1. quicksil328

    Is this a hammer?

    Hi guys, I want to get your opinion on what I was told was a Hammer a few months ago at my Lfs. I have since noticed the ends of the polyps are not singular. Instead, many of the polyps have more than 1 polyp branching the main. What do you think?
  2. sotsreef


    What is going on with my hammer, seems to only be one of the heads!?!
  3. Injoynit

    Branching Hammer Questions

    I purchased a hammer about a week ago and it has not expanded very much. I have WAV powerheads on back of 200gal tank bouncing off front and sides of tank. (set between 1 and 6% power) I have ATI Hydra 26 HDs' (4) Tanks is about 4 months old with some live rock and most dry rock with live 2 inch...
  4. TravisParsley

    Harlequin Shrimp pretending to be part of coral polyps.

    Only occurs in my system under Hammer or Elegance Corals.
  5. JenB

    Corals For sale

    Miami chalice - $50 Multi head hammer yellow/green - $100 Neon Green Grandis Paly/Rasta Zoa/Utter Chaos rock - $300 All prices are OBO - located in Mount Dora Fl

    Livestock Ultra Hammer 4 Pack from Coralust Reef Solutions

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  7. uniquecorals

    UniqueCorals.com LDW SALE! Livestock 20% Off! + Drygood Specicals Sept 1-4

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  8. quicksil328

    Help my Hammer

    So I am sorry for the long post but I need some help. I bought a hammer and torch a couple months ago and at first the hammer seemed fine. In fact one head split into 2 in the first week. However within about 2 weeks I noticed it starting to pull back into its skeleton. I have a 190 gallon...