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  1. B

    Build Thread FijiCube 38gal Peninsula Build thread (WIP)

    Hi friends, I'm stuck with a 6-year-old phone and a dinky camera, but I just realized I never posted my build thread for the ReefChasers contest and I also want to enter the Osmolator contest so I might as well start a build thread despite the poor photo quality! edit: new photo old photo...
  2. Taipan88

    Build Thread Taipan's Mixed Reef 250L DIY Build.

    Introduction: Hey All Been an avid fish keeper for over 25 years, there isn't much in freshwater which I have not kept and I've dabbled in marine in the past. My prior builds all crashed due to power failures and or going a bit too hard to fast. ( fast bioload additions without sufficient...
  3. SaltyShel

    Build Thread First Tank - 16gal BioCube!

    Hey everyone! This is my very first saltwater tank and I’m so excited. I have always wanted one! A little background, it’s a 16gal BioCube, previously owned. My dad got it for me, since he decided to downsize his 32gal (which he still hasn’t done yet lol), and didn’t change the rock, sand, or...
  4. Jon Patrick/jtone

    Build Thread DIY 40g breeder reef system / 20g long sump / fuge

    What’s up everyone long time no see. I haven’t been very active on here lately and it feels great to be back!! Hope everyone is doing well out there! So I’ve finally been putting together a reef system that I’ve been planning since I moved to the Midwest this past February. It’s a 40...
  5. C

    Build Thread 75 Gallon first saltwater build

    I've been lurking in the forums for a while now, but I figured it's time to get my build thread going (even though my build is almost entirely done now lol. I started the planning process for my first real tank towards the start of 2021 after my daughter was born and I realized my scuba diving...
  6. 1_hopeless_reefer

    Waterbox 145.5 Frag Build Thread

    Here lays the info on my build. Better late than never. Any and all advice is welcome. If you have questions I will do my best. As this is up and running there are a few gaps in between photos but it’s all here or will be as I plan to add and edit as I can. First picture is of it freshly setup...
  7. WestCoastCorals

    Frag Build 150 Gallon Frag System! West Coast Corals Commercial Frag System

    Hi Everyone! This is our first build thread and thought it would be a nice insight to see how a commercial company sets up their system. We can't wait to show you all our newest frag setup! This system is being set up as test for our future expansion, we hope to add 5 more systems like this...
  8. P

    Build Thread Will's 100 Gallon Reef Tank

    Posting my 100 gallon mixed reef tank here. I have been at it for years but recently figured out that good lighting means I can grow more corals. Now its time to move the tank to replace the flooring in the house. Maybe I can get some tips on how to improve upon the tank. I have some great ideas.
  9. P

    Build Thread MixReefer 34gallon Cube Build!

    Hi Everyone, welcome to my build! I made a build thread but decided to redo it with proper introduction and hope you guys will follow my build as it progress! I was using the fluval 13gallon as a starter after getting back into hobby this year and had some live rocks but no live stocks for...
  10. M

    Build Thread 90 gl marineland build

    This is the start to my 90 gallon build. I had some equipment left over from this same setup 6 years ago before I had to move sell everything live that i had and move all my equipment to my new house. 6 years later I am just now getting around to setting everything back up. For the new setup I...
  11. Adrift

    Hello Howdy!

    I’m just getting back into reefing. I joined reef 2 reef a couple of moths ago but really haven’t been active and have noticed I never posted a thread here lol. I’m 43 years old and live in Texas. I’m one of those dang Yankees the south joke about haha. Either way I love it down here and this...
  12. Circa

    Build Thread Circa's Waterbox 4820 Peninsula Build - Return to Reefing. Lets goo!!!

    Hey hey folks names Josh - Most call me Circa.I live in Connecticut, self employed - I run a gaming network for GTA5, Ark, Conan and various other survival games. Some other fun facts. I have 3 Australian Shepherds, Kyrie 7, Jasper 6, Maisie 11months . . I used to be big in the reef world fell...
  13. MissouriReefer31

    Build Thread My 40g Breeder Build

    I started my 40g build on June/26/2021 I did some research into it but not extensive. Wish I did but I rushed that. I cycled the tank for 3 weeks ( yes i know should've waited longer. The water quality has been consistent. ammonia has consistently been at 0ppm, Nitrate and Nitrites at 0ppm and...
  14. WestonNanos

    Nano Build Weston's - Innovative Marine Nuvo 14 Peninsula Build

    Finally back in the hobby after about 6 years... I have a Nuvo 14 Peninsula currently in transit that I plan to make into an LPS/euphyllia dominant reef tank. The tank will be to my house on Wednesday, in the meantime, I am working on building a custom stand that will house the eventual auto...
  15. rhpmiller

    Nano Tank Start - Step by Step Journey

    Hey all, I just started a 20g nano tank and figured i'd post my steps along the way to see how it goes, as well as field feedback and advice from more-experienced reefers. Start - Day 1 (9/19) Tank: Red Sea Max Nano 20g Sand: Caribsea Arag-Alive Fiji Pink Skimmer: Yes Media: Yes (Carbon/rock)...
  16. cwerner

    AIO Build CWerner's IM 50 Nuvo AIO build

    Hello All, I'm starting this thread to document my new build! To give some background, I'm new-ish to reefing (but not aquariums), and currently have a 75 gallon with 20 gallon sump setup in my Dining room. Well, life happens and I'll be taking that tank down in order to install a piano for...
  17. C

    AIO Build Ceaver's IM Nuvo Fusion 40 SPS Build/Grow out

    This thread will document what I hope will be an awesome grow out of SPS frags in my AIO tank. This initial post is just to get the thread started and force my hand in actually beginning some legit documentation, which I've been meaning to do for some time. I suppose it makes sense to start off...
  18. JCCook07

    Build Thread JC's Fluval 13.5 Evo Build!

    Hello All! After rambling about saltwater tanks and watching a ton of YouTube videos on reef keeping, my wife surprised me with a Fluval 13.5g tank on August 18th. (Early birthday present) So we jumped right into getting some dry rock and Carribsea live sand from the local petco. After getting...
  19. BirdGuy21

    Build Thread SCA 150 - The Biggest Upgrade Yet

    My JBJ 45 had been running well for what will be three years come November. It’s been a great first saltwater tank but I had the urge to upgrade fairly soon after setting it up. I started seriously researching tank manufacturers and equipment around this time last year and sat down to create a...
  20. HWEP

    Build Thread Pico 2 Gallon, because i like to be on edge.

    ***Posted in wrong thread, moved to Build thread*** Hi everyone, I thought i'd do my first build thread. After a rollercoaster few months with my large 30Gal which is now calming down, evidently i get a high off consistent panic, so i've decided to induce more stress on myself. Secondhand 2...
  21. O

    Fluval evo 13.5 nano

    So far I got some hermit crabs, sand sifting starfish, pair of Red Sea clownfish ( they don’t really look like normal clowns lol but they were cheaper) a turbo snail. Looking for some ideas to add new stuff. Only upgrades I’ve done so far on equipment is heater and thermometer. Don’t really plan...
  22. Adrift

    Build Thread Planet Aquarium 96x24x21 work in progress!

    Hello everyone! I finally decided to rejoin the hobby! I’m a little late on starting this thread so I will add a bit in due time for timeline purposes. I got out of the hobby nearly twenty years ago while I was in the Navy. I told my now current lovely bride for the last 10 years how much I...
  23. downonthereef

    Nano Build Waterbox Peninsula Mini 25G

    Hey guys! Downgrading my Redsea Reefer XL300 to a Waterbox MP25! Decided to take things a little slower with this tank and what better way to do that then documenting the process! All is on order, just awaiting deliveries! Stay tuned
  24. WheatToast

    Build Thread WheatToast's Anti-Reef (Aqueon 40-gallon Breeder)

    This loaf is about to set out on an adventure... I guess it's time for me to begin my first build thread. After suffering way too long with my previous (first) build (a temperate system with freshwater rocks and sand as well as a HOB filter that never left the diatom phase), I decided to...
  25. jfoahs04

    Nano Build Mixed Reef Fluval Evo 13.5 with Natural Sea Water

    ****most recent FTS**** August 4, 2022 (one year anniversary shot!) ***End Update*** I’m starting my first tank in 6+ years and my 3rd ever reef tank. The goal with this one is to build a streamline (hence the AIO), attractive nano reef in the condo I share with my fiancée who has never...
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