1. CaliDanhReef

    California Live Goods Bay Area: Zoas, chalice, hammers, torches, indophylia

    No Shipping Sorry Pickup in Sunnyvale Utter chaos zoa frags 1 polyp $10, 2polyps $15 BamBam zoas frags $20 each 2x Watermelon zoas $20 each 2x, $10 1x Coral Exotics Zoas unbounced but potential to bounce $40 each 8x frags Branching green star polyp $60 for whole colony. Superman mushroom $10...
  2. lynn.reef.nerd

    Maryland Live Goods Torch/Hammer 4-Pack

    $325 shipped. Please PM if you have any questions. Thank you. DOA policy: * UPS overnight. * Live arrival guaranteed if shipment received and opened within 2 hours of first delivery attempt. * Picture and/or video of the dead coral(s) in original bag BEFORE and AFTER opening. *I will...
  3. L

    Is my new hammer frag dying?

    I got my new hammer about 2 days ago. Dripped acclimated then did a revive dip and rinse. Coral opened up with the light yesterday. Seemed to be doing good. Today I wake up to this. 1/3 of the coral has “fallen from the plug.” Does anyone know what caused this and if there is anyway for me to...
  4. Coral Love

    Pennsylvania Live Goods Back With More LPS

    Back with more LPS: NY Knicks torch - $125/Head Dragon Soul torch - 125/Head Goldfinger torch - 100/Head Hellfire torch - 100/Head Aussie Gold Hammer - 40/Head Indo Gold Hammer - 40/Head Indo Rainbow Frammer - 40/Head Neon Green Hammer - 25/Head Aneomes GBTAs - 25 EA
  5. Koral King

    Live Goods Livestock RAINBOW HAMMERS/CRAZY TORCHES!!!! Will ship!

    Got some really nice rainbow hammers and some super healthy torches available. Hammers are 49 and torches are 129. Overnight shipping is $45 inside continental US and $25 if you’re in florida.
  6. Master of Cloak

    Florida Live Goods Coral and Fish for Sale - Orlando, FL - Local Pickup

    Prices are listed below.
  7. B

    Live Goods SOLD Zoa Colonies

    WYSIWYG. Pictures have not been doctored and don’t do justice to the color of these zoas. Some very nice zoa colonies here. Intended for someone who wants to appreciate more than the typical one or two polyp frags. Have had these for over a year and a half and have produced generous frags...
  8. AviL

    Illinois Live Goods $10 hammer and Acro frags!

    See pics! $10: Green speckled hammer. Yellow-blue hammer. TSA Exquisita stag. $100: 5" Chalice colonies.
  9. AviL

    Illinois Live Goods $10 Acro and Hammer Frags

    Hey! See pics. $10 TSA Exquisita Stag frags $10 Green speckled and Yellow/blue hammer frags. Multiple heads! Lots of other coral for sale, too. In Chicago. Pick up only. Avi
  10. OldMoonBoots

    Michigan Live Goods Yellow/Orange Branching Hammer and Purple/Yellow Green Tip "Indo" Torches

    I have several frags for sale of each coral. Yellow branching hammer coral and purple with yellow stripe with green tip "indo" torches. I travel south to Zeeland, MI from Montague , MI for work so I can possibly deliver them. Pick up is an option as well. $50 for each hammer head and $75 for...
  11. ReefZ1lla84

    Washington Live Goods Tsa HG Torches, sps, monties, Duncan’s, nems, etc

    Selling a wide variety of corals, pics are lettered with each coral for sale. Also have multiple pics if you need a better shot. Will start shipping as long as the weather allows it where you live. Shipping is $45 to the lower 48 states. To ship buyer must spend $200 min. Free shipping for...
  12. C

    My LPS aren't doing well. Need some help with my first tank.

    I'll get the tank stats out of the way first. 20 Gallon Cube AIO with AI Prime 16HD running on David Saxby preset. It's about 6 months old (not including the cycle), and for the first few months everything was going well, corals were completely open and growing, and now pretty much all of my...
  13. D

    EMERGENCY Reef Dying

    Hi, I’ve had this reef for about 2 months now, everything was fine and open and doing very well then all of a sudden maybe in the past week it’s just stopped opening up fully and not looking healthy. I will show some pictures below of before and after. It’s mainly my torch’s and frogspawns I am...
  14. kdtorgy

    EMERGENCY Help with hammers

    Hi reefers. I need some help with my new Hammers. I got these two from a well respected LFS just under two weeks ago at the same time I upgraded my lights to two Radion G6 XR15 blues on my 140 gallon mixed reef tank. I was told to put them at 140 PAR, which I did (I have a PAR meter). They...
  15. W

    Skeleton showing on hammer

    Hi, I’ve been struggling to keep this hammer happy the past few days, during the day it looks some what deflated and during the night it fully retracts and shows skeleton. I’ve been struggling to keep parameters stable the past week. My alkalinity seems to drop from 7.7 to 6.9 in about 3 days...
  16. uniquecorals

    Xmas/Year End Flashsale Extravaganza Dec 26th 11am - 5pm pst

    This day after Christmas Day we will have our last FlashSale event of 2022! Now that we know exactly what we received for Christmas, and more importantly what we didn't receive, we can shop for more deals! And the tanks need some more color for the New Year, to start it off right! Watch the...
  17. P

    New York Live Goods Purple tipped hammer - $10 per head cut to order, local pickup in westchester ny

    Hello all, this purple tipped green hammer has grown too large and I need to get some space back. I can cut any number of head size at $10 per head, pick up in 10570. Please PM if interested.
  18. N

    Minnesota Live Goods WYSIWYG - Ultra Blasto, Goni, Scoly, Wall Hammers, Acro, and more

    I can ship nationwide ✈️ at affordable rates. Please DM me your zip code for a quick shipping quote 3 Polyp Blasto (Ironman?) $180 Gold Wall Hammer - $110 Green Wall Hammer - $130 Tonga Green Tip Torch (1 Head) - $80 Green/Purple Scoly (sorta looks like UFO) 4 inch across - $165...
  19. GpixL_

    California Live Goods Various Corals for Sale - Shipping Availalbe

    Hi, I am selling a bunch of coral including euphyllia, favia, lobo, zoa, scoly, mushrooms, anemones, and more. For more prices, pics and questions about the coral, feel free to pm me. Thanks! Zoa prices are as follows: Red Hornet: $15pp White zombie: $40pp Chuckies Bride: $27pp Orange zoa...
  20. aquamann

    HELP!!! Hammer and Torch dying?

    Hello, I have 2 hammer corals and a torch that have been doing well the last 2 months (puffy) but recently they have started retracting. They have been retracted for the last week and seems to be getting worse slowly. I am not sure if they are able to be saved and am not sure why they started...
  21. Queenofreef

    Texas Live Goods TSA RASTA HAMMERS - Dallas, TX

    TSA rasta hammer frags. $50 per head Pickup 75019
  22. familiar1985

    California Live Goods Zoanthids, SPS, Chalice, Hammers (Los Angeles area)

    Trying to clear out and make some room in my frag tank. See below photos for what I have available. I also have some SPS colonies I can take cuts from. Some of the larger colonies may not be able to ship. Minimum Order is $250. Please post what you would like in discussion or message me. CUT...
  23. Nicerreefs

    Livestock 3H Purple Branching Hammer - $160 + shipping

    3H Purple branching hammer is available for sale! $160 + Shipping. Get 10% off when you subscribe our website newsletter. Free shipping when you spend $349 or more! Let us help you accomplish your dream goals and make it a reality today! - Nicer Reefs "Your Reef. But Nicer." Social Media...
  24. Nicerreefs

    Livestock 2H Toxic Green Branching Hammer - $120 + shipping

    2H Toxic Green Branching Hammer is available for sale! $120 + Shipping. Get 10% off when you subscribe our website newsletter. Free shipping when you spend $349 or more! Let us help you accomplish your dream goals and make it a reality today! - Nicer Reefs "Your Reef. But Nicer." Social...
  25. N

    Minnesota Live Goods WYSIWYG Euphillia and Goni frags

    Shipping available. Please PM me your zip code for shipping quote... Hammer A - $85 Hammer B - $95 Hammer C - $125 Hammer D - $85 Torch E - $80 Torch F - $65 FRONT VIEW TOP VIEW Goni A (Blue+Green) - $55 Goni B (Blue+Green) - $55 Goni C (Blue+Green+Pink) - $65 Purple Goni D - $55