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  1. jimmypencil

    Build Thread IM lagoon 50

    Just figured out how to get the sick build thread banner :cool: so this will be like the third time ive posted this. IM 50g Lagoon AIO EQUIPMENT: XR30 G6 Nero 3s x2 Stock Mighty Jet return pump Tunze 9004 dc skimmer intank media basket (filterfloss, chemipure blue, biomedia) intank fuge basket...
  2. jimmypencil

    50 gallon IM Lagoon Build Thread

    Starting a new build thread for my IM lagoon 50 :D EQUIPMENT: XR30 G6 Nero 3s x2 Stock Mighty Jet return pump Tunze 9004 dc skimmer intank media basket (filterfloss, chemipure blue, biomedia) intank fuge basket (not gonna work out) tunze 3181 algae reactor (inbound) LIVESTOCK: fish/inverts...
  3. Byrongw

    Build Thread Waterbox Cube 25 Peninsula

    Hello all, I've just set up my Waterbox 25 a few days ago and have been rolling along with a fishless cycle using Dr. Tim's arsenal of bacteria and ammonia. I'm new to the hobby but because I'm in the last couple years of grad school and anticipate at least a couple of moves in the next few...
  4. LeannaBanana

    AIO Build With fronds like these, who needs anemones: A RS Reefer 350 G2 Tank

    A little premature with this build thread, but I've been keeping notes in a variety of places, so condensing everything here for my own sanity and planning. Whether you love em or hate em, purchased a RedSea Reefer 350 G2 and am in the process of getting everything ready to go. Step One: I...
  5. L

    75 Gallon FOWLR beginner tank (build thread)

    SO hi. I have been asking questions and researching for the 3 months. So finally... IM about to start in a month. Ive got questions, want to make a log and help other people in my situation. Did a lot of freshwater. Lets start. DIY AIO sump btw + 48 inch x 18 inch x 18 inch EQUIPMENT Aqua...
  6. T

    Nano Build 15gal Fluval SPS and Soft coral

    Hey yall, I just wanted to share some pics of my tank progression, It's been a couple of months, and my tank has gone through some aquascaping changes and a move. I also think it's time I start a build thread to document its progression!
  7. MariahP

    AIO Build Mariah’s Biocube 32

    Hi all, Back when I was in grad school I had a 55 gallon reef tank that I cobbled together with extremely limited funds. After many years out of the hobby I’m back! My girlfriend gifted me a 32 gallon Biocube which I’m hoping to start up soon. For now I’m planning on keeping the included hood...
  8. sheluligans

    Build Thread Sheluligans' 45G AIO Build

    ( Note the picture is not final layout or placement, just a temporary spot til i find the right home) I've decided to start my first Salt Water build after a couple years of fresh water! I'm planning on taking it pretty slow setting up, but am almost ready with the initial items for the setup...
  9. rennjidk

    JBJ RF-25 New Year, New Tank Build (aka "The Cube")

    This is my 3rd attempt at a successful reef tank. I'm hoping to take everything I've learned along the way and apply it to this build. Equipment: JBJ RF-25 and stand Ai Prime 16 HD Intank media basket (Floss, rox 0.8, & purigen) Tunze 9004 dc skimmer 200w Aqueon Pro & Inkbird controller IM...
  10. J

    Nano Build Starting over - IM 20 NUVO Fusion Pro Build

    (reposted in the proper location...error first time.) New Build Thread - IM 20 NUVO Fusion Pro Hello. After a recent catastrophic structural failure of a much larger tank and losing everything (RedSea 425XL)...and thinking it would be a long time before I would devote time and effort into...
  11. J

    Starting over - IM 20 NUVO Fusion Pro Build

    reposted on nano build section
  12. dabroli

    Nano Build 26 gallon Red Sea MAX nano peninsula, Caribbean build

    My local fish store had the desktop version of the aquarium for sale at a cheap $350 so I couldn’t resist. Unfortunately had to source some of the parts online to match the actual full package that’s been sold out everywhere. As I wait for all the parts to come in I’ll start a build thread and...
  13. D

    36 gallon bow front reef tank

    I set up a 36 gallon bowfront saltwater tank. I am currently starting to turn it into a reef tank. I’m running a tidal 75 filter with, seaclone 100 protien skimmer, single kessil a80 tuna blue light and a eheim 100w heater. For stock I have 2 clowns, a bi color blenny, 2 turbo snails, a ghost...
  14. MN-TinyReefer

    Starting up again

    Well I finally decide to take the dive back into salt when I was younger I had a 75 for about 3 years with moderate success. This time around I am going smaller with a 20gal hexagon that was kicking around my parents basement ( my dad was huge into freshwater so tanks are abundant) . Currently...
  15. B

    Hello Been here a few months with a lot of post! But this is my build thread and story!

    So I always been into tanks from as early as I coils remember. My dad had a fresh water 55 growing up. Fast forward to when I was 21, I got me my first own tank, was fresh water. Had a jack dempsey and two Oscars. I never did water checks, even had times when I was young and dumb and would just...
  16. welshd24

    Nano Build 5 Gallon work tank build

    5 gallon aqueon aqueon heater 50 watt
  17. CoachRichardson

    Build Thread Red Sea Reefer 200 G2

    Excited to start my new build. I am upgrading from a EVO. I have had a hard time deciding on the tank and been back and forth a lot. I finally pulled the trigger on a Reefer 200 G2 during the Black Friday sales at BRS. I have been in and out of the hobby since the 80’s and undergravel filters...
  18. DerpFish

    Build Thread DerpFish's Budget-ish 150g Mixed Reef

    After 5+ years of planning, the time has finally come for me to start setting up my dream 150g. After negotiating a decent raise at work and taking advantage of some good Black Friday deals, two of the most expensive parts of the setup have been purchased. As much as I would love to be able to...
  19. WestMI-Reefer

    Build Thread West Mi reefer :)

    I should start with saying THANK YOU, reef2reef users, this forum is most vast wealth of knowledge on everything reefing. I've been in the freshwater side of things for about 4 years now, (say hello to my discus pair, they spawn like regularly but always eat the eggs) and have acquired...
  20. atruex

    Build Thread Build Thread #2: Red Sea Reefer 525 XL

    After my kitchen flooded, I decided it was the best time to upgrade. This thread will follow the journey of my new to me 525 XL. (RSR 200XL Thread) Tank - Red Sea Reefer 525 XL Return pump - One Neptune COR 20 Skimmer - Red Sea Reefer 600 Flow - (2) EcoTech Mp10 (1) EcoTech Mp40 (may get...
  21. trixter227

    Build Thread "Fullsize" IM 50Gal AIO build

    Getting my feet wet again after being dry for far to long. Hopefully absorbed enough info from browsing around to have somthing successful. Picked up a used a few times over IM50 with a couple throw-in things that will get replaced. The stand that was apart of it is the most barebones thing I...
  22. E

    Build Thread First Timer Innovative Marine Fusion 15

    So, I pulled the trigger on the Innovative Marine Fusion 15 back in October. The tank got delivered and naturally, life got crazy. Finally coming back around to it and getting things up and running. This is my first build from the ground up. I inherited a 55 gallon tank from a friend about 4...
  23. Dave Dumanski

    Build Thread My Nuvo 75 EXT Build

    After 3 years of neglect I was given the ok to upgrade my existing 45 high tank. I purchased the IM Nuvo 75 EXT because it has a similar footprint. Went with the Fiji 24 Gen 2 sump, Jebao MDC-6000 return pump and Jebao MCP-120 wavemaker. Reusing my existing 24in reef breeders led light and...
  24. N

    Build Thread Nate’s 5 Gallon Pico Build

    Hello all, as someone who has been a lurker for a minute, thought I’d begin a build thread for my current project, a 5 gallon pico tank. It’s currently cycling, but here are some of the current details. Tank: Marine land 5 gallon - loved the height as I could put it on my desk and I would be...
  25. reeferslav

    Build Thread Road to 64 gallon SPS dominant reef tank

    Hi, I'm uri and today I spontaneously decided to start a build thread about my new reef tank. For over a year I am addicted to reefing. Currently I have a 22 gal reef tank and I decided to set up a new one. I am from Germany and I apologize if my English is not correct in some places, but I...