Can a hammer touch acropora

    Hi can hammers and frogspawn touch acropora, Green Seriatopora? Thanks
  2. A

    Newbie Help

    Hi everyone I hope I can get some help, I am completely new to reef keeping after keeping fresh water for quite a while. I now have had my nano reef set up for around 6 months and started 1 month ago adding my 1st soft corals (some mushrooms, Xenia and GSP). My mushrooms where doing really well...
  3. ReefChasers

    Aussie Import just landed

    Hey Reef2Reef! We got our first import order directly from the source (Australia) and boy was it a good one. We've got a ton of beautiful meats -- Scolys, Lobos, Trachys and Symphyllia + all kinds of torches, hammers, gonis & blastos. I guess you can say our hands are full and so is our "Meat...

    Well... thats a little strange(Featuring; Weird thing corals do)

    I was doing a water change last Friday and I happened to have moved a hammer a little too close to a chalice. Normally I wouldn't be too concerned and even consider that the hammer would probably being the aggressor in this situation but instead.... BOOM My hammer became a snack lol What's...
  5. beehive124

    Damaged My Hammer w/siphon

    I was doing my weekly water change this morning and I lost control of my siphon. Long story short, I hit my hammer coral with the hose. It sucked up about 2 tentacles and damaged about 5 or so. Will it heal on its own or do I need to take action? I’ve read iodine dips help, but the frag plug...
  6. S

    Hammer relocation advice

    I'm relatively new to the reefing game and I got my first pair of hammers 4 days ago. One of my hammers is fully opened and looking better than it did in the lfs i got it from. The other one is looking good but not extending nearly as much. Both are sitting in areas that receive roughly 100...
  7. i0nz

    Strange hammer issue

    I woke up this morning to see a strip of my hammer coral missing. It looked absolutely amazing/healthy as of last night. It doesn’t appear to have BJD upon viewing the missing section. After testing my parameters, everything is well within acceptable ranges. One thing which comes to mind is...
  8. Reefscape20g

    Polyp bailout on my Euphyllia sp. golden hammer.... what to do?

    Hi everyone, Two days ago I noticed my hammer coral curled up, almost no polyp extension and really looking not that fluffy/happy... The next morning the situation was unchanged but I noticed some of the polyps had let go, or were letting go at the moment. Sorry for the bad quality picture, my...
  9. beehive124

    How Long Should I Acclimate My Coral To My Lighting?

    Hello All! I recently got a hammer coral and I was wondering how long I should set the acclimation period on my AI Prime. I have it set for 3 days, which has worked in the past for hardier LPS, but I’m not quite sure what I should do for the hammer. Any help would be great!
  10. beehive124

    New Hammer, Mouth Open, Questions

    Hi all! I’m pretty new to the euphyllia scene, but I got my first hammer today! I ordered it off of a trustworthy seller on ebay and it looked ok when it got to me. I floated, dripped, and dipped the coral. It opened up after an hour or so. It looked ok, until I turned my wave pump on. Its...
  11. D

    Droopy hammer and not fully opening

    Hi everyone! I recently got my tank cycled and set up since since the start of July (cycled with live rock, Brightwell bacteria, and live sand) and only recently added some corals into the tank (mostly LPS and soft corals). For about two weeks, the corals seemed pretty happy and would be opened...
  12. 66cts

    New hammer!

    I scored a beautiful hammer! I went to my local LFS and they had a bunch of hammers for only $45. I've always loved the look of them, so I asked to put one on hold until I could check all my parameters. It ended up taking me two weeks to get everything in-line and I got to pick up my hammer...
  13. ClownFish664

    Purple and green hammer coral colour

    Hi, My purple and green hammer coral seems to be changing colour, the purple is now going down the stem as well as the head, before it had a purple head and green stem but some are now mostly purple. it this normal? Sorry, I'm a little new to reef keeping. Its only a small young head.

    INSANE Acans, Rainbow Hammers, Rock Flower Bouquets and SO much MORE!(Weekend Update!)

    These new additions to the site are looking awesome! Interested in a few? Send us a PM, lets make a pack! _______________________________________________________________________________________ Follow our Instagram and Facebook to get an early announcement on our weekly drops & make sure to join...
  15. FjordReef

    Build Thread Fjord Reef's Waterbox Cube 20

    Introduction Hey everyone! I thought I'd start a build thread to track my progress with my newest reef. I had about 7 active tanks running simultaneously when I was 13-15 years old, but then lost interest in the hobby and got rid of everything. I'm older now and haven't been working as much due...
  16. V

    Hammer coral weird growth

    Hey all, i have a hammer coral thats been in my tank for a while, it did really well the first week or so, but after that its always been slightly retracted (or more) it doesn't seem like it's dying or anything, but it has these branch like protrusions coming from its base, one is pretty close...
  17. C

    Hammer Coral about to die?

    Hello, I have a new cycled tank about 3 months old stocked with one neon goby, 8 sexy shrimp, 3 snails and a hermit crab. For corals I have 2 Xenia 1 GSP, 1 mushroom, and a new Hammer coral frag. Tank is a 5.5 gallon Fluval evo with a voyager wavemaker and using pinky floss, matrix rocks...
  18. fox0521

    Hammer spawn?!

    A few days ago, I saw a tip of my hammer flowing through the water column. The coral was open and happy, there were no signs of stress, and there were no critters near it. (Low quality pic of my hammer at the end. :p) I lost track of the tip. Fast forward to tonight. I shut off all flow to feed...
  19. theocorals537

    Massachusetts Indo torches , dragon soul, cotton candy , Todd’s

    Hey reefers! Hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy. Making some space in my display tank. Here’s some torches , 1- indo dragon soul 2 mouths splitting into 2 heads $225 2- indo dragon soul 3 mouth splitting into three heads fat knuckle $350 3- cotton candy splitting to 3 heads...
  20. M

    Euphillia- Hammer Coral- Species ID?

    Wondering if anyone can help me ID which hammer species/order may be on the pictured. Thank you
  21. B

    New Jersey New York WTS/WTT Holy Grail Hammer

    Hi All, I have a 55 gallon euphyllia garden and have been searching for a holy grail hammer for quite some time. Well today, I saw one and impulse bought it - however now I am concerned it is way too big for my tank. I won’t have it till tomorrow, but if anyone is interested I’d be willing to...
  22. C

    Growth on hammer coral?

    Just noticed this growth on my hammer coral a couple of days ago it also retracts slightly when I shine light on it. Anyone experience something similar?
  23. Stellar Aquatics

    Gold Hammer Value?

    Wondering if someone could price a gold hammer for what similar are going for
  24. Jay00498

    Massachusetts Hammer and Frammers large colonies available.

    multiple heads available of purple tipped hammer and frammer corals. $20 per head Interested in other color variants of hammers,frammers,torches as well Located on cape cod Locale pick up only
  25. katiestl

    Healthy branching hammer?

    Is this a healthy branching hammer? The dark spots on the bottom are newish and I’m noticing some darker top parts underneath the polyps... what should I do if anything? I did glue this to the rock when I bought it. Is that an issue?