1. Modge

    Will Nephthea and GSP share a rock nicely?

    Hello - I’ve been concerned after researching GSP that I made a mistake putting these 2 rocks together - see photo. So far the Nephthea branches appear to push back and suppress my GSPs, but I’m afraid the GSP will run around the back and start climbing the trunk - eventually smothering out the...
  2. Wamland

    What you looking at?

    I love this guy. Took care of my algae and has so much character.
  3. G

    New York Live Goods Long polyp toadstool and branching green star polyps

    Hi. I have 2 frags of my pink long polyp toadstool f/s and some frags of branching green star polyps Toadstool $20 each Green star polyps $10 per branch Pick up only in mineola ny
  4. H

    new 20g tank questions

    Hello! I've had my nano tank for a little more than a month now, and have a few questions. a few weeks back, I had a huge problem with red/brown thick algae growing on the rock and sand. it's mostly stopped growing there, but is now covering the glass. what's the normal timeline for a new tank...
  5. TomerF

    Nano Build College budget 10 reef tank

    I started a budget college friendly reef tank on December 30th 2022. My goals for this nano reef tank were to be simple and easy to care for yet still get the great results I wanted. My main issues is i’m a college student who works so i don’t have all the time throughout the week to keep a...
  6. A

    GSP dead?

    My GSP got covered in hair algae but was still opening just fine. One day i decided to brush it off and ended up hurting it a bit. It began to open less until this point where i believe it’s dead. Is there a way to revive it or is it long gone?
  7. Drummerguydw

    California Live Goods Unloading Assorted Soft/LPS Coral

    Fire and Ice Zoa- 5 per head Rainbow Incinerator Zoa- 10 per head Green Candy Cane-10 small/15 large frag Purple Goniopora-25 2” GSP Disk-10 GSP encrusted rock-offer? Sympodium 20 (large frag) 2” Blue Lepto Disk 20 Free Cheato if Local 93004, Ventura Pictures aren’t amazing, can PM more of...
  8. GpixL_

    California Live Goods Various Corals for Sale - Shipping Availalbe

    Hi, I am selling a bunch of coral including euphyllia, favia, lobo, zoa, scoly, mushrooms, anemones, and more. For more prices, pics and questions about the coral, feel free to pm me. Thanks! Zoa prices are as follows: Red Hornet: $15pp White zombie: $40pp Chuckies Bride: $27pp Orange zoa...
  9. C

    Peppermint shrimp harming GSP?

    Hi! I recently just got my tank started and got a GSP and a mushroom, along with a CUC of Trochus snail and a peppermint shrimp. I asked my LFS if they were reef safe and they said yes. However, my GSP after putting it in the tank was doing great, it was all the way open after about an hour but...
  10. ReefZ1lla84

    Washington Live Goods Torches hammers frogspawns zoas sps

    Selling quit a few corals I tried to organize it the best i could for the buyer. Everything that has a letter by it is for sale. I have some zoas and a bunch of green star polyps for cheap also. Only ship to lower 48. I’ll ship free at $350 and up, or $45 for an order of at least $150 or more. I...
  11. ETH2ETH

    Ideas for my 3 gallon nano?

    Looking for ideas to improve my nano
  12. tjbrownie

    Florida Live Goods Green Star polyp frags

    I have some green Star polyp frags I’m looking to sell and negotiate price. small drag-$10 Medium-$15 this is the mother colony
  13. G

    GSP tunnel

    i have this gsp that has not opened up since i got it (4 days ago) i know some gsp could take months to open but i havent seen not even a tip of a polyp. decided to pull it out the tank and clean some detritus on it. i flipped the purple mat and saw tunnels under the mat which was also build out...
  14. Scp

    Michigan Live Goods Massive curved arched rock two species of star polyps and 12” green sinularia

    Nice piece of arched curved live rock (app 20” x15”) that weighs about 25lbs with two types of star polyps and green sinularia message is Interested Too big to ship $150
  15. ReefZ1lla84

    Washington Live Goods TSA Holy grail, torches, hammers Sps etc

    Selling a TSA Holly grail torch with proof of lineage. I have a double head that’s splitting into 4 heads for $500 Shipped. -Also have hellfire ($100/head) -New York knicks ($150/head) -Green/purple frogspawns ($20/head) -green/purple frammer ($20/head) -ultra green splatter hammer ($40/head)...
  16. Ashtaroth


    It won’t open and it looks like this. I think it’s dying. What should I do? My nitrite and nitrate are high. Is that killing it? Should I move it to a qt tank? I’m so scared and need advice
  17. A

    Sponges growing on coral

    2 types of sponges are growing on and killing my green star polyps. how do i get rid of them?
  18. RIC13

    Indiana Live Goods Oldies But Goodies: Mixed Zoa Pack with Sunkist Bounce

    I’m offering a mixed pack of 12 corals including zoanthids, GSP, and a Sunkist bounce mushroom. I can build a few of these packs if multiple people are interested. From left to right; top to bottom: 1. Purple Rain 2. Rasta 3. GSP 4. Flaming Fireballs 5. Ultra Blowpop 6. Radioactive Dragon Eyes...
  19. G

    Florida WTB WTB 3 Xenia of GSP frags

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to buy 3 frags of xenia or gsp that are roughly the same size. My sister is doing an experiment on salinity change and how it affects growth, so I'm trying to find some reasonably priced frags. I'm located in Oviedo FL but can drive to pick up.
  20. I

    Monti placement

    Is this a good spot? Hoping it and the gsp encrust the back wall.
  21. R

    My method of getting soft corals on the back wall/overflow.

    Hello reefers, Today I’m setting up to place some Xenia on the back wall and I wanted to show my way of doing it. 1.) cut a small piece of plexiglass. Can be transparent or the color of your background. Then drill the hole in the middle . ( I didn’t have drill bit large enough so I made a...
  22. T

    Help! GSP dying but everything else doing great?

    Hey! Tank has been cycled for 6 months, and was doing great. Had a gsp frag on the sand that was showing great growth, PE, and everything else. Then, one day after a 20% water change the polyps never come out again. It's been 2 days with them not coming out, is it dead? What could have happened...
  23. Nanolifeuk

    What’s growing on my GSP?

    My first take is literally just algae, taking over the tissue. It’s still spreading like wildfire so not so much concerned just curious for knowledge.
  24. Hannahmunt

    Why are my zoas closed

    Hello, last week I bought a small colony of yellow zoas, all was fine and I’ve been moving it around the tank to find a good spot for it. I’ve noticed that last three days it’s not opened at all. I have other zoas that look fine. it’s the same with my gsp they haven’t opened since I bought...
  25. lou13_

    California Live Goods Pink Tube Anemone

    Have 2 pink tube anemones for sale $50/each. They are abut 6-7inches fully expanded at night. Love low flow and non photosynthetic. Also free Xenia, very large stalks on the back wall. 1 frag of branching GSP & one Xenia/Zoa combo frag $15/each.