have a dedicated home office space that's needing a nice large tank to fill it...
  12. radreef02

    RadReef - RedSea 200XL reef build

    This is the beginning of my redsea 200xl. My complete restart of reefing. started 3/23/22 Livestock plan currently : 1 small yellow tang 2 small gladiator clownfish planning to do all types of corals. No plan yet.
  13. R

    Build Thread Red Sea e260 Build Thread

    This tank has been up and running for a bit but I thought I'd start a build thread for it. Monday 17/01/2022 I bought a second hand Red Sea E260 from my LFS that came with all equipment including the sump upgrade for $5000 AUD. about $3700 USD Tank 2 x stock Ai Hydra 26s 2 x return pumps 1 x...
  14. Jon Patrick/jtone

    Build Thread Red Sea reefer xl 200

    Starting up a new build thread for my newest system redsea reefer xl200 build radion xr15 blue g5 Bubble magus 3ex skimmer Jebao dosing pump 13 watt uv Phosphate / carbon reactor Swapped out filter sock for filter cup (redsea) (X2) innovative marine wave link pumps ( med ) set on pulse...
  15. R

    Build Thread First Build - Aquatop Recife Eco 24g

    Assuming work doesn’t run too late, tomorrow will be starting day for my first tank. Tank - Aquatop Recife eco 24g cube ready to go. It’s really quite nice looking, but I imagine the skimmer/light may need to be upgraded sooner than later Location - I’ve already received comments about the...
  16. R

    Hello Newbie Post & My first build

    Hello! I am just about ready to start up my first reef tank. I know this first time through will have plenty of ups/downs/unknowns, but am super excited, and look forward to learning in part through the more experience reefers out there. My First Build Short Version- There is none, sorry...
  17. Jwink

    My first reef

    Here's my build thread. I'll try and start from the beginning when I started before ending up with the 20gallon AIO I have now. May take me a few days to find pics and get them posted. Here's how it started: A Fluval Chi 5g (was freshwater, but the pump failed and I decided to repurpose), a...
  18. trevorhiller

    Cube Build CADE REEF 600 S2 Build Thread

    I started back into the hobby 4 months ago and forgot how much patience is required. My nano tank is still pretty new, but I decided I want a little bit more space and a cleaner setup for the long term. So....instead of keeping my little practice WaterBox for a year and then starting a new tank...
  19. BigMikeFlipz

    Build Thread Build Thread 30 gallon to start, 90-150 in future

    So I was going to do the traditional buy a larger saltwater tank and then get a quarantine tank etc. later, but decided I would flip that. I'm not doing things quite by the book, or like many do them. I picked up an inexpensive hang on back Aqueon 29 gallon and the following items: 30...
  20. wpeterson

    Build Thread Even Humbler Reef - Biocube 32

    I setup a new, small tank in our living room - a Biocube 32 with Coralife stand. We're beginning this as a low-maintenance FOWLR, but I'm sure I'll get sucked into upgrades and keeping more kinds of coral down the road. We've previously has 3 other medium sized mixed reef aquariums. I setup...
  21. Michael-JT

    Aquatic Life DX18 72 Inch Custom with Triple Kessil AP9x

    Welcome to another installment of "how come you've never been married"? With your host, Michael. Before we begin, let's lower our heads in prayer. "forgive me father, for I have sinned. It's been two weeks since my own account put a hit out on me.." Now, let's follow along as we turn this...
  22. B

    BrokenReefer’s 150G build thread

    Guess I’ll throw myself into the tank build mix, which I’ll preface by saying this wasn’t my smartest decision while married. The Wife is 31 weeks pregnant and our 2-yr old just started to love fishies … so naturally I impulse bought a tank. As it is usually said, this will be an...
  23. Tritium

    Build Thread First Reef - 40 Breeder

    So I figured better late than never... I will be getting my first fish tomorrow! In the meantime here is my first ever tank build thread! Equipment: Tank - 40 Breeder w/ FijiCube 600gph Overflow Stand - Made by a friendly local reefer found on FB. Rock - ARC Reef Stacker Dry Rock(65lbs...
  24. H

    Build Thread 100G predator fish only + nano reef in sump!

    I adopted this tank a couple of months ago. Decided to break everything down and sterilise it. Removed old silicone and rebraced with all new solicone on the inside. Got a stand and finally it's up. So far I have 3 fishes that are in QT for another week (2nd batch of fish going into QT...
  25. kennedysherman

    Build Thread Kennedy’s 90 Gallon Build

    90 Gallon Pro-Star Rimless AIO Set-Up. Red Sea ReefLED 90w Lights. Reef-Power RP-M Power Heads. Marine DC Pump DCQ-6000. Delivery Date: 12/20/21 Live Rock Arrives: 12/15/21 Final adjustments made to our rockscape: 12/24/21 First rock goes in: 12/25/21 Unfortunately we couldn't get the...