1. D

    Cipro testing on hammer coral

    I had a branching hammer retract, bleach and was pretty bad off. It looked moments away from death. It didn't extend at all for almost a week, when It extended slightly It was bleached on every head. It had 3 heads. Woke up one day and one head had BJD. In a panic I ordered some cipro online...
  2. RBuchetto

    Awoke to BJD on my 10yo hammer…pray for me

    Awoke this morning to a sight that I was not expecting. Over five heads had ejected polyps over night with two more head visibly showing the ever dreaded brown jelly. The colony is over 10yo and I’ve never had the courage to frag it. Today, I jumped in, hoping I wouldn’t loose the entire thing...
  3. Coral

    For sale Coral

    Will do my best to update as stuff is snagged but don’t hesitate to pm. Shipping is $35 within CA or $60 out of state.
  4. Dad2Wyatt

    Vermatid snails?

    Are these vermatids snails on my hammer coral? i recently found one on a candy cane and immediately superglued the tube. this was about a week ago. Today I saw these little growths on the base of my hammer. Was hoping I was quick enough on stopping an outbreak but now I’m getting worried and...
  5. S

    Hello Reef Pest

    Hey everyone, So I started out in the reef hobby very careless as I wasn’t too sure if I’d enjoy it and I tried to do this on a budget. Fast forward 8 months in, I never quarantined anything, fish or corals. I had a ich breakout and I really enjoy the hobby so I want to do it right this time...
  6. Sakudo4

    California Livestock Trade Yellow tip green stem hammers

    I have pinching heads, Doubles , a couple triples Looking to trade for sps, lps let me know what you have, location is Anaheim

    Sponge inside hammer skellington

    Hi just noticed I have a spong inside hammer skellington similar to the one I have on my rock in picture bellow…. Should I deal with it and how so?
  8. Dad2Wyatt

    “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” What lessons have you learned the hard way by attempting to “fix” problems that you really didn’t have?

    Just trying to start a discussion! I’ll begin It took almost 2 weeks for me to find a spot where my hammer coral and Florida ricordea were happy. Then it took another week trying to figure out how strong to set my powerheads. Things have been going well for a bit now. just added a few more CUC...
  9. J

    Any idea why my hammer is looking like this

    Had this hammer for a few months now and when it opens up it opens really wide and the polyps sometimes are really skinny? Is it too much flow? I have some higher phosphates at the moment could that be the cause? It can get even more open and stretched out then in the photo. Thanks in advance
  10. N

    Growth on Hammer coral

    Hey Guys, I have a green wall hammer that’s been in my tank for about 5 months, and has been doing great. last night after lights went out and it closed up I noticed a white growth on one side and have no idea what it could be. the coral opens, is really puffy and happy looking so I don’t...
  11. Yellow tip hammers

    For sale Yellow tip hammers

    Few yellow tip green stem hammers available Single head 75$ Double 140$ triple 160 $ Some singles are pinching heads about to split
    $75.00 to $160.00
    or best offer
  12. FS - Gold Torches, Hammers, Octospawn and few zoas

    For sale FS - Gold Torches, Hammers, Octospawn and few zoas

    Here are some of the torches, hammers, octospawns and zoas I have for sale. Shipping is free for $400+ orders. I have few other corals for sale too if you guys want to combine to get free shipping. My other sale thread if you want to combine...
    $20.00 to $550.00
  13. Dad2Wyatt

    What is my hammer doing?

    Just got it 2 days ago. Yesterday it was fully opened and seemed to be doing okay, but since this morning it is been like this and is expelling this long almost clear looking stringy substance. Is there anything to worry about?
  14. ewoolpert

    Hammers not acting the same (biggie smalls)

    Why would one of my hammers be extended great and the other has been closed up more since they both got placed 2 months?
  15. ReefChasers

    Veteran's Day Sale! Save 15% off all Live Stock

    ✨ Today we honor all those who have bravely served our country to protect our freedoms. Thank you to all our past, present, and future Veterans for their sacrifices and service. ✨ Use code "VETERANSDAY" at checkout to save 15% off all livestock Nov. 11-12. Sale only applies to our website...
  16. R

    EMERGENCY Red on hammer?

    Hi guys, Does anyone know what this may be? There seams to be 2 red masses and one small red mass on my hammer. I’ve had the hammer a month and the first 2 weeks everything was okay, but the last 2 weeks it just hasn’t opened fully, I’d say it’s opened about 70% max. I was wondering if these...
  17. Lylelovett

    Target feeding individual heads/mouths?

    Hi all, Dendros, Acans, Favia, Duncan, Frogspawn, Hammer, etc... When target feeding, do you have to feed each individual coral mouth/head for every parts to grow? Or will feeding one "distribute" the food to the entire colony? Thanks!
  18. M

    I dont know whats wrong with my hammer!!


    Can a hammer touch acropora

    Hi can hammers and frogspawn touch acropora, Green Seriatopora? Thanks
  20. A

    Newbie Help

    Hi everyone I hope I can get some help, I am completely new to reef keeping after keeping fresh water for quite a while. I now have had my nano reef set up for around 6 months and started 1 month ago adding my 1st soft corals (some mushrooms, Xenia and GSP). My mushrooms where doing really well...
  21. ReefChasers

    Aussie Import just landed

    Hey Reef2Reef! We got our first import order directly from the source (Australia) and boy was it a good one. We've got a ton of beautiful meats -- Scolys, Lobos, Trachys and Symphyllia + all kinds of torches, hammers, gonis & blastos. I guess you can say our hands are full and so is our "Meat...

    Well... thats a little strange(Featuring; Weird thing corals do)

    I was doing a water change last Friday and I happened to have moved a hammer a little too close to a chalice. Normally I wouldn't be too concerned and even consider that the hammer would probably being the aggressor in this situation but instead.... BOOM My hammer became a snack lol What's...
  23. beehive124

    Damaged My Hammer w/siphon

    I was doing my weekly water change this morning and I lost control of my siphon. Long story short, I hit my hammer coral with the hose. It sucked up about 2 tentacles and damaged about 5 or so. Will it heal on its own or do I need to take action? I’ve read iodine dips help, but the frag plug...
  24. S

    Hammer relocation advice

    I'm relatively new to the reefing game and I got my first pair of hammers 4 days ago. One of my hammers is fully opened and looking better than it did in the lfs i got it from. The other one is looking good but not extending nearly as much. Both are sitting in areas that receive roughly 100...
  25. i0nz

    Strange hammer issue

    I woke up this morning to see a strip of my hammer coral missing. It looked absolutely amazing/healthy as of last night. It doesn’t appear to have BJD upon viewing the missing section. After testing my parameters, everything is well within acceptable ranges. One thing which comes to mind is...
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