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  1. monfilsi

    Build Thread 100G/400L build between two walls

    Hi from New Zealand! Got into the hobby about two years and found this site to be HUGE help in all the research that comes with owning a living reef. Figured it was time to share my journey and tank. Little bit about myself, I'm an engineer with Ph.D. specializing in laser physics... so I...
  2. C

    Waterbox Infinia 275.6

    I finally bit the bullet and decided to buy the Waterbox Indfinia 275.6. Got a great deal on it (I wonder if they are exiting the UK market). This will be my third tank over 15 years and hopefully my last :) (Well, that is what I told the wife.) I have a place to store it next door, so I have...
  3. D

    Fluval Evo 13.5 Build with spinning chaeto reactor/refugium

    Hello everyone, I am a long time lurker here but I finally have something that might be worth sharing! I have had a Fluval Evo 13.5 AIO tank for about 2 years now and I ended up with a second one so I am starting a new build (which I will also retrofit to my other tank if it works well)...
  4. KarlSharx

    JBJ 24g Nano Cube

    Hey all, my tank is almost a year old now so I figure it's time to post a build thread Tank: Used JBJ 24g from Craigslist Lighting: SmatFarm G5 Filtration: 5g tank converted into a sump, Aquatop media tumbler with RowaPhos, Aquatop 7W UV Sterilizer, Macro Aqua M-50 protein skimmer Feeding: 2g...
  5. newtothis2023

    Starting my pro clear 90 v2

    starting out with the aquascape. Hoping to get a couple opinions on it. Going to use the caribsea arag-live Fiji pink sand. Other than that I will post pictures along the way and seek advice from time to time.
  6. R

    My IM100 EXT Tank

    Starting a new thread for my IM100 tank. My old tank is a Redsea 250, now I’m adding a new tank. The plan is to plumb both tanks together to reduce my maintenance. Here’s my old build thread which I haven’t been updating for a while. Adding a recent picture for my old tank. It gets way too...
  7. KandAReefs

    Build Thread New 75 Gallon Build

    So I figured I would start a build thread for this tank build. To start off this is not my first reef but I want to keep it simple. I had an issue with my 70 sump leaked and stand had structure damage so fish and coral moved to a 40 till this tank is set up. This is the list of what I have in...
  8. D

    JBJ 65 Build Thread

    This whole aquarium journey started for me about 4 years ago. I was in Petco with my wife getting things for the cats. She asked if we could get a fish and I immediately told her no because she would never take care of it. She left for work that night and I went back to Petco and bought a 2...
  9. A

    JBJ RF-25 Nano Build

    Hey everyone! I'm starting up my second tank and figured having a build thread going would be fun. I enjoy watching everyone else's progress, so why not give it a shot? Regarding my "style" I try to keep things as minimal as I can. My goal is to keep things as stable as possible with as few...
  10. A

    Deskmate Florida 9 Gallon build -Returning to the hobby.

    About eleven years ago I started a family and had to move around the country quite a bit for career reasons. I had to give my 75 gallon mixed reef, as well as my 20gallon Elos Mini. I've missed it a great deal and I've finally gotten to a place in which I can have a reef again. I'm starting...
  11. R

    Poor Old 55

    I have an old 55 gallon tank that has lived in my garage, and dry for 10+ years. The tank was set up last Sunday, so cycling is going on now. (BORING) It has some good "dry" Live Rock and and sand in it still. The filter, heater and UV Light were all still attached and sitting there. Along...
  12. DJC

    Time to release my inner build

    1. So it begins I recently got the wonderful gift of an all in 1 aqua one reef 160 for Father’s Day which was approx 6 months ago During this time I have experimented and had some really amazing highs and some serious lows (all my fish dying) By using this all in one system it’s got me u To...
  13. Yang’s Blue Paradise

    Waterbox 50.3 AIO

    Starting a new build this tank is the waterbox 50.3 AIO looking to transfer my rock from my IM 15 to the right side. Ya'll like the new rock structure? My first attempt at NSA structure. Looking to have a lot of space for the fish to swim in this tank. The left side of the aqua structure will...
  14. Jonathan.Grego

    Pro Star 90v2 Reef Tank!

    Hello everyone i recently set up a prostar 90v2 display (63G) sump (15G),I started with a mix of live and dry sand also had my rock scape custom done by chandlerrocks! Started my cycle with 2 clowns a bottle of dr tims and a bottle of microbacter7 i chose to use no lighting during this process...
  15. ReefingRyan

    ReefingRyans Red Sea Reefer 425XL Build

    Hey everyone, I wanted to start a post here for motivation to document the process of my build that I plan on starting in the coming weeks. Some info on the setup so far; Red Sea Reefer 425XL V3 2x EcoTech MP40s (on current tank) 1x EcoTech Vectra M2 (on current tank) IM heater (2x300watt)...
  16. mmpadi3d

    Start big and go bigger

    New to the life of aquarist and I purchased myself a used 180g 72x25x24. I picked up the tank and canopy but turns out that was all that would fit in my vehicle. I will go to pick up the rest from the seller this upcoming weekend. It has bottom drilled holes with two downspouts a 45-gallon sump...
  17. C

    A complete new build showcasing Lifereef

    So after a move and then a huge tank crash I've decided to start a new build. I'm building this yo showcase lifereef skimmers and sumps and really everything they can do. He is going to build my tank, Sump, fuge, skimmer, reactors(media,bio,and calcium may have him make me a custom trickle...
  18. malenia

    1 year anniversary of my Eshopps pico tank... Help needed with Zoas!

    Today marks the first anniversary of my first ever saltwater tank: Typical parameters are: Nitrate: Between 2 and 7 Phosphate: Usually .1 ... Spiked to .35 after I started feeding reefroids as my zoas were dying (more on that below) DKH: 8.5 - 9 Calcium: 420-450 Salinity 33.5 Temperature: 77...
  19. Barncat

    Purrling Reef II

    Sometime in the early morning of December 27th my cat Keplar jumped on the acrylic lid of my Fluval 13.5 aquarium and it got wedged in the glass, which exactly none of my kinsmen noticed as they got up the next morning. In a horrific instance they became aware of the problem however as the glass...
  20. M

    Office Tank Build

    Office Tank Build Red Sea 170 deluxe Generic Protein Skimmer ReefLED 90 2 clownfish 1 Flame Hawkfish 1 Tiger Pistol Shrimp Hammer Coral
  21. WyoNano

    Large Build IM EXT 200 Gallon Peninsula Build

    Hello all, this is my first post! A little about me I have been in the hobby for 5 or 6 years with various nanos and frag tanks. Recently i bought my dream tank and figured id finally start a thread. Feel free to follow along for this journey! I plan to take time doing everything correctly for...
  22. Keko21

    The Winter Reef

    Once again a very huge thank you to @Rubymoon286 for this amazing Secret Santa gift!! Obviously didnt take me long to rip the wrapping paper of and get started! Behold the beginning of The Winter Reef! My first venture into a nano tank :) - Deskmate Classic 5g - using the included pump for...
  23. FutterBingers

    Progression of my reef

    As the title states this is a thread of my tank from the beginning. I’ll be posting pics to get a better visual on how far it has come! First pics are the sump, back of tank plumbing, and first fill with water. Exciting!
  24. Canned55

    55 Gallon canister reef tank build

    Hello R2R. I am starting up a 55 gallon mixed reef tank and I wanted to share my experience. I know a lot of people in the reef community do not trust canister filters, but I want to give it a shot. These pictures of where I am right now. Here is a list of things that I have done so far not...
  25. C

    Alex's Cade Reef 1500 S2

    Hi guys, I finally decided to pull the trigger on setting up a saltwater tank (only had freshwater ones before) and decided to go big (5 foot tank). I plan on setting up a mixed reef with fish. This has always been a dream and I am really looking forward to developing a beautiful eco-system...