1. M

    Euphillia- Hammer Coral- Species ID?

    Wondering if anyone can help me ID which hammer species/order may be on the pictured. Thank you
  2. B

    New Jersey New York WTS/WTT Holy Grail Hammer

    Hi All, I have a 55 gallon euphyllia garden and have been searching for a holy grail hammer for quite some time. Well today, I saw one and impulse bought it - however now I am concerned it is way too big for my tank. I won’t have it till tomorrow, but if anyone is interested I’d be willing to...
  3. C

    Growth on hammer coral?

    Just noticed this growth on my hammer coral a couple of days ago it also retracts slightly when I shine light on it. Anyone experience something similar?
  4. DustinWRX526

    Gold Hammer Value?

    Wondering if someone could price a gold hammer for what similar are going for
  5. Jay00498

    Massachusetts Hammer and Frammers large colonies available.

    multiple heads available of purple tipped hammer and frammer corals. $20 per head Interested in other color variants of hammers,frammers,torches as well Located on cape cod Locale pick up only
  6. nano_ryan

    Idaho Metallic green wall hammer for sale

    Hi everyone, Metallic Green Wall Hammer is available. 6-7 inches when fully extended. Its very healthy, no discoloration or bleaching. Asking price is $350+$50 shipping. Pm if interested.
  7. katiestl

    Healthy branching hammer?

    Is this a healthy branching hammer? The dark spots on the bottom are newish and I’m noticing some darker top parts underneath the polyps... what should I do if anything? I did glue this to the rock when I bought it. Is that an issue?
  8. coastalnanoreef

    USA WTB Looking for Holy Grail Hammer

    I am looking for a Holy Grail Hammer coral. I have found a few people that have them but in their personal display tanks. If you or anyone you know has one that will be willing to sell please let me know. either respond to this thread or message me on instagram @coastalnanoreef
  9. zatch

    Colorado Dirt Cheap Zoas and Hammer in Denver (Local Pickup Only)

    Need to clear some frags off my DT rack and need these gone - crazy cheap zoa/euphyllia packs! LOCAL PICKUP ONLY (DENVER CO) Lot of 15 Frags! 14 Zoas (assorted) and one head Neon Frogspawn. $100 Lot 7 Frags! 7 Zoas (most XLG size!) $50 Available for pickup in Downtown Denver (no shipping)...
  10. R

    can someone help me to id this hammer please.

  11. N11morales

    Texas WTB Euphyllia

    Looking for frogspawn/torches/hammers packs or Texas area for pick up. Or colony
  12. E

    Hammer coral won’t open

    So I have had this hammer coral for about a little less than two months, I had to rearrange my tank because I had to install a overflow for my sump about a week after that my hammer started not opening all the way and it looks like his polyps might be shrinking, I have already lost another...
  13. coastalnanoreef

    Looking for unique branching hammer corals!

    I will attach a pic of my tank. I'm looking to add some cool unique (branching) hammers. I just need a few more to finish my euphyllia hammer cube.
  14. mario4933

    Florida Indo Hammers for Sale Miami

    I’ve got indo splatter hammers for sale! prefer local pick up 33126 but will consider shipping at buyers expense. $25/head.
  15. L

    New York WTB Frogspawns,hammer,torchs, and corals in Western NY area

    Hello, I'm looking for euphyllia local, in western NY. I'm in orleans county so I'm pretty much right in the middle of rochester and Buffalo. Syracuse is about 2 hrs away, so still not too bad for a meet up or something. Interested in rainbow acans also, and chalices.....lol So I guess im...
  16. Reefer37

    Tips on Hammer Care?

    So I've done well with other euphyllia, frogspawn and torches do great for me. The two hammers I've had, one died from a metals issue with previous sand I had, the other randomly just polyp bailed out on me. I believe this was possibly because a dip in magnesium and being stress by cyano. I've...
  17. ReadySet-Flow


    I got some euphyllia frags today. These were crawling around inside one of the bags. Are they euphyllia eating flatworms?
  18. BrightReef

    California Indo Gold Hammer, Indo Orange Frogspawn, Bicolor Frogspawn

    Hi All- Selling a few of my beauties :cool:. Pickup near San Jose, send me a message if interested. 1. SOLD- Indo Gold Branching Hammer (4 heads) $210 2. SOLD-Indo Orange Branching Frogspawn (3 heads) $165 Mother Colony Picture Below (NFS) 3. Bi-color Branching Frogspawn (5 heads)- $200
  19. Nate_Krohn

    Hammer skeleton has a black coating over it

    I just noticed that my hammer has a black fuzzy looking coating over it. I have no idea what is happening. It’s open and happier than ever during the day. Please let me know what I can do
  20. duesmortem

    Potential Tankmate for Purple Firefish in 10 Gallon reef tank

    Hello there my fellow aquarists. I am new to the saltwater hobby, but I have been keeping freshwater tanks for almost 10 years now. I have a 10 gallon tank and here is a list of my current inhabitants: 1 Purple Firefish 1 Lettuce Nudibranch 1 Nassarius Snail 1 Anemone Shrimp 2 Blue Legged Hermit...
  21. Plzpizza

    Glitter Bomb goniapora Stung

    Hey guys My orange hammer stung my glitter bomb goniapora. The area it stung looks damaged but the rest of it is ok and normal. Do I let it be and hope it heals or should I dip it in iodine? attached a photo it’s right there lower middle where the polys aren’t extended.
  22. Legonch

    Colorado Indo Acro frags FS, Hot! 5 for $250 shipped!

    Hi there, I've got a bunch of indo acro frags for sale. Most do not have a name, but are really really cool. Also have a few no name torches and named ones that are hot! Please pm me with any questions. 5 frags for $250 shipped in the lower 48. Pest and disease free amazing frags! A lot...
  23. Legonch

    Livestock Emerald Reef Supply intro to R2R sale! 15% off everything!

    Hey everyone, we just joined r2r, and are excited to post some nice corals for sale. We are a small shop based in Colorado. We've been professionally reefing for over 6 years. We pride ourselves on clean, healthy corals, and top notch customer service. We'd love for you to give us a try. All...
  24. Zoaologist

    Nevada Gold Hammer Colony ** SHOW SIZE**

    Gold hammer colony approximately 10” x 10” asking $1,500 I’d prefer people local to Las Vegas so I don’t have to ship this big piece.
  25. J

    Help! One of my hammer coral is gaping!

    Is my hammer pooping or what? Its been fine since i got it 2 weeks ago and was fine this morning then i came home to this. Looks like white slime coming out of the centre. The mouth is also open big. Hard to see in the pic but theres a 1 inch string of slime. It also shrivelled up so much. Its...
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