1. Zoa_Fanatic

    Branching GSp

    My gsp has completely covered the small rock I have it on and is now growing “limbs” I guess (not indovual polyp tubes) out of itself. Is this what the branching variety does? Like the purple mat has little trees or purple with multiple polyps on it growing off it.
  2. lilithereefer

    tank sale!!!

    items for sale - ocellaris clownfish - 1 inch - gsp colony 5 inch by 6 inch - duncan - 5 heads - snails, banded coral shrimp, nad hermit crabs - bubble tip anemone (green) - 100 pounds of live rock location : nyc, if you want to buy anything you can dm me and i will send you the pricetag
  3. M

    GSP Issue

    So for some reason one of my GSP frag closed up. It was open last week and now it closed up and looks like it is disintegrating (seeing the green polyp) The other frag is doing well though and it was part of that frag I cut off. That part of the frag was already closing off when I cut that...

    GSP advice

    Hi Thinking of getting some gsp but 50/50 at the min….. Heard they be like a weed if they take hold in you tank with makes it a pain to control the growth…. Do you think the would be ok on the tower….. my bubble tip is on there aswell so thinking it’ll help to controls it….. Or am I best either...
  5. Zoa_Fanatic

    Is this GSP the branching variety?

    I got this GSP as a small piece inside a zoa frag. It’s growing big growths off the edges of the colony. Is this the branching variety GSP or is it the normal one?
  6. Sleeping Giant

    Tuxedo urchin with GSP

    Love this, the GSP is doing great and so is the tuxedo urchin.
  7. Zoa_Fanatic

    Branching gsp?

    I’ve got a big chunk of gsp that started out as a tiny 0.5” sized peice I pulled off a zoa frag. It’s starting to grow “branches” or bug tubes off the purple mat and getting super long. Is this the branching variety? First GSP I’ve ever had. Always avoided it like the plague but I really wanted...
  8. K

    Bizarre assortment of some sort of soft coral eating parasite.

    I was doing a water change and noticed that there was some parasite in my frag sized green stare encrusting polyps, so I performed a coral dip with iodine twice and tried to scape off as many parasites as I could. After dumping the dirty water in the sink, I was horrified by what I saw and took...
  9. derek170

    Possible hitchiker on GSP frag plug

    Can anyone ID this?
  10. R

    Are there different kinds of Star Polyps or GSP?

    I saw these two frags a couple days ago in my City store and went back today because i couldn't stop thinking about them, they're really green hehe, I was wondering are there different varieties of GSP and what colors can you get them in?
  11. FjordReef

    Build Thread Fjord Reef's Waterbox Cube 20

    Introduction Hey everyone! I thought I'd start a build thread to track my progress with my newest reef. I had about 7 active tanks running simultaneously when I was 13-15 years old, but then lost interest in the hobby and got rid of everything. I'm older now and haven't been working as much due...
  12. L

    GSP Issues

    Hi All, I have a GSP piece that had been growing nicely around the rock. However the polyps have been retracted for the past ~3 weeks and I noticed that the algae on the rock has spread to part of the base (dark green) but also there are these neon green wispy stuff on it as well. Any idea what...
  13. jcabral125

    Dead GSP?

    Hey everyone I have a question in regards to my GSP. I’m not sure if it is dead or not or has some disease. It closed up for a bit but then the lower polyps began to grow so I’m not sure if I should just leave it alone or do any preventive measures on the white part. I have another coral in my...
  14. NauticalMiles1010

    I need help identifying the issue.

    I’m new to reef keeping only been doing it for 7 months but I have a question about my GSP. It looks like the tentacles are not all the way out do you no what the problem maybe? I have SPS in the Tank one Birds nest. So parameters shouldn’t be an issue. Thanks!!!
  15. Oseans Reef

    Build Thread 90G Softy Gangbang

    The current setup is a 75G tank with a corner overflow with a wet dry sump modified for a refugium area. Eshops skimmer, gyre pumps and Aqueon return pump. Current tank stock includes Tomini Tang, 2 damsels, 3 oscellaris clownfish, serpent starts, Harlequin Basslet, soft corals and mini carpet...
  16. Lebski

    Tiny baby mantis shrimp

    Hi there, apologies as it can’t get a picture as it’s so small. I picked up a large GSP colony attached to some live rock. That is doing well and I am happy with it! However, I looked underneath the chunk with my phone light as I saw something scuttling upside down under the rock, It is about...
  17. EliVChalk97

    California Red Pom Pom Macro and Branching GSP

    Sandwich bag full of macro for $20, and a cutting of branching GSP for $5. Local pickup only! 92083
  18. kwirky

    Green star polyps to combat bubble algae?

    I've been fighting bubble algae on and off for about a year now and I'm getting tired of it. I physically remove them with a hose and screw driver and they come back within a week. They detach from rock and end up in my powerheads, causing cascading issues. I'd rather grow GSP because at least...
  19. unchaotic

    GSP Field

    I'm planning a little 10 gallon DIY AIO aquarium for my office at work. I want to do a bare bottom and let GSP basically cover the whole thing. What I want to know is if there would be a way to prevent the GSP from growing up onto the rockwork? If I attached pvc pipe cutoffs to keep the rock an...
  20. lukefish

    GSP won't open!

    It hasn't come out in 4 days now. Starting to get bit worried. Sorry for the brevity, but Im at work...worrying! I seem to have 'invested' in a dodgy marine test kit which shows my parameters as follows: Ammonia - 0 Nitrite - 0 Nitrate between 5 and 10 pH - no idea as the reading colour...
  21. S

    Green Star Polyps GSP Curl up when lights on

    Hey Everyone, Hope everyone's doing great. I want to get some quick advice on my GSP coral. The tips curl up as soon as my lights come on. They are long and extended when the light go down/dark. I am not sure why do they do that? I have placed it on the sand bed towards the corner with no...
  22. M

    Spaghetti worm in GSP frag?

    Hi guys I'm new in the hobby and got my first frag 2 days ago. I tried cutting away a bad part today and when the lights went out I noticed tentacles comming out of the part where I cut the GSP frag. After some research I think it is a spaghetti worm. Can anyone help me identify it? I dipped...
  23. M

    Spaghetti worm in gsp frag?

    Hi guys I'm new in the hobby and got my first frag 2 days ago. I tried cutting away a bad part today and when the lights went out I noticed tentacles comming out of the part where I cut the GSP frag. After some research I think it is a spaghetti worm. Can anyone help me identify it? I dipped...
  24. TheWackyWiz

    Troubling GSP behavior, not sure what to make of it?

    Hi All, I noticed some really strange behavior from one of my GSP's last night and I am really not sure what to do. Any guidance would be much appreciated. Params: Calcium= 500ppm kH=179ppm Nitrate= 10ppm Phosphate=1.0ppm As soon as I saw that high of a nitrate reading I did a 50% water...
  25. jackalexander

    Cutting back GSP and clove polyps

    I want to know what my best option here is. I have a nano and my GSP and clove polyps are starting to get slightly overgrown but I’ve never fragged before. The clove polyps at my LFS are usually $10 per polyp so I would love to frag up that colony and start making some money back. Also, I’m only...
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