1. R33fJunkies

    New Jersey Live Goods Rainbow Hammer

    Rainbow Hammer $140 Shipped Next Day Air shipping available Discounted price if local pickup / Delivery Freebie included w Purchase :)
  2. Chad Chapman

    Arkansas Live Goods zoas frags and mini colonies, misc frags free shipping at $150

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  3. Chad Chapman

    Arkansas Live Goods zoas frags and mini colonies, misc frags free shipping at $150

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  4. 4

    Hammer Coral Not Looking Good

    Got a 2 hammers 4 months ago or so and they slowly has been looking worse and worse. I have 2 others that I got around the same time that look great. Anybody have any idea what the issue could be with these 2 guys? Thanks! Alk 8.3 Phos .16 Nitrate 6.2 Mag & cal are great
  5. J

    Clownfish killing my expensive hammers

    Well, my beloved pair of blackstorm clowns have suddenly decided they wanna bite and yank my hammers. Particularly the female. She just killed my new 150 buck hologram hammer in 2 days by biting it so much. I didnt know it was her messing with it. I thought it was just adjusting so it didn’t...
  6. borrowedthemoon

    Melting hammer!

    Hey coral friends. I just got this guy exactly one week ago and had a small section melting on the left side. Fast forward several days and today looks like this. How do I fix it? Please and thank you!!
  7. ReefGirl50

    Hammer coral help needed

    Hi All! I’m fairly new to the reef/fish hobby thanks to fostering my daughter’s two clown fish. I have a 32.5G Fluval Flex saltwater tank and have just started adding corals. The Hammer Coral was placed in one of the pre-drilled holes on my live rock, but I’m afraid it might be the wrong spot...
  8. vandy

    LPS and Softie Colonies

    Tons of coral ready for a new home!! Local pickup in South City St. Louis, or shipping available. Free shipping on orders over $300! Check out my site as well for more coral in the future https://coralcavestl.com Green Goblin Goni Colony - About the size of a softball - $100 Green Goni...
  9. H

    Hard, dark crusty stuff on hammer stem

    Hey all, I have a hammer that’s not opening, and it has a dark, jagged, stuff, and crusted on its stem. I’ve read threads about algae, but I assume the algae would be soft, but maybe not. I’m pretty new at this. This stuff is hard like tree bark. I have another hammer in the tank that’s...
  10. neforpubl

    Looking for some hammer advice.

    Please read whole post. Sorry for length. Wondering if we have any euphylia experts in here? Every coral in my tank is doing fine and one of my hammer heads is doing great, but one is having bailout and the other is about to say screw this also. Note: sand is not a perm spot for it either. I...
  11. wsoldier

    Zoas, hammers

    Local pickup in Burbank 91502 near Ikea. See my other posts for acros. GMKs (5p): SOLD GMKs (10p 11p + babies): SOLD Orange Oxide + Rainbow Incinerator (~50+p): SOLD Laser Lemons + WWC Twizzler (at least 70p): 40 Rainbow Incinerators: 2-3p / $5pp Utter Chaos: 2-3p / $5pp Indo Gold...
  12. Coral Love

    WYSIWYG Reef Packs w/Zoa Colonies & Torches - $175 Shipped!

    Pick 6 for 175 Pick 8 for 225 Pick 10 for 275 SHIPPING INCLUDED! Add BK Chem Jolly Rancher torch - SOLD Pink tip Holy Grail - $500 Purple tip Holy Grail - SOLD TSA Pot of Gold Master torch - $300 24K Jester torch - $150 NY Knicks torch - $100 Cotton candy torch - $100 Firefly torch - $75...
  13. ReefStable

    Hammer Coral for Sale! Yellow Hammers, Coppertone Hammers, Hologram Hammers, Simple Hammers

    I have a bunch of hammer coral ready to go! Check out some hammers and get your hammer garden started :) To buy / see prices, just click the image or title of the hammer Hologram Branching Hammer Yellow Tip Hammer Coppertone Hammer Coral Purple Tip Green Branching Hammer Green Tip...
  14. PV Reefs

    New Website Update

    Huge website update plenty of corals to choose from!!! https://pvreefs.com/collections/all-corals
  15. R33fJunkies

    Treasure Chest Goni's!!!!

    Treasure Chest Goni's Quantity: 7 PM for any questions, or additional pictures / Videos $45 shipping fee - Free Shipping Over $300 SBB Treasure Chest Goni: $120 SBB Krakatoa Goni: $50 Hammer: $55
  16. blakki73

    Flow Help - 30g - 24"x20"x16"

    Hello everyone, My first reef tank has been set up for a bit over two months now, and it's doing great, I already see significant coralline growth, having started from dead mined rocks. That said, I have noticed a problem, I have two Jebao ELW-20M (3000-10000 l/h, 790-2641 gph), since the...
  17. TheReelColton

    Hammer Sulking Months Later

    I've had this hammer since mid September, and its never opened up more than It has in its first week. It looks nowhere like it did at the swap when I bought it (it was bicolor, blue and green) The first photo is day one in the tank, and the second is today. The last month or two has been...
  18. Afkomjorgen

    Base of LPS splitting, Frogspawn and now Hammer

    Hello! Just a question to make sure I’m not missing a pest or something. My Frogspawn reached 16+ heads this spring and has looked great the whole time, but it suddenly split down the skeletal base into 2 colonies. Neither seemed bothered by the change. Last night, my Hammer of 25 heads...
  19. N

    Hammer loosing a head

    I’m desperate what’s happening to my hammer? It was splitting and I woke up to this. Should I remove the flesh?
  20. BSA Corals

    Livestock Save Up To 60% on Black Friday Deals! (Shop Now)

    Our First Ever Black Friday Sale is Going on Now!
  21. A

    New Jersey New York Live Goods Torches, hammers and shrooms

    Broke 2 of my torch colonies and ended up with 4 minis Cant keep track of all the names out here and had this for a long time already pm me if u need a video I never shipped before so this are pick up. Im willing to meet up #1 colony 9 heads. $50 per head
  22. Cole_Voeller

    Euphyllia Flesh Recession

    Hello all. Recently my euphyllias haven’t been doing amazing. They open up wonderfully, but the flesh has been receding on all of them, and the issue doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Calcium was 380, just dosed some more. Magnesium was 1185, did a dose as well. Phosphates are at around...
  23. uniquecorals

    It's that time of the year again, UC Spoooooky Halloween FlashSale coming your way!

    Halloween is almost upon us! Let's get scary up in here with these incredible deals for your tanks! Over 800+ WYSIWYG corals at up to 75% off for this exclusive one day event. SPS, LPS, Softies, Euphyllia, $5 frags, $10 frags, steals, deals and much more!!! All backed by our UC Guarantee...
  24. tylr9m482

    New Jersey Live Goods SPS/ Gold Hammers - Woodbridge NJ

    Some frags for sale. Mili colony pic is posted for reference. Gold hammer frags $15 a head. Green Slimmer Acro - $10 for the small one to the left. $25 each for the fully encrusted frags Sunset Millie - $30 for multi branch frag in picture below. Let me know if you have any questions. Local...
  25. His Coral Highness

    Losing Two Heads of a Hammer

    Parameters are good, only think I dose is KH, so there is a little fluctuation with that (maybe a 1.5 swing at most when I dose) and everything else in the tank looks fine. Even the other heads of my hammer look fine. Why would I just be losing these two heads? It’s like these two are totally...